Another … It’s Been A While

Note …. It appears that I wrote this post on March 30, 2015 but never published it (?). I’ve lost connection with the WordPress Admin as of late and just discovered it. This post goes deeper into some of the topics I touched on yesterday. So, I thought I would post it.


So … What have I been doing lately. Anything new? Anything exciting?

Nope. Nadda. Nothing. Nothing of significance. Nothing of consequence. Nothing to be remembered for. Nothing.

Well …

I have worked on the house. I’ve fixed drywall issues in the kitchen. I added new outlets in the family room. Instead of taking out a sliding glass door I just covered it with drywall. On that task, I actually framed in a ‘mini’ wall to screw up the drywall over the door. The sliding glass door led out to the three season porch. In the porch, I just framed in a new wall. So, that sliding glass door is forever hidden, sandwiched between wooden studs and drywall. That sliding glass door wasn’t needed anyways. Another sliding glass door in the kitchen leads out to the porch. No need for two doors into a small porch.

Believe it or not, I’m the type that enjoys drywall work. Hanging drywall, finishing drywall, sanding drywall, painting drywall. So, in the momentum created by that project, I busted out the old windows in the porch and framed in new windows and a new door. Rewired some outlets and lights. Tore out the old baseboard and casing and putting in new.

Shortly after Nikki moved out I cleaned the attic and basement. I threw out trash and donated other stuff that she didn’t want and I didn’t want. I pretty much live in an empty house now.

I also painted the upstairs dormer. I scraped old paint, caulked, replaced a down spout, primed and top coated.

Last week, I had a doctor’s appointment. She scolded me for my weight gain. I’m over 200 lbs again. She told me to lose about 40 lbs. She told me to watch my salt intake because she didn’t like my blood pressure. She told me to exercise and lay off the beer. She explained that four beers a night (my usual) adds about 800 calories to my diet. Which  probably accounts for my weight gain.

I haven’t run a mile in a long time. I tried to restart the C25K program last month to get back in the swing … but it didn’t take.

My life … post Nikki … isn’t much to write about. I feel kind of lost. Don’t really have any direction right now. Alone and wondering. Haven’t amounted to much of anything. Unless you consider weight gain as an achievement.

However … I do have a dream.

I am dreaming about this Epic Quest. I was inspired by the story of Jonathan and Jennifer Riehl. They have driven to every county in the contiguous United States. They gave over nine years of effort to complete this epic quest. Here’s their story.

For my Epic Quest … I would like to hike every established trail in every Indiana State Park.

Not that this is a major Epic Quest that will exceed other challenges other people have done. It is simple hiking trails in Indiana State Parks. I’ve had other Epic Quests in my dreams.

  • Climb all of Colorado Fourteeners
  • Stand at every high point in the United States
  • Thru hike the Appalachian Trail

But,  it’s hard to do these epic quests when you need to maintain full-time employment to pay bills and debt.

However, something like hiking every trail in the Indiana State Parks is within reach. It would require weekend days and maybe some vacation days. The longest drive would be about 3 hours. I could even camp out at the parks if I wanted to stay overnight.