I buy courses from Udemy to improve my skillset in my web development work and to help with my hobbies (drawing, painting & photography). In the past, I subscribed to Lynda.com (now known as LinkedIn Learning) but prefer the Udemy model. This is a list of the Udemy courses I have purchased :

Web Development

  • CSS – The Complete Guide 2021 – Including Flexbox, Grid and SASS (Academind)
  • Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS and Javascript (James Quick)
  • Asynchronous JavaScript Deep Dive (Steven Hancock)
  • Learn Visual Studio Code 2020 (James Quick)
  • Learn Modern JavaScript Getting Started (Steven Hancock)
  • Modern JavaScript From the Beginning (Brad Traversy)
  • 50 Projects in 50 Days – HTML, CSS & Javascript (Brad Traversy)
  • Mastering Javascript Arrays (Steven Hancock)
  • Create HTML5 Games Using Adobe Animate (Nicholas Lever)
  • 20 Web Projects with Vanilla JavaScript (Brad Traversy)
  • 11 JavaScript Features Critical to Understand (Steven Hancock)
  • Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript (Steven Hancock)

Software Training

  • Adobe Illustrator CC – Essentials Training Course (Video School)
  • Adobe Animate CC 2018 – HTML5 Banner Ads (Daniel Walter Scott)
  • Learn Adobe Animate CC from Scratch (Mustafa Pracha)
  • Procreate like a Pro: Create Awesome Digital Art on an iPad (Robert Marzullo)

Drawing & Painting

  • Complete Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art (Rich Graysonn)
  • Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions (Clayton Barton)
  • Photoshop Quickstart Guide to Digital Sketching (Brandon Hix)
  • How to Draw Pinups and Sexy Women (Neil Fontaine)
  • Learn to Draw Pretty Faces for Comic Books (Neil Fontaine)
  • How to Draw heads – Step by Step – From Any Angle (Robert Marzullo)
  • The Art & Science of Figure Drawing: Gesture (Brent Eviston)
  • Paint an Eye: An Intro to Digital Painting (Brendon Schumacker)
  • Anatomy for Figure DrawingL Mastering the Human Figure (Neil Fontaine)
  • Drawing and Sketching for Beginners (Robin Slee)
  • Learn Clear & Easy Ways to Draw & Draw Basic Human Figures (Fatima Khan)
  • Portrait Drawing Fundamentals made Simple (Ethan Nguyen)


  • Becoming Creative (Brent Eviston)