Current Life on This Day

I’ve felt a surge of productivity today (June 2). That is in stark contrast to yesterday (June 1). Yesterday I felt sluggish, slothful, unproductive and watched too much mindless You Tube. Today, I feel energetic, productive, fulfilled.

It could be that I found some honest work for the Company. Recently, the Company allowed me to subscribe to a low level SEO dashboard. It scans the site and reports all the SEO issues in the site. And there are many. Most of the issues are hard to find unless you have this sort of tool. For example, there are (were) about two dozen broken links that I never realized existed. And, about ten pages had the same <title> tag, which is a ‘no-no’ in the realm of Google SEO. Of course, there are other issues to resolve, but knowing what issues there are is a big help in my productivity, which makes me feel better about the world.

Also, I went grocery shopping and only bought that which I needed, which is canned chicken and cream of chicken soup, chicken noodle soup and Big K diet soda. I have almost cleared out all the esoteric food that still lies hidden in the cabinet. But, the canned chicken and cream of chicken soup is the current staple. A single can of chicken plus a half can of cream of chicken soup costs about $2.65. Recently, I’ve eaten one to three a day. That fits well into the budget and the new eating plan.

Of course, it is a Wednesday and so the new comic release is upon us. I bought :

  • Batman Catwoman #5 (have all five issues)
  • Bettie Page : The Curse of the Banshee #1 (first issue in this series, plan to collect all)
  • Nocterra #4 (have all four issue in the collection)
  • Batman #109 (always need to buy the new Batman)
  • Vamperilla # 20 (trying to collect all Vamperilla issues)
  • The Walking Dead Delux #16 (buy for my son)
  • Serial #4 (missing issues #2 and #3)

For the Bettie Page issue, I bought Cover E. Usually, I buy the main cover and avoid the variant covers. But, in this case, a variant cover was available and so I picked it up for $3.99 (plus tax). There were other variant covers available but those covers were pushing $8.

I went to the Library. I borrowed :

  • The Prodigal Daughter by Mette Ivie Harrison
  • What to Read and Why by Francine Prose
  • The Secret Talker by Geling Yan

Still practicing the drawing effort on the digital tablet and following Complete Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting by Rich Graysonn. It really gives me a feeling of productivity to be consistent in drawing on the digital tablet. Some day I hope to be good enough to sell my drawings on eBay.

In fact, since I have been recalled to the Office on June 7, 2021, I bought a second Huion digital tablet to keep at the Office, which I will use to practice drawing during the lunch hour. Before I was sent home for Covid 19 in March 2020, I used the lunch hour to practice drawing in a sketch book.

I received the Summer 2021 Volume 28 Number 03 of Juxtapoz in the mail. Too cool. It has become a bit Woke but I guess it has always been on the edge, although being woke is a bit main stream in 2021.

Of course, I finished the day with 2 cans of DareDevil Lift Off and a Four Day Ray Peanut Butter Porter listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ The Gateway.

Cover E of Bettie Page The Curse of the Banshee #1. Scanned by Dave 0 with a Canon Pixma MX492 on June 2, 2021.
Cover E of Bettie Page The Curse of the Banshee #1.
Scanned by Dave 0 with a Canon Pixma MX492 on June 2, 2021.

May 28, 2021

Last night, Thursday, May 27, 2021, I bought six comic books from the local retail vendor, Comic Book University:

  • Casual Fling #4
  • Batman Detective Comics #1036
  • Strange Adventures #10
  • The Girl Who Electrified Tesla #2
  • Shadecraft #3
  • Money Shot #11
  • The Casual Fling concludes the series where a powerful married with children female attorney is seduced by a scam artist and blackmailed.
  • Of course, Batman Detective Comics is the cornerstone of my collection.
  • Shadecraft is an interesting story of a teenage boy who lives as a shadow while his body lies in a coma and his new relationship with his sister.
  • The Girl Who Electrified Tesla introduces me to Cynthia Von Buhler. Apparently I have two other issues created by her, at least the League of Comic Geeks where I catalogue the collection tells me so.
  • Strange Adventures enticed me by the cover and the title, seems like I’m coming in at the tail end of the series as issue #10 is of 12. If the story is good I may seek to buy the back issues.
  • Money Shot is of a group of people traveling through space whiling enjoying space orgies. I don’t really know why I spent the $3.99 plus tax on it.
Digital drawing/painting effort on May 27, 2021 by Dave O.
Digital drawing/painting effort on May 27, 2021 by Dave O.

Comic Day March 24, 2021

Wednesday evenings have become my favorite evening of the week. Wednesday is the day new comics are released into the wild and Wednesday evening is the time I can attend the Comic Book University and buy new issues.

This week, I bought :

  • Detective Comics #1034
  • Vampirella versus Purgatori #1
  • Crossover #1
  • Nightwing #73

Three comics are new releases. The Nightwing #73 is a back issue. Of course, I’m drawn to the scantly dressed female vampires in Vampirella versus Purgatori. Batman’s Detective Comics are a staple and the Nightwing story is a good one to follow. The Crossover title is a new series that I wanted to get in on the ground floor.

Comics purchased on March 24, 2021. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O.
Comics purchased on March 24, 2021. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O.

Recent Comics

These are the comics I bought on March 4, 2021 :

  • Rogue Planet #1(Onipress)
  • Sonjaversal #2 (Dynamite)
  • Nocterra #1 (Image)
  • Sacred Six #2 (Dynamite)
  • Scared Six #3 (Dynamite)
  • Casual Fling #1 (AWA Upshot)
  • Casual Fling #2 (AWA Upshot)
  • Batman #106 (DC)
  • Nightwing #77 (DC)

Nightwing is a new title for my reading enjoyment. In the grab bag of 30 comics I bought from Lone Star Comics last week, the Nightwing Annual #1 (circa 1997) was included. I read the story and like the character and thought I would see what Nightwing is up to in 2021.

Nocterra seems to be an interesting story. As a spoiler (at least in the first few pages) all natural light is extinguished. I haven’t read read further (yet) but that sounds eerily similar to what some Christians believe about the Pre Wrath Rapture. Marvin J. Rosenthal published a book on this topic where he writes all natural light in the universe (sun, moon, stars) is shut off by the Lord as a sign of His Second Coming. When I read his book in 1990 I was really wrapped up in it. Thirty years later, I’m not too certain the Pre Trip, Pre Wrath, Mid Trib or Post Trib rapture is really what will take place.

Sacred Six issues #2 & #3 are back issues to add to the collection. I need issue #1 to complete the collection.

Sonjaveral #2 continues the story of Sonjaversal #1 (duh). I will probably collect this entire series as I like scantily clad female vampires with T&A.

Not really certain what Casual Fling #1 and #2 are about but interested in sordid sex and relationship stories. I am unfamiliar with AWA Studios as DC, Image and Dynamite are the usual publishers I buy from. But, I’m always interested in other comic publishers.

Batman is the staple of my collection.

Uncertain of the story of Rogue Planet but wanted to jump in on issue #1 incase the story takes off and this issue becomes a collectible as Action Comics #1 is. This title is published by Oni Press, another published I am unfamiliar with.

Stack of Comic Book purchased on March 4, 2021. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O.
Stack of Comic Book purchased on March 4, 2021. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O.

Comic Book Day 2/10/2021

The comic book release day of Wednesday February 10, 2021 netted only three new issues:

  • Vampirella #17
  • Darth Vader #10
  • Dark Detective #3
New issues from February 10, 2021

I intend to collect all the Vampirella issues in the series. I bought Issue #1 from eBay a few weeks ago. I came into the series with Issue #12. According to the League of Comic Geeks there are (so far) twenty issues in this Vampirella series. It’s a Good vs Evil story. Although I don’t know if my Christian brothers and sisters would approve of the evil and occult symbolism in the story arc. I focus more on the ‘overcoming evil’ aspect of the story. Maybe I just like the scantily clad female vampires?

The Dark Detective is a good story about how the future could be under a totalitarian regime. Awfully similar to what could be happening in our society in 2021.

I read Darth Vader #9 last month and wanted to continue with the story.

Comic Book Day : February 3, 2021

Did you know that Wednesday is Comic Book Day?

I wonder what people think of a 58 year old man who buys and reads comic books. They could say that I’m juvenile and immature. Maybe childish, silly, stupid.

While in middle school (in the mid 1970’s) I bought comic books with the money I earned from a paper route and collecting bottles and can for the deposit and part time jobs. I was proud of the small collection I had accumulated in the years through high school. I gave away the collection when I was in college thinking it wasn’t appropriate to be a Christian and read or collect evil comic books.

In my youth I dreamt of being a comic book artist and writer. But, life, school, family, kids, work altered that dream. I didn’t buy another comic book until the early 2000s. And when I did buy a comic book it was only one issue at a time and haphazardly without purpose or intent.

Now, in my late 50s, I do have intent and purpose to buy, read and collect comics books.

In the comic book world a ‘pull’ are those comics that you want to buy for that week. Some stores will ‘pull’ those issues off the shelf and hide them behind the counter as not to sell your issues to other people. While I don’t take advantage of that helpful feature, my ‘pull’ for the week of February 3, 2021 is shown below.