73° Dew Point

The Weather Man has a scale of Dew Points indicating a dew point between 71° and 75° is “oppressive”. Last night, while pushing the mower over the front and back yards, the dew point was 73°.


It took 5 beers to make it through the event. Actually, it was an easy cut since I had cut the yard last Thursday, June 24. So, there wasn’t much growth. But, the Weather Man says it ‘may’ rain for the next three nights so I wanted to get it cut down incase it does, in fact, rain. If it does rain and I didn’t cut the yard last night, the growth would almost be overwhelming when I could get to it.

I don’t mind the heat and humidity. I take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids.

Twenty years ago today I married the love of the life. She left thirteen years into the marriage. She is still my best friend and soul mate.

Sentient by Daniel Popper. Located at the Morton Arboretum.
Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on June 26, 2021.