45 x 90

Recently I was refining my agenda on the Great North Dakota adventure I plan to take someday. Hopefully soon.

While researching where the Geographical Center of North America is I came across the 45 x 90 Geographical Marker page on Atlas Obscura.

And, I must go there … I must stand on that spot … I must take a photo.

As it turns out, the 90th meridian of longitude intersects the 45th parallel of latitude is in a bean field near Poniatowski, Wisconsin.

I’ve stood on the 45th parallel many years ago while camping in Traverse City, Michigan. I believe that was in 2004.

According to Google Maps, the 45 x 90 is approximately an 8 hour drive from the house. It could be a three day weekend drive. Or, maybe, a quick two day drive. Drive up, turn around and drive home. Maybe an overnight in Wausau, Wisconsin. Or, a side trip to Eau Claire to visit some of my second ex wife’s family.

Sculpture at the Krannert Museum of Art, University of Illinois.
Nikon D600 photo taken by Dave O on May 27, 2017.