(mostly a) Wordless Wednesday

This is a view of a lone tree from the Cross Creek Trail in the Holy Cross Wilderness in Colorado. I thought the lone tree framed in the center with foliage on the edges of the frame made for a good shot. The blue sky and the puffy white clouds didn’t hurt the photo  either. I love the rock formations on this trail. This photo was taken on June 18, 2015.crossCreekTree_001

A Small Success and a Twisted Scene

I thought I would blog on the events of yesterday. Not that yesterday held grand and glorious events but because there was a small success and a twisted scene.

The small success.

It’s has been seven (yes, count them … seven) days since I’ve had a beer.

So what, you may ask? Well, I don’t believe that I was becoming or had become an alcoholic. But I did drink a lot of beer. Furthermore, I held a strict personal policy of staying home to drink beer. So, when I opened a beer at home I stayed home. Never would I drink and drive. If I was out to dinner to family or friends my policy was to ride with someone or not drink at all if I was driving.

At first (meaning after Nikki left a year ago) I used the beer to soothe the depression. It’s amazing how the world and the future looked brighter after a beer or two or three or four or more. However, after a while, I realized that I was missing out on ‘stuff’ I could be doing in the evenings (outside of the house) because I rushed home after work to drink beer and wouldn’t leave afterwards.

So, I was really stuck at home. At first it was ok, especially when I was remodeling the kitchen or working on other house projects. But now it’s become kind of restrictive. Because I could be walking the fitness trails at the local parks or I could be going to the movies or just enjoying the evening with a drive to the countryside. But if I drink beer, I stay home.

So, I decided to give up the beer. Now, I have the freedom to do stuff in the evenings after work and not be chained up at home. Giving up the beer also impacts my new fitness effort as drinking beer and trying to lose weight and improve my fitness doesn’t really go well together.

The Twisted Scene.

I had dinner with my parents last night. We talked about my Colorado 2015 trip and other things. After dinner, I drove to the nearby Krogers to pick up some groceries.

June 29 just happened to be Nikki’s and my wedding anniversary. It was a hard day otherwise but the fact that I wasn’t married to Nikki any longer made it a wee bit harder. Anyways, I was at the closest Krogers to my house but it also happens to be next door to Nikki’s apartment complex. So, I texted her to see if she needed anything.

She replied and said no. She also invited me over to say hello.

Nikki and her new family and I have a great relationship. There’s no hostility and no ill will between us. I understood that Nikki wanted and needed to move in other directions. After all, she so much younger than I am and so full of energy and life that I could hardly keep up with her. Her new significant other is able to keep up! It’s a good match for them.

Anyways, I spent a few minutes at their apartment and told them about my Colorado trip and my new fitness plans. They wished me well. I only stayed a short time as they were sitting down to dinner.

I really wouldn’t say that the scene was twisted in the gross or perverted sense. But, understanding that June 29 would have been our 14th wedding anniversary sort of gives it a twisted element to it.

Anyways … I’m thankful they are happy and in love each other. Youth has it benefits.

I like to include a photo with each post but couldn’t really find one to associate to this post. So, here’s a photo from my recent Colorado 2015 trip showing a small portion of the Cross Creek trail in the Holy Cross Wilderness.

On the Cross Creek trail in the Holy Cross Wilderness.

On the Cross Creek trail in the Holy Cross Wilderness.