Premium Chicken Breast

Recently, I decided to change my eating plan. There are two element to this plan:

  • Keep minimal food at home
  • Go out to eat more often than not

The second item isn’t like it seems, where I ‘go out to eat’ at casual places like the Cheesecake Factory, Applebees or Bubbas every night or every meal. That would become too expensive quickly. However, if I go to McDonalds or Jaggers once a day then I would be fine, I believe.

The first item is really the critical element. If I don’t keep food in the house then it is not available to eat. If I want to eat then I need to go out. I’m more lazy than normal people so I just won’t go out. Hopefully, then, I won’t over eat.

A great example is this present moment. I am hungry. Before this new plan came into play, I would step to the freezer, microwave two $1 Banquet pot pies and then consume. I kept a stock of pot pies as they are easy to prepare and eat.

At this moment, I don’t have a stock of pot pies, so I don’t eat. I can’t leave the house to go get something from the drive thru because I’m ‘on-duty-working-from-home”. So, I don’t eat.

Yesterday, I was hungry but didn’t want to go through the drive thru so I hunted for food in the deep recesses of the pantry. I found a can of Krogers Premium Chicken Breast. I must have bought this can many, many months ago. I ate it. Actually, there were two cans of Krogers Premium Chicken Breast and I ate both cans.

Maybe I will keep a stock of Krogers Premium Chicken Breast in the pantry for times like this. It seems to be a good Atkins approved food item with 3 grams of carbs per 10 oz can. If I was counting calories, a 10 oz can is 210 calories.

When I say “keep minimal food at home” I mean that I don’t want to keep a stock of chips, crackers, cookies, cheese (although it is a good Atkins approved food item), peanuts, cakes, frozen meals, pot pies and other stuff that I usually buy from Krogers and mindlessly eat in time of slight hunger and slight boredom. There has to be some food in the pantry. If anything, to survive the zombie apocalypse.

So far, after a week of this new eating plan, things are going ok. I seem to have lost some weight and I’m not over eating. So far, so good.

630 calories and 9 grams of carbs in these 3 10 oz cans of Kroger Premium Chicken Breast. iPhone 7 photos taken by Dave O on May 3, 2021.
630 calories and 9 grams of carbs in these 3 10 oz cans of Kroger Premium Chicken Breast. iPhone 7 photos taken by Dave O on May 3, 2021.

Eating So Much

Hopefully, I have changed my eating habit.

Recently, I decided to stop buying solid food groceries from the local market (Krogers) to stock the cupboards for future consumption. Instead, I will go out and buy food from local eateries for immediate consumption.

My thought is … if I make it difficult to eat at home then maybe I won’t overeat. If I have to make an effort to ‘go out’ and hunt for food to eat, then maybe I won’t eat as often.

Maybe I have an eating disorder, but, I can’t ‘just stop’ eating. Meaning, I will eat an entire bag of Kroger breaded chicken tenders, several cans of Campells creamy chicken soup and other stuff until I am physically sick. Then, a few hours later, the bathroom effort is gruesome and painful. I repeat this cycle. I’ve been doing this for years and I am just becoming sick of this cycle.

So, if I don’t stock food in my cupboards, then I will need to go out and ‘hunt’ for food. Hopefully, since it will become an ‘effort’ to eat, I will just stop eating so much.

And, buying food, with the limited quantity from a local eatery as opposed to the limitless quantity of food in the cupboards, maybe I will just stop eating so much.

I will still buy liquid food from Krogers, soft drinks, beers, slim fast. But, solid food, with the exception of cheep frozen hamburger patties and American cheese from Walmart, I don’t plan to buy any more solid food.

Hopefully this effort will last for a long time and I will lose some weight and be happier in my own body.

This strategy will not help me if the Zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow or Russia or China sends a thermo nuclear device our way. If I don’t have a stock pile of food in preparation for these events then I will quickly starve if these events occur.

Hopefully, I will start to exercise again.

Inside a local eatery, Between The Bun. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on January 6, 2019.
Inside a local eatery, Between The Bun. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on January 6, 2019.

Day 11

Since I’ve been motivated recently, I’ve stopped drinking beer and begun to watch what I eat. Not that I have establish a die cast eating plan but I am becoming aware of what I’ve been blindly eating for so many years.

The Doctor says I need to follow a low carb / low fat / low sodium diet. So when I’ve looked at the nutritional labels on the food stuff that I normal eat I was simply appalled at the amount of sodium. Soups, canned chicken, salad kits all contain sodium.

One of my favorite meals is Mac and Cheese. It is easy to cook for a lonely single middle aged old man. It’s quick, easy.

However, Mac and Cheese is not cool on a low carb / low fat / low sodium diet. The package Mac and Cheese has mega sodium. I discovered that cheese contains sodium. Go figure.

So I looked at a box of raw macaroni. At least this particular Kroger brand has no sodium. Cool. I can eat macaroni with no cheese. Yet, the particular box of macaroni has mega carbs, which I am suppose to avoid.


At least my blood pressure was 137/85. A huge improvement from a few weeks ago.

A simple box of raw macaroni has zero sodium but mega carbs in a single serving. Ugh.

A simple box of raw macaroni has zero sodium but mega carbs in a single serving. Ugh.

Bus Riding Downtown

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, I rode an Indy Go bus from the south side of the city to downtown.

I know that most people would say “so”, “big deal”, “who cares”. But, for me, it was some what of a personal milestone. I never ridden an Indy Go bus as an adult. And, I only rode on the city bus once or twice as a teenager.

Of course, during college I rode the campus bus but I’m not counting that.

So what was my experience.

  • There is a lot of waiting. Waiting at the stop to ride the bus downtown. Waiting at the Transit Center downtown to ride home. If I had driven my 2000 Honda Civic, there would be no waiting, unless it was waiting in traffic.
  • It’s not a smooth ride. Indianapolis streets are the worst. Pot holes every where. Joe Hogsett (the mayor of Indianapolis) hasn’t done a great job repairing city streets, in my opinion.
  • The people. An entire mix. Black, white, Indian, old (me), young. We all sat in silence during the bumpy ride.

Why did I ride the Indy Go bus downtown?

Well, other than wanting the experience of waiting for and riding the bus, I wanted to take photos at the 2018 Indy Pride Festival.

Not that I’m gay. I’m as straight as they come. But, I wanted to take photos at the parade, show support, etc. I even bumped into my second ex-wife.

And, I could walk around downtown for a few miles and burn some calories.

I knew the festival would be a colorful event. And the ambient light was good for photos. I walked through the crowd and took over 384 photos. Some are great photos, most are mediocre, some are my usual creepy shots. Most everyone I encountered was happy to pose for me (G-rated poses).

I had a lunch at a restaurant on Mass Ave (Bru Burger) and drank two beers. So, my 9 day streak of no beer calories came to end at the Bru Burger. I have no idea what the calorie count of the juicy cheese burger with fried egg and french fries was

Self Portrait from the 2018 Indy Pride Festival (look in the sunglasses).

Self Portrait from the 2018 Indy Pride Festival (look in the sunglasses).


After the parade, I burned lunch and beer calories by walking with the crowd to Military Park were the festival was gathering. However, a nasty storm was blowing in and the officials evacuated the park. I had not enter the festival grounds when they declared the evacuation but was directed toward the IUPUI campus.. I found shelter under a tree in front of the Heron Art School building.

One person walking by suggested I find shelter in the building instead of under the tree.  A sensible man would. But I stayed under the tree. Maybe a lightening strike would cure me of this depression?

When there was a break in the storm, I walked to an easy-up tent that was still standing and stood underneath it for a few minutes. When it was apparent the storm had passed, I walked through the empty and soaked festival grounds and back to the Transit Center.

I waited over 40 minutes for the bus for the ride home. My shoes were soaked from the storm.

I pulled the string for the bus to stop where I wanted to get off. I parked my 2000 Honda Civic near the bus stop so I drove home in my still-soaked shoes and wasted my of the remainder of the day.

If I take the bus downtown for a future photo opportunity, I could walk to the bus stop. It’s about a mile from the house and would help in the calorie burning effort.

Living and Learning

Yesterday was not a good eating day. I ended the day at 1,905 calories. That is 295 calories over my target.

Thursday evening is set aside for “Family Night” where all the kids come over and we go out to eat somewhere. It is usually easy to eat something healthy and within my calorie limit if we go out to a restaurant where I can order a salad. However, last night, I was dog sitting for my ex-wife and the kids brought over their puppies as well, so it was easier for everyone to stay in and order Papa Johns pizza and bread sticks.

I tracked all the pizza and bread stick calories. That alone was 1,465 calories. That is a ‘normal’ day of calories.

And it is not as though I binged on the pizza. I had two slices of traditional crust sausage pizza, three bacon and cheese bread sticks and three traditional bread sticks. I could have eaten more.

Maybe that is a binge?

But, that is how the cookie crumbled yesterday. I’m not happy about it. Maybe pizza and bread sticks on a Family Night is be my undoing?

Although, now as I think about it, I did have a salad kit and a can of chucked chicken in the fridge. I could have eaten my normal chicken salad for dinner at a little less than 700 calories instead of the 1,465 calories of the pizza and bread sticks.

“Live and learn” as they say.


There was not much opportunity to exercise yesterday. I wasn’t able to walk my two miles at lunchtime. And, I could only squeeze a 20 minute walk after work. That walk was with the dog. I wanted to walk more but the kids were coming in as I finished the mile.

Today (Friday 2/17/17) there will be no opportunity to exercise. To many social events today.

Walking the puppy, Sam, on Thursday evening, February 16, 2017.

Walking with Sam, a golden retriever, on Thursday evening, February 16, 2017.

Wishing everyone a great day!!

Calories, Bibliomania & Collecting Stuff

Someone once said “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. Yesterday, February 6 was a slow and steady day.

I looked forward to my two mile lunch time walk but was foiled when a rain storm swept through. I walked maybe fifty yards before turning back to the car. I didn’t want to sit in wet khakis for the rest of the day at work.

I wasn’t able to get in the lunch time walk but was able to get in an evening walk of three miles. Unlike many of the evening walks before, this walk left me exhausted. I believe it was the wind, as it was strong and persistent. I felt like it was a boxer and just wanted to beat me up (which it did). The air temperature was great at the high 50’s but the wind made it seem like the high 30’s.

At home, I made a bacon and ranch salad (from a kit) with some chunk chicken (from a can). I watched an episode of Adam The Woo while eating the salad.

I ended the day at 1,195 calories with 273 exercise calories.

My Bibliomania

Afterwards, I laid down to read. I finished the “The Man Who Loved Books Too Much” by Allison Hoover Bartlett. Now, I’m ready to get on my bibliomania game, again.

At one time, I had a huge book collection. It was an eclectic collection. Textbooks, novels, reference books, Bibles, Time Life libraries, art books. Books I picked up at the dollar store and books I bought while on vacation. I read most of the books.

However, when my second wife left I decided to minimize my ‘stuff’ and it was natural to weed down the book collection. I made several trips to the local Half Price book store to sell the books. On one trip, I sold a few golf related books and walked away with more dollars from that sale then I did by selling the textbooks. Strange.

The ‘collection’ still needs weeding down. However, I will keep the Sue Grafton and Dean Koontz as they are my favorite authors.

Collecting Stuff

I started reading a new book, “Collections of Nothing” by William Davis King. This book was referenced in the Bartlett book. Hopefully I can get an appreciation on the psychology of collecting stuff.

My mom collects old mining gear and artifacts. My dad collected arrowheads at one time. He also has a camera collection. They are very discriminating and refined in their collecting approach. Those collections are displayed in fine custom cabinetry with accent lighting. Unlike my book collection which is displayed on dust covered shelves and kept in torn cardboard boxes.

I thought about collecting cameras, radios, televisions. At one time I collected geodes that I found while walking and hiking.

I don’t know why I want to amass more collections of stuff that I will eventually need to eventually sell at a loss, give away or trash.

Sunset Photo

I snapped this photo with the iPhone during last night’s walk.

Sunset, evening of February 7, 2017.

Sunset, evening of February 7, 2017. Taken from Freedom Park in Greenwood Indiana.

Other Thoughts

I started wearing a pair of ‘helper’ glasses at work, just to see the computer screen. Everything within 24″ is sharp and clear. However, everything beyond that is blurred. Kind of a strange perception. I feel like I’m in a translucent bubble where everything is sharp and clear but beyond the safety of the bubble it is blurred and dangerous.

I don’t walk or drive with these glasses. I can see fine for those tasks. It’s just a new and strange visual effect that I need to get used to.

Wishing everyone a great day !!

Feeling Better & A Benefit of Counting Calories

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better today.

My calories rang up to 1,100 for January 25, 2017. Which is on the low side of the 1,610 daily target. But, after a healthy portion of ‘home made’ grilled chicken salad for dinner at 720 calories, I went to bed. It was about 7:00pm.

I planned to eat a little more, to get my calories near the 1,610 target. But, after finishing the grilled chicken salad, I wasn’t hungry any longer. And, I was very tired, so I went to bed.

A Benefit of Calorie Counting

One of the benefits of calorie counting is that it limits my choices.

On the drive home from work, I pass more than a dozen restaurants, fast food, casual, expensive or otherwise. Some of these restaurants are favorites, like the Between the Bun gourmet hamburger shop that offers the best Mac & Cheese burger. I have probably eaten at all of these restaurants.

However, I know that stopping at any of these places will have a serious impact on my caloric limits. Even a grilled chicken salad from Bubba’s 33 or the Outback Steakhouse holds between 900 – 1,100 calories for me (estimated). The Bob Evans Cobb Salad with chicken is 1,250 calories (they say).

So, I drive by and go home where I can more closely monitor calories and my choices are limited.

I don’t mind. I’m actually thankful for the limits. “Stay in control” is the mantra. I don’t need to decide or debate when to eat tonight.

In contrast, when I was not counting calories, anything was a potential eating target. And, any restaurant was a potential stopping place. The Mac & Cheese burger from Between the Bun was always available. It was $12 of eating goodness and satisfying. Add in a couple of craft beers and it was amazing.

In times like that, there was no control, no planning, no consequence. Just eat and drink whatever, whenever, wherever.

But now, if I want to lose the weight, I will need to choose the salad and count calories. Occasionally I will indulge, maybe even stop at Between the Bun. However, now, I need to be focused on the limits and benefits that calorie counting offers me.

Exercise for January 25, 2017

I was able to walk about 4 miles on January 25. And, I spent 14 minutes on the Max Trainer. MFP says that this effort was worth about 499 calories.

I enjoy the walking. I listen to John MacArthur sermon and reflect on what he is saying. I enjoy the weather, even the dank and dingy overcast. Just being in motion can soothe my soul.

The Max Trainer is a different beast. It is very intense. It is like running on a treadmill, working out on an elliptical and a stair master all at the same time. Fourteen minutes on it is enough.

So far, I’ve walked 10 miles this week and spent 28 minutes on the Max Trainer.

A Non Scale Victory

I weigh in on Monday mornings. But, during the week I notice some weight related body chances that are worth mentioning.

This morning I put on a pair of size 36 pants. The last time I wore these pants was in October 2016. By then, I was too fat to wear them comfortably. I could squeeze into them but it wasn’t comfortable or pretty.

I tried them on this morning just to see if I could fit into them. And … I could. And I could in comfort. Yay !!



Some Progress


Yay. Lost a few pounds last week. I lost 11. 3 pounds since the New Year. If my calculations are correct my average is 3.76 pounds a week so far. This far exceeds my intent of a single pound a week on average until I reach my goal weight. However, I’m feeling great and doing well so I will take the weight loss even though I’m way ahead of schedule.

My BMI is 30.4. So, I’m still in the obese range. Still much work to be done but I’m happy with my progress so far.


I had a two beers on Friday 1/20. I had one beer at an Italian restaurant and another beer at a bar just a few doors down. It was wonderful. Thankfully, I stopped at two beers for the night. In the past, I would have had four or five on a night like that plus all the food I could stuff into my mouth.

I did not make it to Planet Fitness to exercise on Saturday or Sunday. Instead, with the amazingly warm January weather I was able to get outside without a hat and walk around the neighborhood on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon, I went to Fort Harrison State Park and walked for 87 minutes. According to My Fitness Pal, the 87 minute walk was worth a 409 calorie burn. Wow. I was very tired at the end.

My eating over the weekend was in control. Although Friday night’s dinner at the Italian restaurant was expensive in regards to calories. Saturday and Sunday were in control.

Daily Calories

  • Monday 1/16 : 1,140
  • Tuesday 1/17 : 1,210
  • Wednesday 1/18 : 1,555
  • Thursday 1/19 : 1,480
  • Friday 1/20 : 2,166
  • Saturday 1/21 : 1,055
  • Sunday 1/22 : 1,055

My average daily calories for the week of January 16 – 21 was 1,380. That is 230 calories per day below my daily target.

Sunday and Saturday ended up at the same calorie number. Strange, as I did not eat the same things on those days.

My only over-board day was Friday with 2,166 calories. That is 556 calories over my target. But, the dinner was great and the beer was even better.


Yay … I was able to exercise 6 days last week. Did the Max Trainer on four days and walked six days. I believe I walked about 13 miles for the week. Not too bad.

I need to get one of those Fit-Bit things or a Garmin to track the miles so I can report accurate numbers.

Blood Pressure

I didn’t take any of my meds on Sunday. So, I worried about my blood pressure this morning. However, it was 118/75 with a 62 resting pulse rate. Wow. In the normal range without the meds. And the heart rate is great at 62. That is the best it’s been since I started.

Looking Forward

The January 23 – 29 week looks to be ‘normal’. There are no dinners or events planned, with exception of one evening. Hopefully I will be able to keep the calories below 1,610 per day and keep moving.

I would like to get to Planet Fitness for a workout. I really need to get there to exercise, not only for my health but also because I pay for a membership. I believe it’s been over a year since I’ve been there. I don’t know what stops me from going? So strange.


Snickers, Oreos or Whey Protein?

Yesterday, January 18, 2017 was, thankfully, a good day on all levels.

My eating was in control at 1,555 calories for the day, which is below my limit of 1,610. I walked for 40 minutes, which equates to about 2 miles. I built two 20″ x 16″ stretcher frames in the workshop. This activity was on top of a decent day at work.

Snickers or Whey Protein?

I made a stop at the local Kroger. I bought two Gatorade Whey protein bars. There was a special on these bars, two for $7. So, I bought two. I thought I could keep the bars around the house or office just in case I was ever so hungry and needed something quick.

Well, that time came quickly last night. Just before going to bed a huge wave of hunger pass through my belly. So, I checked my calories, which at the time were 1,205. There was enough room for a small snack.

I didn’t realize the protein bar was loaded with 350 calories when I bought it. At the time of my hunger I thought I would eat only half of the bar, just enough to settle the hunger and save the other half for later.

But, I ate the entire bar. All 350 calories. It was good. It was really good. Tasted like a candy bar.

However, it might have been better for me to eat a candy bar, maybe even a Snickers bar!

According to the Supplement Geek, Gatorade’s whey protein bar is similar to the Snickers bar in ingredients and sugars and fat. Yikes! Yes, it offers the 20 grams of protein, but as the Supplement Geek says, the protein comes at the expense of excessive sugar and fat.

This is a true case of “live and learn”. So, I’ll stay away from the Gatorade Whey protein bar in the future.

Oreo Thins

However, instead of the Whey protein bar or the Snickers, I could have had 4 Oreo cookies for 150 calories as a snack.

I found the new Oreo Thins. How cool.

Some, not all, but some of my extra 50 pounds is made of Oreos. Such a great comfort food that, at times, I could not live without.

So, these new Oreo Thins, which proclaim only 150 calories per four cookies, are tempting beyond belief.

At the grocery, I choose the Gatorade Whey  protein bar over the Oreo Thins.

Snickers, Whey protein bar or Oreo Thins. I thought I made the perfect, healthy choice for a bedtime snack or any snack on any day with the Gatorade Whey protein bar.

Oreo Thins ... tempting beyond belief.

Oreo Thins … tempting beyond belief.

But, maybe not.

Bad Eating but a Small Victory

Yesterday, Tuesday January 10, 2017 was a bad eating day. I was 132 calories over my 1,610 goal. And, no exercise to offset the overload of calories.

I was hungry for most of the day. And a little dizzy. Just tired, feeling ragged. I had the usual Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch. But, I added an Atkins protein bar to lunch because I was so hungry. After work, I quickly ate a small salad before I had to be at a dinner/birthday party. There was no time to eat a grilled chicken dinner like I would have wanted to do. There was pizza and salad, ice cream and birthday cake at the dinner/birthday party. I ate small portions of everything.

Even though my eating wasn’t the best, I did see a slight victory. That is, my portions were small and in control at the dinner/birthday party. Just two slices of pizza, a small salad, one scoop of ice cream and a small slice of cake. And, I drank a bottle of water.

Usually, at events like this, I would eat until I was totally stuffed. At least four or five slices of pizza and more and more ice cream and cake. And, at least a few beers.

But last night, I felt like I was in control of my eating, even though it wasn’t the kind of eating I want to do now that I’m trying to lose weight.

Plus, there was no time to exercise. Although I wouldn’t have walked outside around the neighborhood since a strange thunderstorm was passing over central Indiana. So strange to see lightning in the sky during January. It felt more like mid April than early January. Although I could have jumped on the Max Trainer. But I was so tired that I just went to bed the moment I got home.

Blood Pressure

Wow. 108/78 with a resting heart rate of 69. Wow. I believe that is ‘normal’. Wow. I haven’t seen a normal reading in a very long time. I did take my blood pressure meds just before taking the reading. I’m sure that had an effect. But still, normal blood pressure after 11 days on the program … wow.

How Many Calories In …

According to the Hersey web site, there are 200 calories in 11 of the Reese’s Mini Cups. So, each one has about 19 calories. The Calorie King website reports there are 220 calories in 5 of the mini cups at 44 calories each.

According to the Calorie King website, a single Hershey Milk Chocolate Kiss has 22 calories of goodness. I couldn’t find any calorie information on the Kiss on the Hershey website.

Wow. I’ve eating a lot of these candies over the years. At least I know now what I was eating and how many calories.

And, I did not eat these two delicious candies even though they called out to me. I just took their photo.


A Hershey Kiss and Reese Mini Peanut Butter Cup