Premium Chicken Breast

Recently, I decided to change my eating plan. There are two element to this plan:

  • Keep minimal food at home
  • Go out to eat more often than not

The second item isn’t like it seems, where I ‘go out to eat’ at casual places like the Cheesecake Factory, Applebees or Bubbas every night or every meal. That would become too expensive quickly. However, if I go to McDonalds or Jaggers once a day then I would be fine, I believe.

The first item is really the critical element. If I don’t keep food in the house then it is not available to eat. If I want to eat then I need to go out. I’m more lazy than normal people so I just won’t go out. Hopefully, then, I won’t over eat.

A great example is this present moment. I am hungry. Before this new plan came into play, I would step to the freezer, microwave two $1 Banquet pot pies and then consume. I kept a stock of pot pies as they are easy to prepare and eat.

At this moment, I don’t have a stock of pot pies, so I don’t eat. I can’t leave the house to go get something from the drive thru because I’m ‘on-duty-working-from-home”. So, I don’t eat.

Yesterday, I was hungry but didn’t want to go through the drive thru so I hunted for food in the deep recesses of the pantry. I found a can of Krogers Premium Chicken Breast. I must have bought this can many, many months ago. I ate it. Actually, there were two cans of Krogers Premium Chicken Breast and I ate both cans.

Maybe I will keep a stock of Krogers Premium Chicken Breast in the pantry for times like this. It seems to be a good Atkins approved food item with 3 grams of carbs per 10 oz can. If I was counting calories, a 10 oz can is 210 calories.

When I say “keep minimal food at home” I mean that I don’t want to keep a stock of chips, crackers, cookies, cheese (although it is a good Atkins approved food item), peanuts, cakes, frozen meals, pot pies and other stuff that I usually buy from Krogers and mindlessly eat in time of slight hunger and slight boredom. There has to be some food in the pantry. If anything, to survive the zombie apocalypse.

So far, after a week of this new eating plan, things are going ok. I seem to have lost some weight and I’m not over eating. So far, so good.

630 calories and 9 grams of carbs in these 3 10 oz cans of Kroger Premium Chicken Breast. iPhone 7 photos taken by Dave O on May 3, 2021.
630 calories and 9 grams of carbs in these 3 10 oz cans of Kroger Premium Chicken Breast. iPhone 7 photos taken by Dave O on May 3, 2021.

Eating So Much

Hopefully, I have changed my eating habit.

Recently, I decided to stop buying solid food groceries from the local market (Krogers) to stock the cupboards for future consumption. Instead, I will go out and buy food from local eateries for immediate consumption.

My thought is … if I make it difficult to eat at home then maybe I won’t overeat. If I have to make an effort to ‘go out’ and hunt for food to eat, then maybe I won’t eat as often.

Maybe I have an eating disorder, but, I can’t ‘just stop’ eating. Meaning, I will eat an entire bag of Kroger breaded chicken tenders, several cans of Campells creamy chicken soup and other stuff until I am physically sick. Then, a few hours later, the bathroom effort is gruesome and painful. I repeat this cycle. I’ve been doing this for years and I am just becoming sick of this cycle.

So, if I don’t stock food in my cupboards, then I will need to go out and ‘hunt’ for food. Hopefully, since it will become an ‘effort’ to eat, I will just stop eating so much.

And, buying food, with the limited quantity from a local eatery as opposed to the limitless quantity of food in the cupboards, maybe I will just stop eating so much.

I will still buy liquid food from Krogers, soft drinks, beers, slim fast. But, solid food, with the exception of cheep frozen hamburger patties and American cheese from Walmart, I don’t plan to buy any more solid food.

Hopefully this effort will last for a long time and I will lose some weight and be happier in my own body.

This strategy will not help me if the Zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow or Russia or China sends a thermo nuclear device our way. If I don’t have a stock pile of food in preparation for these events then I will quickly starve if these events occur.

Hopefully, I will start to exercise again.

Inside a local eatery, Between The Bun. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on January 6, 2019.
Inside a local eatery, Between The Bun. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on January 6, 2019.

Learn to Like Fish

My triglycerides are 670 mg/dL. Someone said that is too high.

From this web site … … there are thirteen things I can do.

  • Lose Some Weight.
  • Limit your sugar intake
  • Follow a low carb diet.
  • Eat more fiber.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid trans fat.
  • Eat fatty fish twice weekly
  • Increase your intake of unsaturated fats
  • Establish a regular meal pattern
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Add soy protein to your diet
  • Eat more tree nuts
  • Try a natural supplement

I am trying to Lose Weight and exercise regularly. I have also limited my alcohol intake to zero. I will try the other suggests as well. 

The “Eat fatty fish twice weekly” and “Try a natural supplement” seem to play in hand with this bottle of Nature’s Bounty Orderless Fish Oil coated soft gels. Pop two soft gels twice a day and my triglycerides worries are over.

Someone said this will help lower my triglycerides? Is that true?

Someone said this will help lower my triglycerides? Is that true?

Although there is a calorie impact from taking these order less fish gels. There are ten calories per gel with one gram of fat and seven and a half milligrams of cholesterol.

But, these fish gels will give six hundred milligrams of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids and a thousand milligrams of fish oil. 


The only kind of fish I like is from Long John Silvers. But, I don’t believe I will not be eating there any longer. Although, I worked at a local Long John Silvers for a few years in the early 1990s.

I will need to learn to like the fatty fish. I have learned from the above web site fatty fish  is salmon, herring, sardines, tuna and mackerel. There could be others but they were not mentioned on the web page. Maybe I can do salmon, but sardines, probably not. Maybe tuna if I can get over the foul smell.

The Fish Oil wiki page has a more in depth narrative of fish oil. As with the benefits of fish oil, there are some dangers, like toxic pollutants. It appears CVS, Nature Made, Rite Aid and GNC sold fish oil with high levels of PCBs. 

At least I bought my Natures Bounty fish oil from Krogers, so I must be safe.

Ah … carry on.

Day 11

Since I’ve been motivated recently, I’ve stopped drinking beer and begun to watch what I eat. Not that I have establish a die cast eating plan but I am becoming aware of what I’ve been blindly eating for so many years.

The Doctor says I need to follow a low carb / low fat / low sodium diet. So when I’ve looked at the nutritional labels on the food stuff that I normal eat I was simply appalled at the amount of sodium. Soups, canned chicken, salad kits all contain sodium.

One of my favorite meals is Mac and Cheese. It is easy to cook for a lonely single middle aged old man. It’s quick, easy.

However, Mac and Cheese is not cool on a low carb / low fat / low sodium diet. The package Mac and Cheese has mega sodium. I discovered that cheese contains sodium. Go figure.

So I looked at a box of raw macaroni. At least this particular Kroger brand has no sodium. Cool. I can eat macaroni with no cheese. Yet, the particular box of macaroni has mega carbs, which I am suppose to avoid.


At least my blood pressure was 137/85. A huge improvement from a few weeks ago.

A simple box of raw macaroni has zero sodium but mega carbs in a single serving. Ugh.

A simple box of raw macaroni has zero sodium but mega carbs in a single serving. Ugh.

Day 10 Update

The headache still persists.


The headache could be from the caffeine withdrawal. I went cold turkey on the caffeine on April 29, 2019. The only caffeinated beverages I’ve had were when I ate out with family. Otherwise, at work and at home, it has been only flavored water.

At least that is what some people tell me … that the headache is from caffeine withdrawal.

Otherwise, my 60 day Beer Moratorium is still in effect. It’s been 10 days since I stopped drinking beer.

Maybe the headache is partially a result of going cold turkey on the beer?

I’ve been trying to ease into the low carb / low fat / low sodium diet the Doctor prescribed. I find it hard to balance the low carb and low sodium. It seems like it is either low sodium and high carbs or low carbs and high sodium.

The only packaged food stuff that I found with 0 sodium is un-popped popcorn.

A bit of depression has crept into my psyche in the last ten days. I used the beer to stay partially ahead of the depression. The meds help too. But alas, the depression is creeping again.

If there is any feeling of success it is that my pants are not as tight as they used to be.

Yay … go me.

At least I still have the Nikon W300. Thankfully, I haven’t given that up.

A photo of the Nikon W300 taken as a reflection in the side mirror of the Honda.

A photo of the Nikon W300 taken as a reflection in the side mirror of the Honda. Photo taken on June 28, 2018.

What amazes me the most is that it has been 10 days since the start. Time certainly moves fast.

Continuing the Saga of the W300

I continue the exploration of the Nikon W300 by downloading the firmware update, experimenting with some of the ‘after-the-photo-is-taken’ effect the little camera offers and the remote photography feature.

I have never updated a camera firmware. After registering the W300 with Nikon I was sent an email saying the new W300 had a firmware update. I downloaded the file from the Nikon site, saved it to the memory card and scrolled to the firmware selection in the setting menu.

The camera promptly displayed a “battery exhausted” message. The firmware was not updated.

The “battery exhausted” message encouraged me to buy two spare batteries and a spare battery charger for $90 from

Before I dropped the spare batteries and charger into my Adorama shopping cart, I researched the pros and cons of batteries offered by other vendors such as Anton Bauer which I remember from my worthless days as a corporate video producer and Green Extreme of which I have no familiarity with.

Of course, third-party battery vendors offer their wares at prices lower than genuine Nikon batteries. However, after reading this declaration by Nikon I spent the extra dollars on honest Nikon batteries.

I shared my Nikon W300 buying experience with a photographer friend, who also is a Nikon enthusiast, over a dinner of sirloin, rice and potatoes with Mashcraft IPA of which I did not count the calories.

He was impressed with the compact little orange Nikon. He asked why I bought it when the D600 was within reach for any photo opportunity.

I answered with the usual defense of technical specifications, relating the sixteen megapixel, 5x zoom, waterproof casing and SnapBridge app that wowed me into the purchase.

However, my honest answer was that I wanted a compact point and shoot camera, in addition to the D600, for when (if) I take my 2018 Epic Colorado road trip.

We spent the remaining dinner time talking about Colorado and photography in Colorado.

Sky Photo taken about 7:15 pm on June 26 from Greenwood Indiana.

Sky photo taken with the Nikon W300 about 7:15 pm on June 26 from Greenwood Indiana.

Later, at home, I plugged the camera into the wall via the supplied Nikon charger. Once the battery was fully charged the firmware was updated.

The Second Day of W300

I kept my calories in check with a Slimfast breakfast and lunch and a barbecue and mac cheese dinner. I didn’t count calories but kept my intake in check.

That is good.

Nikon W300

It fun to have a new creative toy. Especially a camera.

Alas, there are different degrees of happy. And that is no different with the Nikon W300. At the moment, my W300 happy isn’t too overwhelmingly happy. I thought I would over flow with W300 happy but that hasn’t happen.

I’m not disappointed in the camera as it is doing every thing Nikon says it can do. But my expectations were somewhat elevated due to the retail price and my experience with Nikon.

I confess that I expected a D600 compacted into the W300 with the extra water proof and shockproof shroud. Add into the expectation the SnapBridge app and my elation was complete.

Yet, the initial letdown and slight disappointment is simmering.

  • SnapBridge automatically ports a low resolution copy to the iPhone. I suppose this is ok as the low resolution photo is good for texting, email, and social media. Yet, I expected the full resolution. So, it appears, when viewing on the iPhone, that iPhone photos are superior to the Nikon photos.
  • There is a method to port the full resolution photos to the iPhone but that process is not automatic and it involves Wi-Fi. Seems complicated.
  • I have not found a method to import full resolution 4K video from the W300 to the iPhone then to the Mac desktop. I can import from the W300 to the iPhone but not to the desktop. Very strange.
  • The Time Lapse movie is limited to ten seconds. That seems too short. The D600 can time lapse for hours. The W300 time lapse captures a series of frames for a specific time frame depending on the setting, from Cityscape (10 minutes) to Star Trails (150 minutes). Regardless, the result is a ten second time lapse movie.

Of course, as with any new and expensive electronic toy, it takes a while to fully discover the depth of complexity and I’ve only had the W300 for 48 hours so I still have much to explore.

Max, the neighbor's puppy.

Max, the neighbor’s puppy. Photo taken by Dave O with the new Nikon W300. Exposure compensation set to +1 for this photo.


Nikon W300

So … after fusing over the Nikon W300 for many days, debating internally if I should buy it, holding it in my hand at the local Best Buy then walking away, driving to a discount electronics store 33 miles away in hopes of a cheaper price (they didn’t even stock the camera), I finally laid the cash on the counter in front of a disconnected Best Buy cashier and walked home (actually drove home) with camera in box.

Of course, the budget will take a five hundred dollar hit for a new camera and memory card and some will wonder why I need a new camera when the Nikon D600 is a perfect camera in many ways.

The point and shoot W300 is what I was looking for with all the features listed on the Nikon web site that will satisfy my desires and needs.

In the store, the camera box was trapped inside a huge plastic container the cashier had to open. The 128 gig ultra fast HD memory card was also in its own huge plastic container. Store security in effect yet there was no Best Buy employee to help me in my selection. Although I was already focused on the W300 it would have been pleasant to, at least, browse other cameras at the suggestion of a Best Buy camera expert.

That didn’t happen.

The Nikon W300 box. Photo taken by the iPhone.

The Nikon W300 box. Photo taken by the iPhone.

At home, the unboxing was a huge disappointment. The contents rattled inside the cardboard and the box looked like it had been opened before my purchase. The padded bag the camera was wrapped in wasn’t taped as if some had already handled my new W300.

I would not have bought the camera had I been able to actually hold the box in hand at the store, fearing the contents had been carelessly handled or actually opened and used before.

At first glance, I was happy with the thick paperback manual resting inside the box until I realized the manual was really a 20 page quick start-up guide printed in every language known to man.

Referencing a manual online,  I learned the time-lapse feature, which was the primary selling point for me, is limited to only 10 seconds. This was a huge let down and I battled a rush of buyer’s remorse at the lost of five bills for a camera that couldn’t perform as expected or advertised.

Of course, the battery was dead on arrival and it took over two hours to charge. When fully charged, it was time to leave for Sunday evening obligations and I couldn’t explore the wonders of my new toy. But not before I paired the W300 with the iPhone via a new Snap Talk application downloaded from the App Store.


The actual Nikon W300 Coolpix camera. The color looks red in this photo and in reality but the Nikon believes it is orange and if the light is just right it does look like orange.

The actual Nikon W300 Coolpix camera. The color looks red in this photo and in reality but the Nikon believes it is orange and if the light is just right it does look like orange. Photo taken by an iPhone.

Even with the dismal unboxing and initial misgiving, I am looking forward to using the W300 in future photographic exploits. In hand, the W300 is a solid camera and as a Nikon loyalist, the W300 will look good on the shelf if it turns into one of my impulse buys that I later wish I had researched better.

Please note, minimal calories were burned in pursuit of the Nikon W300.



Summer Solstice 2018

From my research the Summer Solstice occurred at 6:07 am EST in central Indiana.

I was up at that time but could not watch the sun rise since I was getting ready for work. And, it was overcast and dripping rain at 6:07 am so I couldn’t see it anyways.

But, the longest day of the year is upon me. From this point the days shrink and the nights expand until the Winter Solstice.

I don’t find any significant in the Solstice, summer or winter. Unlike others who see the events in a spiritual or sexual context. I wouldn’t mind to be involved in the sexual context but not the spiritual. Being an overweight single old man, there hasn’t been much of that.

The calorie restriction must have caught up with me. There is no euphoria anymore. No calorie restricted ‘high’ that I felt last week. I have continued my calorie restriction with Slim Fast and salads this week. But the ‘high’ eludes me.

I may have to restrict even further to induce the euphoria again.

I know I’ve lost a few pounds as my belt isn’t as tight and the pants are a little baggy. One day I will blog about the ‘belt’. The belt will be an indicator of my success as I am on the last notch of the belt. If I need to tighten the belt, that will indicate some success as my waist has shrunk, a little.

Maybe one day I will step on the scale to record a number and start a time line. It’s been 21 days since I started and I seem to have picked up some momentum. For some reason I’m fearful that a number will diminish the momentum, fearful numbers will become the consuming factor in the effort.

Hopefully, I will be restricting calories when the Winter Solstice comes around in 2018.

I titled a series of paintings "Solstice Rain" because I completed the paintings on the 2017 summer solstice. This, the largest of the series, hangs in my kitchen. A smaller vertical panel is next to the door.

I titled a series of paintings “Solstice Rain” because I completed the paintings on the 2017 summer solstice. This, the largest of the series, hangs in my kitchen. A smaller vertical panel is next to the door.



Happy When I Left

As the weekend ended I realized there is really no chance a relationship could developed. So I gave up the excitement for a new relationship with one I could care for and love and make happy and cuddle with for the rest of my life and the euphoria quickly faded.  Maybe under different circumstances and maybe in a different time it could have developed. But, she seems enamored with this other guy who is available for her as he lives closer to her, and is buffed and strong with a six pack. And, I don’t want to disrupt that as it has for her the possibility of a long lasting relationship and some happiness for her.

Reminds me of this song. Elton John’s “Love Her Like Me” from his Songs From the West Coast album.

I would apply that song to another girl I knew from college, who I was enamored with but tidal forces kept her away even though I was the best man at her wedding.

Life can be cruel at times.

And so, the euphoria from last week is now gone. Although I kept the calories in check and only limited the beer calories to two bottles of Three Floyds Gumball Head with the euphoria faded the neutrality back into play I am once again wondering why.

But, in an effort to reduce weight and body fat and to get back in shape, I will continue to keep the calories in check, returning to the consumption of Slimfast and salads.

The Gumball Head gave me a head and stomach ache, too.

On another note, I had to shop for new clothes for a fathers day cookout. Going to my little brother’s estate (yes, it is an estate) is a trauma for me as it displays the economic and social separation between us.

I would say it is a gulf, a deep canyon of rock carved by years of parent devotion poured on him and indifferent tolerance toward me.

So, not having the having the right clothes to attend a fathers day cook out in a multi million dollar estate, I stopped at Kohl’s to shop for a simple polo shirt and a pair of shorts. Thankfully, I found a shirt and a pair of shorts.

Although, the shorts were a 38 and the shirt an extra large, I accepted my expanded girth and paid the dollars so I could at least be presentable at the brothers estate, knowing that it would be tolerated in quiet indifference.

A few hours later I was happy when I left the estate in my new clothes while Elton John’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” hummed in my head.

Somewhere in western Kansas. June 2015.

Somewhere in western Kansas. June 2015.