No Title For This Post #001

So … I am on the third day of my new No-Beer streak. It’s only been three days for this streak starting June 10 but the previous streak was eight days, starting June 1. I had two beers on June 9. So, in the past eleven days, I have had only two beers.

Go me.

Which is significant as two beers was a daily consumption and usually it was more than two beers.

But, since I’m now on an “eat less move more” kick, which really is an “eat fewer calories and burn more calories” kick, I decided to limit the beer calories.

I haven’t officially started to count calories but I am mindful of calories. So, today, I had a Slim Fast shake (180 calories) for breakfast and one for lunch (180 calories). For a snack, I had a McDonald’s breakfast burrito (290 calories) that someone gave me this morning and I just ate as a snack.

So, so far today my calorie count is 670, which is 41% of 1,600 calories, if I was limiting to 1,600 calories.

This evening, I will have a salad with canned chicken for about 800 calories.

Another photo from the Indy Pride Festival, 2018. Love this photo with the girl's expression and the reflections in her glasses.

Another photo from the Indy Pride Festival, 2018. Love this photo with the girl’s expression and the reflections in her glasses. Photo by me.

A friend asked if there was a correlation between the lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet and the depression I suffer from. I suppose it would be an easy connection as he isn’t depressed and eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. Since I don’t and I have depression, there must be some sort of connection.

C’Est La Vie.

In a Low Level Funk …

Seem to be in a funk. Although I am determined to continue my weight loss effort, I seem to have slipped into a low level funk.

It’s not depression. I certainly know what that is. But, this is just a “– oh hum –” type of thing. I don’t seem to have any enthusiasm or desire for much of anything at the moment.

Hopefully it will soon pass.

Calories for Monday, April 3, 2017

I ended the day at 1,350 calories. I had the typical Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch. For an evening ‘cocktail’, I had 24 ounces of beer, wonderful beer. For dinner, I had a bowl of oatmeal. It was the Kroger instant, maple and brown sugar. It was easy to prepare, sweet to eat.

Exercise was good. I got five miles in for 423 calories. I walked two miles during my lunch break and another three miles in the evening. I was able to get in the Week 3 Day 1 C25K workout during the evening walk.

I must be doing too much walking or running, probably in the wrong kind of shoes because my feet really hurt. It kind of hurts to walk or run. So, I believe I will take a few days off from exercising. Hopefully that will prevent any further injury, if it is really an injury.

Well, I hope everyone has a great day !!

Highest Bidder

I recently stumbled into ebay. Of course, I’ve known about eBay since it’s inception so long ago. Yet, I’ve never felt the need or desire to buy or bid.

Until recently my only experience with eBay was about 14 years ago. I placed a rather high bid on an old Wollensak tape recorded. I was going to buy it and give it to my dad as a Christmas gift. He had a Wollensak when he was a kid.

The bid was high. High enough that no one else would probably want to pay that price. Yet, as I learn later, the ability to ‘snipe’ was aggressive on that auction. While I watched the final seconds tick away my bid was outplayed by a $.05 higher bid. There was no time to place another bid. I was devastated as my unique Christmas gift to my Dad was bought by someone else.

I never returned to eBay after that experience.

Of course, I was naive. And, I was not willing to spend the time or money, nor did I have the desire to learn how to successfully move through an eBay auction. My only connection to eBay afterwards was Weird Al’s eBay song from his Poodle Hat CD.

Yet, I recently stumbled onto a painting that I wanted to buy. It was selling on an eBay auction. Even with my long past bad experience, I thought I would take another plunge into the world of eBay and so I placed a bid. I placed what I consider to be a fair bid, the money I was willing to spend on this painting. It was a small abstract. It fit my mood and depression at the time. That is why I was eager to own it.

Bad screen shot of a painting that I purchased from an eBay auction. Painting by Claire McElveen.

Bad screen shot of a painting that I purchased from an eBay auction. Painting by Claire McElveen. Her web site is

The auction was ending a few hours after I placed my bid. Later that evening I received a confirmation email that I was the ‘winner’. I did a happy dance.

The painting should arrive in the mail this week.

Calories for Monday, March 27, 2017

I ended the day at 1,491 calories. That is slightly below my 1,610 target by 119 calories. Although, it wasn’t my best eating day. I had a Slim Fast shake for breakfast, a protein bar for lunch, two Zombie Dust bottles of beer for ‘cocktail’ hour and a chucked chicken salad for dinner. I suppose the two bottles of Zombie Dust (2 x 190 = 360 calories) wasn’t the best choice but they were so good.

Exercise for Monday, March 27, 2017

I was able to exercise. I believe it was the first time in five days that I felt energetic enough to do some exercise. I walked a total of four miles. During the for miles I was able to get in a C25K session, Week 2 Day 2. So, I walked and ran, although the running was about 6 minutes spread over 28 minutes. Yet, it was enough for me at the moment.

Wishing everyone a great day !!

Mall Walking

Winter has taken hold of Central Indiana. Yesterday, during lunch, there was a rain/snow mix. That made it impossible to get in my two mile walk lunch time walk. I suppose I could have walked in the rain and snow, but I elected not to, since I did not want to sit in an office chair the remainder of the day in wet khakis.

So, I went to the mall.

The Simon Mall in Greenwood, Indiana is a huge complex. There must be a hundred stores (but I’ve haven’t counted). This mall is enclosed, so it protects the shopper from the elements. And, in my case, a lunch time walker from the elements.

It was important to get in some sort of exercise during my lunch break. So, walking inside the mall seemed the best alternative to walking outside in the rain or snow. I walked for 35 minutes. I probably covered about a 1¾.

I haven’t been inside that mall in a very long time. However, in the past, I’ve spent my share of time and money at that mall. I found it interesting to walk past stores that my wife (ex) shopped at frequently. I also found it interesting there were many young mothers pushing baby strollers and older couples walking hand in hand. I did find it refreshing to walking inside the mall and walk out without spending any money.

Calories on Monday March 13, 2017

I concluded the day with 1,241 calories. I had a Slim Fast for breakfast. I skipped the Slim Fast for lunch because I was rushing to and from the mall in the limited time I have for lunch. I had a salad with chunk chicken for dinner. I finished the day with two yogurts.

Exercise on Monday March 13, 2017

At the mall, I walked for 35 minutes and probably covered 1¾ miles. In the evening, I walked around the neighborhood for 65 minutes for probably 3¼ miles. So, in total, I got in at least 5 miles, or 100 minutes of walking.

Wishing every a great day !!

The Tenth Week


Yay. A weight loss. 3.1 pounds from last week.

This is the tenth week of my current weight loss effort. I’ve lost 28 pounds thus far. The starting weight was 199.8 and the current weight is 171.8 (199.8 – 171.8 = 28). The average weight loss is 2.8 pounds per week. I’ve read the sustainable weight loss should be 1 – 2 pounds per week. This means I’m on the higher end of the range.

My BMI is 27.3, which is still in the overweight spectrum. But, I am at the midpoint of the overweight spectrum. Which means that I’m moving closer to the goal of a normal BMI.

I enter the normal BMI range at 154 pounds. So, I still have 17.8 pounds to go before I become ‘normal’.

I’ve surpassed my 25 pound mini goal. Yay! I can now dust of the twenty-five pound dumbbell that I bought the last time I lost twenty-five pounds. I used the dumb bell as a visual aid to motivate me to keep the weight off. Unfortunately, it didn’t work that time. Hopefully, this time, it will work.

Calories for the Week of March 6 – 12, 2017

  • Monday 3/6 : 1,326
  • Tuesday 3/7 : 1,221
  • Wednesday 3/8 : 1,486
  • Thursday 3/9 : 1,518
  • Friday 3/10 : 1,588
  • Saturday 3/11 : 1,352
  • Sunday 3/12 : 1,565

Total Calories for the week : 10,056, Average daily calories : 1,436. Thankfully, I was under the daily target of 1,610 calories all seven days. That is the first time I’ve stayed under the daily target all seven days. Usually I exceed the daily target at least once or twice during the week.

Exercise for the Week of March 6 – 12, 2017

  • Monday 3/6 : 5 miles
  • Tuesday 3/7 : 5 miles
  • Wednesday 3/8 : 5 miles
  • Thursday 3/9 : 2 miles
  • Friday 3/10 : 7 miles
  • Saturday 3/11 : 3 miles
  • Sunday 3/12 : 3 miles

Wow !! 30 walking/running miles for the week. This number may be a new high for this weight loss effort. I exercised every day. On Friday 3/10 I walked/ran seven total miles, 3 miles walking in the morning and four miles in the evening. On that day I worked through the Week 1 Day 1 workout from the C25K program. On Sunday (3/12) I did the Week 1 Day 2 workout.

The Weekend (March 10 – 12)

The eating over the weekend was kept in tight control. There was a salad for Friday night dinner. On Saturday night, I had a smothered chicken burrito from Chili’s for 1,080 calories. I was able to stay under the daily target by not eating lunch that day. On Sunday evening, I had two chicken enchiladas with rice for about 910 calories total. And again, I skipped lunch since I knew dinner had the potential to be calorie heavy.

Saturday and Sunday dinners were social events. So, the possibility of heavy calories was present. But, thankfully, I was able to keep things in check. At the Saturday night dinner, I wanted to order a beer, especially an IPA since the restaurant (Chili’s) promoted their craft beer offerings. But, they only offered two ‘craft’ beers, the Cream Ale from Sunking and a beer from Yuengling. Sunking could be a craft beer but I wouldn’t define Yuengling as a craft beer. I think Chili’s is trying to ride the ‘craft’ beer wave without offering any true craft beers.

Instead, I drank a diet Coke.

Sunday afternoon, I had a Zombie Dust for 190 calories. That was the only beer I had for the week.

Random Photo

I was able to hang a few paintings over the weekend. These are two paintings I hung over the weekend in the kitchen.

Two paintings hanging in the kitchen. Photo taken on March 13, 2017 at 7:00am.

Two paintings hanging in the kitchen. Photo taken on March 13, 2017 at 7:00am.

Wishing everyone a great week !