Flash Fiction

One of my resolutions and goals for 2016 was to ‘write more’. Specifically, I wanted to write a five thousand word short story in 2016.

With only a few days left in 2016, I’m certain that resolution/goal/objective won’t be fulfilled/completed/achieved. Add it to the growing list of things I want to do but never do.

However, I did write 100 words of flash fiction in 2016. If you think it is easy to write a complete story, with a beginning, middle and ending, develop a character, a plot and have it make sense in exactly a hundred words … it’s not.

Here it is …

Dana washes the plate for the fifth time. Out the small window she watches her husband of twenty years back down the narrow driveway. She waves. She places the dish in the drying rack and opens her small laptop. The screen shows two large simple buttons, one red, the other blue. She watches her husband’s car disappear between the neighboring homes. She hesitates but knows only one choice can be lived in. She presses. In the distance, an explosion is heard. The windows rattle as the blast wave passes. The computer screen fades to black. Dana hopes relief has come.

Bad … good … awesome? I wouldn’t know. It’s my first ever attempt at flash fiction.

Many years ago, after a bad experience with a roofing contractor/tree trimmer where he stole (or I foolishly gave him) a large deposit for roofing work he never started or completed.

There was nothing I could really do other than contact the Attorney General or take the guy to court. I didn’t want to incur any legal expenses which would probably exceed the amount I lost. So I learned my lesson and moved on.

However, in trying to assuage my desire to get back, I wrote a short story of 300 words. The gist of that story was the protagonist, in response to being swindled by a crooked roofing/tree trimming contractor, used his covert and military training to do away with that piece of human scum. It was a cool story (at least I thought) and it served to dissipate the feelings of being violated.

I hope to write more in 2017.