Fort Harrison State Park

On Saturday, April 3, 2021, I exercised my Indiana State Park Pass for the first time at the Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fort Harrison is the closest state park to my homestead and so it makes sense to drive up there to take a walk on their paved Harrison Trace trail for the 3.2 miles the property maps claims the trail is. It was a beautiful Spring Saturday afternoon so would be sad if I didn’t take advantage of the day to walk and exercise.

I was wiped out by the time I ended the walk. I am so very out of shape even to walk.

Hiker on the Harrison Trace trail in Fort Harrison State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana. Nikon W300 photo by Dave O taken on Saturday, April 3, 2021.
Hiker on the Harrison Trace trail in Fort Harrison State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana. Nikon W300 photo by Dave O taken on Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Time Will Tell

If I have learned anything in my fifty-five years of existence, it is that little steps are the deciding factor in any endeavor.

We all know and ackowledge that concept. Small steps forward, consistently, make the difference.

In the short run, small steps are criticized, maybe condemned. The short term demands major changes, sweeping broad reaching changes that prove your commitment and enthusiasm.

In weight loss, the short terms requires hard core exercising and diet restrictions to see the fat melt away quickly. After all, the harder the effort the greater the result that can be observed and felt.

The long term allows for forward progress and slips backwards. Progress can be slow, unseen, painfully slow, but is progress nonetheless.

In my rollercoaster weight loss-gain past, I deemed the short term to be sixteen weeks. At least the sixteen week time span seemed to be my limit to the calorie restriction and exercise mania. After sixteen weeks, I usually succumb to the lure of beer and carbs, falling off the wagon, regaining weight and losing fitness.

During the sixteen weeks, I restrict calories to the max, deny myself much of what I like, obsess over miles, times, splits believing doing so proves my commitment. During those sixteen weeks, my motto is “going further while eating less”.

So, actually, what I thought were short steps for the long term were actually very long steps that cover a short distance in a short amount of time. I was in the effort for the short term.

Maybe this time, I will take shorter steps with a sight for the long term. Maybe I should :

  • Limit the Beer Intake … maybe playing the “how long can I go without a beer” game
  • Swapping the normal breakfast and lunch for a Slim Fast shake four days a week
  • Start walking … at least a mile a day

So, instead of short steps of eliminating all beer for all time and only drinking Slim Fast at every breakfast and lunch and limiting calories to 1,200 – 1,500 and walking at least five miles daily for a short time, I will try these short steps for a longer time.

And as usual, time will tell.


The Tenth Week


Yay. A weight loss. 3.1 pounds from last week.

This is the tenth week of my current weight loss effort. I’ve lost 28 pounds thus far. The starting weight was 199.8 and the current weight is 171.8 (199.8 – 171.8 = 28). The average weight loss is 2.8 pounds per week. I’ve read the sustainable weight loss should be 1 – 2 pounds per week. This means I’m on the higher end of the range.

My BMI is 27.3, which is still in the overweight spectrum. But, I am at the midpoint of the overweight spectrum. Which means that I’m moving closer to the goal of a normal BMI.

I enter the normal BMI range at 154 pounds. So, I still have 17.8 pounds to go before I become ‘normal’.

I’ve surpassed my 25 pound mini goal. Yay! I can now dust of the twenty-five pound dumbbell that I bought the last time I lost twenty-five pounds. I used the dumb bell as a visual aid to motivate me to keep the weight off. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that time. Hopefully, this time, it will work.

Calories for the Week of March 6 – 12, 2017

  • Monday 3/6 : 1,326
  • Tuesday 3/7 : 1,221
  • Wednesday 3/8 : 1,486
  • Thursday 3/9 : 1,518
  • Friday 3/10 : 1,588
  • Saturday 3/11 : 1,352
  • Sunday 3/12 : 1,565

Total Calories for the week : 10,056, Average daily calories : 1,436. Thankfully, I was under the daily target of 1,610 calories all seven days. That is the first time I’ve stayed under the daily target all seven days. Usually I exceed the daily target at least once or twice during the week.

Exercise for the Week of March 6 – 12, 2017

  • Monday 3/6 : 5 miles
  • Tuesday 3/7 : 5 miles
  • Wednesday 3/8 : 5 miles
  • Thursday 3/9 : 2 miles
  • Friday 3/10 : 7 miles
  • Saturday 3/11 : 3 miles
  • Sunday 3/12 : 3 miles

Wow !! 30 walking/running miles for the week. This number may be a new high for this weight loss effort. I exercised every day. On Friday 3/10 I walked/ran seven total miles, 3 miles walking in the morning and four miles in the evening. On that day I worked through the Week 1 Day 1 workout from the C25K program. On Sunday (3/12) I did the Week 1 Day 2 workout.

The Weekend (March 10 – 12)

The eating over the weekend was kept in tight control. There was a salad for Friday night dinner. On Saturday night, I had a smothered chicken burrito from Chili’s for 1,080 calories. I was able to stay under the daily target by not eating lunch that day. On Sunday evening, I had two chicken enchiladas with rice for about 910 calories total. And again, I skipped lunch since I knew dinner had the potential to be calorie heavy.

Saturday and Sunday dinners were social events. So, the possibility of heavy calories was present. But, thankfully, I was able to keep things in check. At the Saturday night dinner, I wanted to order a beer, especially an IPA since the restaurant (Chili’s) promoted their craft beer offerings. But, they only offered two ‘craft’ beers, the Cream Ale from Sunking and a beer from Yuengling. Sunking could be a craft beer but I wouldn’t define Yuengling as a craft beer. I think Chili’s is trying to ride the ‘craft’ beer wave without offering any true craft beers.

Instead, I drank a diet Coke.

Sunday afternoon, I had a Zombie Dust for 190 calories. That was the only beer I had for the week.

Random Photo

I was able to hang a few paintings over the weekend. These are two paintings I hung over the weekend in the kitchen.

Two paintings hanging in the kitchen. Photo taken on March 13, 2017 at 7:00am.

Two paintings hanging in the kitchen. Photo taken on March 13, 2017 at 7:00am.

Wishing everyone a great week !


Exhausted On Wednesday

I was exhausted by the time I left work yesterday. I don’t know if it was because I was up at 4:35 am and walked three miles before 6:05 am. Or, that I was a bit stressed with work related tasks. Whatever the reason, by the time I got home at 6:30 pm, I was exhausted.

I ate some popcorn and a chopped salad with chunk chicken for dinner. Then, I was asleep.


The calories for Wednesday 3/8 was 1,486. It was only 124 calories below my 1,610 daily target. That is good. And it was higher than the 1,221 calories from Tuesday 3/7.


My total exercise calories for Wednesday 3/8 was 436. I walked five miles total, three miles in the morning and two miles at lunch. So far, I have 15 miles total for the week.

This morning (3/9) I was able to get out of bed and out the door at 5:05 am so I could walk around the neighborhood for 60 minutes. This is the second day in a row that I got out of bed to exercise first thing in the morning. Hopefully this is the beginning of something new where I exercise in the mornings instead of the evenings.

Blood Pressure

This morning, the blood pressure was 103/68 with a resting heart rate of 60. This could be the lowest reading to date? Maybe. I took the reading about twenty minutes after I had finished the three mile walk.


The weather man says Winter is holding on for the next week. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 30’s with low’s in the teens. Someone even said there is snow on the way.

Anyways, the tree outside the office is starting to bud. Even with the colder winter weather coming our way, Spring is around the corner.

Buds on the Oak tree outside of the office. Photo taken March 9, 2017.

Buds on the tree outside of the office. Photo taken March 9, 2017.

Wishing Everyone a Great Day !!



A Pleasant Day

Yesterday was a solid day on the eating and exercise fronts.

I was at the even number of 1,200 calories for the day. There was the Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, there was a Chipotle and Cheddar chopped salad with chucked chicken. The salad was from a kit and the chicken from a can. I’m not a chef. Nor am I a cook of any degree. But I can open a bag of chopped lettuce and other salad stuff and open a can of chunk chicken!

There was a Zombie Dust. Oh, was that so very good.

For the exercise, I walked two miles during my lunch break and three miles after work. It was such a pleasant day. I believe the air temperature was in the high 60’s with partly cloudy skies. I listened to a podcast on Calvinism and Arminianism during the walk.

I’m trying to take advantage of the pleasant weather for outdoor exercise. I know there will come a day when I can’t exercise outdoors due to the weather, as it is still Winter in central Indiana!

However, yesterday evening, the sky was so very pleasant, very abstract.

Evening sky, looking south west from Freedom Park in Greenwood, Indiana. Photo taken on February 20, 2017.

Evening sky, looking south-west from Freedom Park in Greenwood, Indiana. Photo taken on February 20, 2017.

Blood Pressure

This morning, the blood pressure was 119/75  with a resting heart rate of 65. Seems on the high side to me.



Another view of the Junkyard north of Freedom Park in Greenwood Indiana. Photo taken on February 19, 2017.


Ever since I noticed the poor red VW Beetle on top of a pile of junk cars I can’t stop but notice the junkyard now. Before, I couldn’t see it as it was hidden by a fence and trees and a hill. But now, I can see it, even though the fence and trees and hill are still there!

Now, on every lap around the Fitness Trail I spot the junk yard and notice the other junk cars.

Strange that I hardly noticed it before. Now, I can’t help but notice it.

Van Dwelling


A van … possible van dweller?


I spotted this van in a Lowes parking lot. It is reasonable to assume that this van is used by a construction crew as it was parked in a Lowes parking lot. But, for some reason it excited my desire to van dwell.

Not that I can van dwell anytime soon. Still have too much debt to pay off so I need the job to do that. But, maybe one day.

But on these very pleasant mid February days, when the sun is bright and the air temperature is warm, the warmth and sun excites a desire to fly away to some western state and explore national parks, canyons, mountains, valleys, cities and towns, museums; to camp out under the stars, have campfires, see things I haven’t seen.

Van dwelling is a sub segment of the Tiny House movement where minimalism and personal freedom are common denominators. It is attractive to me. Maybe it is just a pipe dream but still a dream.

A friend suggested that after paying off the debt that I take a year off from the career and van dwell full time while roaming around and exploring the western states. That might be a good idea.


Well, wishing everyone a great day !!

I Make It a Good Day or a Bad Bay


It was a good Valentines day (2/14/2017). For eating, I was at 1,450 total calories. For exercise, I was at 451 calories for the five miles that I walked on the fitness trail.

I had a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, there was a cup of chicken fried rice and a spinach salad. There was a protein shake for a bedtime snack.

I was 160 calories from the target of 1,610. I thought about having a beer with dinner. I’m thankful that I passed on that because it would have sent me over the target, as the beer has 190 calories in the bottle. But, I so love the beer!

With the unseasonable February warmth the fitness trail at Freedom Park in Greenwood, Indiana is becoming crowded. There are many runners, dog walkers, and walkers (like myself). I’m inspired to start running again every time a runner passes by.

Heart Attack

A colleague had a heart attack over the weekend. He had blockage in 90% of an artery. The doctors put in a stint. He came back to work today and he is really a new man. He says it is amazing how much better he feels.

He said doctor advised him to walk 30 minutes a day. My colleague is not much of an exerciser and never had an interest in exercising before now. But, as he says, walking will become a daily part of his life now.

He also said that he walks a lot at work. And he does. He is a receiving admin and is constantly on the move. However, he said that the ‘walking exercise’ needs to come beyond the walking done at work. He repeated what the cardiologist said, the steady, swift and constant act of walking will do wonders for the heart.

As we are the same age. He has motivated me to stay the course with my own walking exercise. Eventually, I want to start running again. But for the short term, I will do more walking.

My Bibliomania

Ah so … I bought two new books.

Ever since I read the “Man Who Loved Books Too Much” by Heather Allison Bartlett I’ve been itching  to buy books. And it is ironic, maybe, that I borrowed the Bartlett book from the public library yet it has triggered an impulse to buy books.


Amazon makes it easy to buy books. The two books I placed on order :

Confessions of a Work Camper: Tales from the Woods by Blaize Sun. She is full time van dweller and I subscribe to her Rubber Tramp Artist blog.

The Louvre: All the Paintings by Vincent Pomade. One item on my bucket list is to spend a few days at the Louvre. Although I have no plans to go in the immediate future I thought I would get to know every thing I can about the Louvre before I do have the opportunity to go. It is an expensive book. Yet, I could have furthered my bibliomania for rare books by buying a signed first printing for about $195. I passed and bought a fresh copy but not a first edition for about $50. 
To avoid shipping expenses and to get free two day shipping on this order, I signed up for the Amazon Prime. I don’t know if it will pay for itself. Several people say it’s a good thing. In addition to books, maybe I will start buying Angel Soft from Amazon!

Wishing everyone a great day !!


Sixth Week Review

181.1  There was a 1.2 pound weight loss this week. I feel blessed and lucky to have any kind of weight loss this week as it wasn’t my best eating week since I started this weight loss effort.

I’ve lost 18.7 pounds since January 1, 2017. Even with the low loss this week, my weekly average is 3.11 pounds. I guess that isn’t too bad. To double-check: I started on January 1 at 199.8 pounds. Now I weight 181.1 pounds. That is a loss of 18.7 pounds, 199.8 – 181.1. I’ve been at this for six weeks, 18.7 / 6 = 3.11.

My original intent was to lose only 1 pound per week on average. The current average is 3.11 pounds. I’m encouraged by that. And, far ahead of my original plan.

Calories for the Week of February 6 – 12, 2017.

  • Monday 2/6 : 1,536
  • Tuesday 2/7 : 1,195
  • Wednesday 2/8 : 1,412
  • Thursday 2/9 : 1,535
  • Friday 2/10 : 2,557
  • Saturday 2/11 : 1,654
  • Sunday 2/12 : 1,005

Total Calories : 10,804. The daily averages was 1,543.

The was two days (Friday & Saturday) I went over the target of 1,610. Friday was a mega overload with 947 calories beyond the target. On that night, there was a dinner of a fried crispy chicken sandwich and tater tots and two slices of sausage pizza. Plus a lunch of a cashew chicken salad. It was a heavy eating day. I had some stomach issues after the pizza. After all that eating I felt a binge coming on late Friday night. Thankfully, I feel asleep before I could wreck even further the calorie count.

Saturday was a little better. However, there was a giant cupcake waiting for me at the end of the day, which I could not resist. The cupcake, which was so good threw me over the target.

Most of the week was spent near the target. Monday and Thursday eating was close enough. There was birthday cake and ice cream on Thursday.

Sunday was the lowest day with only 1,005 calories. But I intentionally limited the eating as to not unduly influence the weigh in number this morning.

Exercise for the Week of February 6 – 12, 2017.

I exercised six days of the week. Friday was the only day I wasn’t able to exercise. I walked 23 miles over the week. I guess that is not too bad. However, I only climbed onto the Max Trainer once. And, I did not run at all. I did not even attempt to run at all this week.

The highlight of the week in regards to exercise came on Saturday, 2/11. It was such a warm day for mid February in central Indiana with temperatures in the low 70’s. I took advantage of this unseasonable warmth and drove to the Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis.

Other people had the same idea as the park was crowded with hikers, walkers, runners and cyclists. There was even a long line at the gate to get into the park. And there was even a longer line at the gate when I left. I hiked the Lawrence Creek trail for about 3.7 miles. It was a muddy trail. But, otherwise, it was a good time to be outside.

Walnut Trailhead of the Lawrence Creek Trail.

Walnut Trailhead of the Lawrence Creek Trail. Photo taken on February 11, 2017.

Non Scale Victories

There were two NSVs this week.

The first was when I was able to comfortably move to a tighter notch on the belt. That means there has been some loss of circumference around the mid section.

The second was when I tried on a pair of hiking pants. I bought this pair almost two years ago. I bought them for my June 2015 trip to Colorado. The pants were too tight when I bought them. I could squeeze into them. It was uncomfortable but bearable. The pair was a large size but the extra large was too big. Even though the pair was too tight, I bought them anyways. I only wore the pant once during the trip. They have been in the closet ever since.

When I decided to drive to the park on Saturday afternoon to hike I tried on the hiking pants to see if I could fit into them. And, I could. And, I could comfortably. Wow. What a rush of satisfaction.

Other Things

This morning, my blood pressure was 113/75 with a resting heart rate of 60. Wow. That is a great number for me.

I had only two beers last week. One on Monday 2/6 and one on Friday 2/11. That brings my total to 3 beers for the month.

On Sunday afternoon, I worked on stretching my final painting. Now, all the paintings I’ve done since August 2016 are now stretched and ready to hang or give away. I also built two frames for future paintings. During the time I spent in the workshop I really wanted to drink some beer. In the past, a Sunday afternoon would have been spent working in the workshop and drinking beer. However, since I am trying to lose weight, drinking beer in the same quantities as before is just not conducive. It was hard to say no, especially when I had already believed I’ve wrecked the weight loss effort for the week with all the overeating on Friday and Saturday. Thankfully, I stayed the course and did not have any beer.

Wishing everyone a great day and a great week.

The Change Cometh

I am amazed at the rate of change in the weather. The air temperature was in the high 50’s on Tuesday evening. It was pleasant, other than the strong and gusty wind. Last night, it was in the low 30’s with a mini blizzard.

Both evenings I walked the three miles on the fitness trail. One evening I actually sweated. The next evening I tried to stay warm. One evening I was loose and free. The next evening I was huddled in a heavy winter coat under a hat licking the blowing snow from my lips.

Calories for Wednesday February 8, 2017. 

1,412 calories was the final number for 2/8/2017. That is 198 calories below the target of 1,610. I had a Slim Fast shake for breakfast, a small grilled chicken salad for lunch and a larger salad with canned chicken for dinner. I also had a yogurt as a bed time snack.

There was no beer for the day. Although the 198 calories short of the target would have allowed for a 190 calorie Zombie Dust pale ale.

Exercise So Far This Week

I’ve exercised three days this week, so far. I walked 3 miles on Monday, 3 miles on Tuesday and 3 miles on Wednesday for a total of 11 miles.

On Tuesday it was raining so I couldn’t walk the two miles during my lunch break. On Wednesday, I didn’t have the opportunity to walk during lunch.

This evening I need to attend a birthday party, so I don’t believe there will be time to exercise after work. Unless I get out in the 20 degree day for a two mile walk during lunch there might not be any exercise today.

So, my mileage for this week is going to be far less than it has been in the prior weeks. Unless, of course, I make up for the lost miles over the weekend. Which I hear will be back in the 50’s to 60’s, which is oddly strange for central Indiana.


This is the sixth week of my ‘eat less and move more’ effort of 2017. Thankfully I’ve lost a few pounds, drank less beer, counted and controlled calories and stepped up the exercise. I feel much better than I have in a long time. Those are Non Scale Victories of the first magnitude.

Yet, today, I can appreciate another NSV … I was able to comfortably tighten the belt to the fourth notch. I started at the second notch in January and now at the forth notch.

Yay !!

Recently, the third notch was becoming too loose but the fourth notch was too tight. However, this morning I was able to tighten to the forth notch. So very cool.


Here’s a photo from the fitness trail at Freedom Park in Greenwood Indiana, last night during my walk.

Mini blizzard on the evening of February 8, 2017.

Mini blizzard on the evening of February 8, 2017. Photo taken from Freedom Park in Greenwood, Indiana, looking south on the fitness trail.


Happy Friday

I’m happy. Today is Friday. It’s the end of the work week. I’ve had a good week (so far) with the eating and exercising. And there is nothing to complain about.

Expect this one tiny little thing …

One of the office narcissist is putting down someone who I don’t even know. He is finding pleasure in making certain the entire office knows that ‘this person’ built an enormous house on a very tiny lot. This house, according to the narcissist, has six bathrooms and a lighted fenced in tennis court in the backyard where the dog chases tennis balls. Yet, he says, there is only about four feet or less of ‘yard’ between the neighbors. He says a special zoning variance was given to build on the house on the lot.

I don’t care that he and ‘this person’ stood in the driveway (which I would believe is bricked, glazed and sealed and heated to keep the snow melted) and smoked cigars and drank cocktails.

But the narcissist made certain that everyone in the office knows.

What bothers me is that the narcissist spent his evening with this person and then puts the person down to the entire office the next morning. I would ask “why spend the time with the person and share cigars and drinks if you are only going to ridicule him later?”

Calories and Exercise for February 2, 2017

I rang up the day at 1,415 eating calories. It was a normal day for breakfast and lunch with Slim Fast shakes. Dinner was a California Grill Chicken Caesar Salad at a local brewery. The salad was good with the pita bread and cheese croutons. It would have been even better with if I had a pint of their seasonal Double IPA called ‘Epiphany’. However, I abstained from any beer calories with dinner. I estimated the calories for the salad at about 1,100. I didn’t have any snacks for the day.

I can’t believe I went to a local brewery and didn’t have any beer.What’s up with that!

I was able to get in 100 minutes of walking for approximately five miles for the day. That equates to about 460 calories burned, according to MFP. I walked two miles during my lunch break and three miles in the evening, before dinner.

I guess I could have used the exercise calories to offset the beer calories if I had an Epiphany during dinner. I would have guessed a pint of the seasonal double IPA at about 250 calories or less. So, there was plenty of room to indulge. However, I had a beer on Monday (1/30) and didn’t want to trigger a binge with the double IPA. Thankfully, I was able to abstain.

Here’s a web page about calories in craft beer.

Friday Lunch Club

I won’t be able to get any lunch walking in today. On Fridays, the usual lunch club meets. This is where a group of office people (minus the narcissists) get together at a local restaurant to talk shop and about our families and life in general. The calories can be heavy and expensive. And it doesn’t give anytime for a walk. But it’s a good time anyways.

So, I intend to go to Planet Fitness after work out this evening and try to get in some treadmill miles to burn some calories. Maybe I will get in the C25K Week 1 Day 2 workout.

Sunset Photo

For the first time in a while the day was bright and sunny. Although it was cold and windy the sunshine kind of offset the chill. I snapped this iPhone photo of the sunset while on my evening walk.

Sunset on February 2, 2017

Sunset on February 2, 2017. Photo taken from Freedom Park, Greenwood Indiana.

Wishing everyone a great day!

Ground Hog Day

It is Ground Hog Day. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning. They say it will be another six weeks of winter.

I have two immediate thoughts. First, if Punxsutawney Phil lived in central Indiana he would not have seen his shadow for the last two weeks as there hasn’t been much, if any, sunshine. Second, there are about six more weeks to winter according to the calendar.

But it’s fun to have the hope that the cold and dark of winter is soon to end.

Yesterday’s Calories

I was a good boy on Wednesday, February 1. I kept the calories at 1,230 for the day, which is  380 calories below my target of 1,610. I had the typical menu, Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch and a grilled chicken salad for diner. No snacks.

Thankfully, I didn’t have much, if any, hunger during the day.


I was able to walk five miles for the day. I walked two miles during my lunch break and three miles after work. The total for the week so far is 13 miles.

My intent was to work in the C25K Week 1 Day 2 workout during the three mile evening walk. However, for some reason, I didn’t bring any outdoor workout clothes. So, I just walked in my khakis and heavy winter coat. That is my attire when I walk during lunch so it isn’t a big deal to walk the three miles after work. I just need to prepare better in the future.

Also, my thighs were very sore yesterday. I’m sure it was a result of the first C25K workout I did on Monday evening  (1/31). Or it could have been the 100 stairs I climbed on the stair machine the same evening. Or it could have been a combination of both. So, postponing the C25k workout until this weekend was probably a good choice.

I’m not in a hurry to start running again, anyways. I’ve enjoyed the long walks and listening to sermons by John MacArthur and an audio book by AW Pink. I know that running will come when it’s ready for me.

Blood Pressure

This morning, in celebration of Ground Hog Day, my blood pressure was 113/75 with a resting heart rate of 61. Yay! Normal. I’m happy about the lower resting heart rate as it means the exercising is having an effect.

The Semicolon

I came across the Project Semicolon this morning after reading about it on the kirkmcconnell blog. What a cool concept.

The semicolon, as probably everyone knows, is used to pause but not complete a sentence.

It has become a symbol for a continuing but not ended life. Especially a life full of depression and mental illness. It motivates people to endure and continue in hope knowing it will get better even though it doesn’t feel so at the moment.

Apparently, it’s common to get a tattoo of a semicolon to affirm allegiance and a connection to those who suffer through depression or mental illness. I’ve never thought of having a tattoo on my body. But, maybe I will. As one who has just climbed out of depression and struggles with it, I can appreciate the semicolon in a new light

A Photo

A sunset

A sunset as viewed on the fitness trail at Freedom Park, Greenwood, Indiana on February 1, 2017.

Wishing everyone a great day!