Lost The Auction

Yesterday, I shared how I stumbled onto an original oil painting that I needed to own. It was selling on eBay and I placed a bid and eventually won the auction. I also tuned into two other original paintings created by the same artist that I also wanted to own. So I placed bids in those auctions.

The euphoria from winning the first auction was a pleasant rush. And so, I wanted to feel that rush again and win the next two auctions.

However, I was outbid in both auctions.

Since I wasn’t monitoring in real time I didn’t realize I was outbid in both auctions until I turned on the computer this morning and read the emails. By then the auctions had ended.


This could be a learning experience. If I continue with eBay auction, maybe I should download the eBay app and monitor auctions over the phone when I’m not in front of a computer.  Or maybe I should have a better ‘maximum bid’ strategy. Or maybe I shouldn’t get all worked up for the resulting rush of winning an auction.

Googly Pet

I did receive a package in the mail yesterday. It was a Googly Pet. I bought this happy little creature from Amazon. How can you not smile with this squishy hairy lion!

A Googly Pet arrived in the mail on March 28, 2017, from Amazon.

A Googly Pet arrived in the mail on March 28, 2017, from Amazon.

Calories for Tuesday March 28, 2017

I ended the day at 1,851 calories. That is 241 calories above my 1,610 calorie target. I had the usual Slim Fast shake for breakfast, a protein bar for lunch, a rather large glass of Samuel Adams Rebel IPA (on tap) and a rather large grilled chicken salad for dinner.

The beer was 396 calories for its 24 ounces of mental and hoppy goodness. If I only had 12 ounces of the Rebel IPA the calories would have been only 198. Even so, I still would have been over my daily target. In this case, the only way I could have stayed under the daily target would to have cut out the beer entirely and choose a calorie free soft drink or water.

I did have 421 calories of exercise (from 100 minutes of walking) that could offset the 1,851 eating calories. Had I applied the exercise calories to the eating calories I would have been under the daily target by 180 calories. However, I choose not to ‘eat’ my exercise calories.

I did drink the beer, though.

Exercising This Morning

I started walking at 5:05 am (Wednesday 3/29). I walked a mile (one lap around the neighborhood) and then started the Week 2 Day 3 of the C25K program. I finished the ‘run’ (actually a run 90 seconds – walk 90 seconds – 3x) with an average pace of 14:14 with a total distance of 1.95 miles.

It was an enjoyable time. Quiet, warm at 54°F. Sort of gave me an energetic morning boost.

I’m looking forward to the day when I can run a 5K again.

Wishing everyone a great and happy day !!

New Hikers

I was up at 4:45 am this morning and out the door at 5:05 am for a 60 minute walk around the dark, foggy but slightly warm neighborhood. For that effort, I burned 256 early morning calories.

As I walked, I thought that maybe I should run. Or at least attempt to run. But, instead, I enjoyed the walk, listening to a John MacArthur sermon and then switching over to some music by Phil Wickman. I also heard early morning song birds, a sign of Spring.

Maybe I will try a run this evening. My next C25K workout is Week 2 Day 2.

Calories for Monday March 20, 2017

I ended the first day of Spring 2017 with 1,261 calories. That is 349 calories below my daily target. There was the usual Slim Fast shake for lunch and breakfast. And, a large salad with chunk chicken for dinner. I also indulged in a beer, a Zombie Dust pale ale. The beer added 190 calories to the board.

For exercise, I walked five miles; three in the evening after work and two during my lunch break. The effort burnt 426 calories.

New Hikers

I wear ‘hiking’ shoes at work. They go well with my khakis. Some people in the office wear typical dress shoes, some people where sneakers. Since I usually walk during lunch and after work, I walk in my ‘office hikers’. I don’t take a pair of running or walking shoes to change into when I do my walking.

Anyways, with all the walking I’ve done since January 1 the hiking shoes finally wore out. The tread was worn off, the uppers were dirty and it was time to buy a new pair.

So, I go to the local Shoe Carnival, where I bought my last pair of hikers. I quickly find a new pair of the same hikers, a Columbia brand, “Lakeview” model (YM-5143-231) for about $55. Actually, I got this pair for $28 since I also bought a pair of Merril Yokota Trail Ventilator hikers for about $75. I also bought some new socks to go along with the new hikers.

These hikers will be fine for my needs, in the office and walking around the fitness trail during lunch and after work.

Fresh pair of Columbia Lakeview Hikers bought on March 20, 2017 from Shoe Carnival.

Fresh pair of Columbia Lakeview Hikers bought on March 20, 2017 from Shoe Carnival.




March Goals

It is hard to believe that it is March 1, 2017. With the new month I thought I would outline a few goals I would like to see occur in March 2017.

  • Lose 6 pounds. My current weight is 176.5. I would like to be under 170.5 by March 31. My weight loss for February was about 8 pounds. So, I believe I can lose at least 6 pounds this month.
  • Complete the first week of the C25K program. I’ve worked through several C25K workouts since I started this weight loss effort on January 1, 2017. However, I haven’t been consistent. So, I have to restart with the Week 1 Day 1 workout whenever I feel like running. I really need to be consistent and devote more energy and effort to running. I want to continue to walk as exercise but need to add running into the mix. I believe I can devote at least 3 of my evening workouts to running and the C25K program a week.
  • Continue to track calories everyday. I’ve had great success in tracking calories with the My Fitness Pal app. What I’ve found is that tracking calories puts a limit on my eating. Even when I’ve exceeded my daily target, I am still aware of my calories and my limits.
  • Blog at least 5 times a week. I don’t know why but reading about other people’s weight loss and exercise efforts has motivated and helped me in my own weight loss and exercise efforts. And, when I write about my own effort something happens in my psyche that helps me to stay motivated.

I’m confident that I can do this. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way of my plans and objectives but hopefully I can overcome any future obstacles and stay motivated in my pursuit of weight loss and exercise.

I wish everyone great luck in their March 2017 goals.

7th Week Review

179.5 … a weight loss. I lost 1.6 pounds from last week. Yay! This is a real blessing as week number seven was not my best eating or exercise week.

I’ve lost 20.3 pounds since January 1, 2017. My average weekly weight loss is down to 2.9 pounds. Even though it wasn’t may best eating or exercise week, I’m still blessed with the weight loss.

I have a mini milestone of 25 pounds yet to strive for. Hopefully I will reach that sometime in mid March, if I keep on this trend.

Calories for February 13 – 19, 2017

  • Monday 2/13 : 1,181
  • Tuesday 2/14 : 1,450
  • Wednesday 2/15 : 1,325
  • Thursday 2/16 : 1,905
  • Friday 2/17 : 2,019
  • Saturday 2/18 : 880
  • Sunday 2/19 : 1,040

Total calories for the week : 9,800. Average per day : 1,400.

At least I was under the 1,610 daily target. But, the high days of Thursday (1,905) and Friday  (2,019) had the chance to derail the effort. On those days I felt a binge coming on.

The low day of Saturday (880 calories) helped to keep the daily average low. I intentionally kept the calories low on that day, having only two slices of pizza and a Zombie dust. Sunday was almost normal with a large dinner salad. Of course, I drank a lot of water during the day.

Friday night was a social event with dinner at an Italian restaurant in Greenwood. I had an entrée of spaghetti carbonara, which oh was so oh very good. I could only eat half at the restaurant but ate the other half later that night. There were two pale ale beers at that dinner as well and some bread.

My beer consumption for the week was four bottles. I believe that puts my total consumption for the month at six bottles. So, I already surpassed my consumption during January in the three weeks of February. Hopefully, this is not an emerging trend. Although, I will secretly admit that I do enjoyed the four bottles of beer this week.

Body Mass Index

My BMI is 29.0, which is in high end of the overweight range. Even with the 1.6 pound loss this week, I still have a long way to go. I still need to lose 25.5 pounds to get into the normal range of the BMI scale. If I lose on average 1.6 pounds a week, I may expect to enter the normal BMI range in 16 weeks.


My exercise was down this week to only 21 miles. I was able to exercise only on five of the seven days. The days that I couldn’t exercise was due to social obligations.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I believe the high was in the low 70’s, which is unbelievable for mid February in central Indiana. I walked on the fitness path at a local park. It was crowded. People were out on the trail, the basketball courts, the playground. It was great to see all those people.

There were several runners on the fitness trail. I had to fight back the urge to break into a run. Soon I will begin again the C25K program.

The north side of the park is bordered by a junk yard. The casual observer on the trail would not really notice as there are trees, hills and a wooden fence hiding it. But, this poor VW Beetle caught my eye. I had to ‘hike’ close to the fence to take a photo of the poor thing.

Poor Red VW Beetle on a pile of junk cars. Photo taken on Sunday, February 19, 2017 in Greenwood, Indiana.

Poor Red VW Beetle on a pile of junk cars. Photo taken on Sunday, February 19, 2017 in Greenwood, Indiana. Junk yard borders the north of Freedom park.

Non Scale Victories

I don’t really have any new non scale victories today. Unless, maintaining the victories I am already enjoying count.

  • I’m still on the fourth notch on the belt
  • I can still fit into my hiking pants – which I wore on Sunday to walk (hike) on the fitness trail.
  • My clothes are loose and fit better.
  • I have more energy to get me through the day.
  • My beer consumption is way down.
  • I am more aware of what I eat and how much I eat.
  • My blood pressure is down.
  • Digestion and prior stomach ills have all but disappeared.

Blood Pressure

This morning, my blood pressure was 117/81 with a resting heart rate of 64. The diastolic number is a little high for some reason.


I hope everyone has a great day and a great week. 🙂

Planet Fitness & Zombie Dust

Yesterday was a trying day. I had difficulty seeing the computer monitor, I felt tired and I was cold.

I managed to muddle through the work day. I’m not as productive as I want to be or need to be.

Planet Fitness

On a happy note, I made it to Planet Fitness for a second day. Wow. Two days in a row. I waited until the work day was over. I had some anxiety as I walked into the facility as it was packed full of people. Every treadmill, elliptical, stationary bicycle and most other machines were taken.

I don’t really want to wait for a treadmill. I could be walking or running outside instead of waiting. But, thankfully, a treadmill opened up once I walked out of the locker room.

But as I walked and ran (yes — I ran !!) I noticed the rotation of people completing their treadmill workout and walking away from a treadmill and then new people climbing aboard the same treadmill to start their workout was really swift and continuous. So, my fear of waiting hours for a treadmill to open up was unfounded.

I spent 60 minutes on the treadmill. During the 60 minutes, I worked through the C25K program, Week 1 Day 1. It was an interval workout consisting of running for 45 seconds and walking for 90 seconds and then running for 45 seconds and walking for 60 second. This sequence is repeated five times and sandwiched between 5 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cool down.

It was a good workout. Although, I am really, really, really out of shape because the few seconds of running were difficult.

After the treadmill, I did the stair machine for a hundred stairs and then some shoulder and chest work on the machine.

I was there for about ninety minutes.

Results of my treadmill workout at Planet Fitness on January 30, 2017.

Results of my treadmill workout at Planet Fitness on January 30, 2017.


I finished the day at 1,400 calories. I had the Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch and a large grilled chicken salad for dinner. No snacks but plenty of water.

Also, to celebrate my weight loss from last week, I had one Zombie Duct Pale Ale. And, oh, was it so good! I limited the drinking to just one beer last night. So, my total beer consumption for January 2017 was 5 bottles. In contrast, before I started this weight loss effort, my usual daily consumption is about 3-5 bottles daily.

Blood Pressure

Wow. I believe this morning’s blood pressure was the lowest I have ever seen it … 109/71 with a resting heart rate of 71.

Wishing everyone a great day!

Welcome Twenty Sixteen

Welcome to 2016. Happy New Year.

When I awoke this morning the sun was bright and I felt a glimpse of hope and assurance and warmth. However, the grey overcast has rolled in and everything is cast of shadows of grey and cold.

Hopefully the sun and warmth will come back.

I ran 6.2 miles yesterday, on New Years Eve. My goal was to go for 5 miles but my ego wanted to finish out the year and month with a 10K. My total time was 1:01:00 for an average pace of 9:49. Not too bad for an overweight old man on a cold blustery New Years eve.

And, it is hard to image that on June 22, 2015, just over six months ago, I could hardly run for 90 seconds at a time. At that time, I couldn’t image running a 10K.

I was asked what are my resolutions for Twenty Sixteen. I thought I would list them here. Maybe on December 31, 2016 we can look back and see how successful I am in following through.

  • Write a short story.
  • Lose weight to the 155 pound goal
  • Run 2 mini marathons and maybe a third
  • Run in a staged event every month
  • Continue working on new drip paintings

That would pretty much conclude the list. I know it isn’t extensive but it’s good enough for me. Of course, I will continue to work on other things that could be put on the list.

  • Pay down the debt load … I paid off two loans this year (the boat and Jacob’s dental work but still have much more debt.
  • Keep a better attitude at work … I can’t pay down the debt if I don’t have a job so I better start watching my attitude and mouth before they show me the door.
  • Stay out of the crippling depression … which mingles its tentacles throughout my bad attitude at work.
  • Keep running and exercising, maybe going back to the gym for resistance training … exercise certainly does help the bad attitudes.
  • Maybe jump into a Zumba or Cross Fit class … that would be fun!
  • Brush my teeth every day (I do that anyways but just wanted to mention it)
  • Buy new running shoes.

Hopefully I will start Twenty Sixteen with a run. But, last night’s celebration is still with me. I suppose if I was a real runner I wouldn’t have indulged in last night’s celebration and would be reporting a new PR in a New Year’s Resolution Run and posting swag photos. I suppose that is why I’m not a real runner.

But, anyways, I sending new year wishes to everyone for a blessed, improving and progressing Twenty Sixteen.




Yay !!!! Down 3.8 pounds from last week. Finally. A weight loss. Yes. Finally. After weeks of holding steady and gaining weight, I finally lost some weight. Yay!

And, it’s a new low. I haven’t been at 174.7 on this effort. Yay! I hope this continues.

I am ever so thankful for a weight loss. I was extremely discouraged last week when I jump up to 178.5. I thought that there was no way I would ever get below the magical 25 pound mark at 175.7.

Celebrate with me! Yay! I finally lost 25 pounds since I started this weight loss effort back on June 25, 2015. That is 21 weeks, or 147 days. The 25 pound mark was my first milestone. My second milestone is the next 20 pounds.

Actually, my total weight loss since June 25 is now 26 pounds!! Double Yay! The average weekly weight loss is 1.2 pounds. This really helps my perspective since I was so discouraged last week.

And now, I can buy the 25 Pound Trophy.

Although, I still have a long way to go. My BMI is 28.2. I’m still in the higher end of the overweight range. I have 19.7 pounds to go before I reach my goal of 155. At 155 pounds, my BMI will be 24.9, which is a normal weight.

My eating was in better control last week. Although I did indulge in two donuts and a slice of birthday cake. Otherwise, it was in control. I’m also switching from Subway for dinner almost every night to just a bowl of soup. Not that I’m tired of Subway as it is so convenient but I really need to switch things up. The Campbell’s chunky soups are good with a few unsalted crackers. It’s enough for me.

Last night I finished the C25K program. I ran the 30 minute workout of Week 8 Day 3 without stopping. I walked the warm up and cool down. After the workout I did two of my sprints (a hundred yard dash). I hope that helps with my pace. I had a little running streak going for 3 days. I won’t be able to run this evening as all the kids and grand kids are coming over for dinner.

Thanks to everyone for their support and good wishes!


Week 8 Day 2

Ah … Week 8 Day 2. C25K. The second to last run. 28 minutes. No walking in those 28 minutes. Warm up with a 5 minute brisk walk and then run 28 minutes straight. Cool down with a 5 minute walk.

Yay …. !! 28 minutes later I was still running and ran though the 5 minutes cool down for a total of 32 minutes. How cool. How refreshing. What a high.

My Monday at work was long and slow. Arduous. Tedious. I was not able to run or exercise at all over the weekend. I helped my older brother move into his new house. Lots of boxes to carry and furniture to move. It was exercise at it’s best. Strength training and stair mastering at the same time. I was absolutely beat by Sunday evening. Come Monday evening I was missing the running’s high and needed to run. Even though I was still sore and hurting when I left for work, I still wanted to run.

At home, it was dark and raining. But I ran anyways. I ran through Week 8 Day 2 of the C25K program in the rain and darkness. It was great. It was perfect. The runner’s high came back. I felt energized. For the 38 minute workout, including walking, my total distance was 3.51 miles at a pace of 10:52. Wow … I believe this was my best C25K run so far.


Friday Night Long Run

I won’t be able to do any exercise tomorrow, Saturday 11/14. So, I took opportunity to get in a long run this evening (Friday 11/13). I got in 4.77 miles in 52:23 minutes. My pace for the total 4.77 miles was 10:58. Yay!

I made 3.5 miles without walking. My total time for that segment was 36:33 for a pace of 10:26. I started walking and running intervals at that point until I made the 4.77 distance.

It was a great run. Felt strong for most of the run. About 4 miles into the workout, my daughter and ex-wife called. Nothing serious was going on with them but I got ‘spooked’ when they called one after another. Their calls were unrelated to each other but I wanted to call back right away. So, I stopped to talk with them for a few minutes. I resumed running/walking after talking.

I will continue Week 8 Day 2 of the C25K program on Sunday.

Yay !!!!

Week 8 Day 1

I wasn’t worth much during the afternoon at work. I got side tracked on a project that didn’t capture my interest. I just moved through the motions, sluggish, kind of depressed  and didn’t give it my all. I realized what was really happening was I had lost my runner’s high from Monday evening!

Believe it or not, it was still day light outside when I got home from work. So, I quickly changed clothes, warmed up, did push ups and got outside. A lovely evening with warm temperatures to recapture the runner’s high.

The daylight didn’t last long. Half way into the workout the daylight faded and darkness quickly took over. But I ran on. The workout called for a 25 minute run without any walking intervals. But, I decided to run until the C25K app said the workout was over, which as about 30 minutes. The total distance was 3.18 miles for a 11:00 pace.

After I walk for a few minutes, I ran two of my ‘speed’ workouts. It’s my attempt to get faster. I believe the speed work distance is about hundred yards and I just run as fast as I can for that distance. I did it twice. My hamstrings were talking after the second round.

I got back the runner’s high and feeling good. Hopefully, I will feel a lot better in the morning (Thursday 11/12) when I weight in. Hopefully there is a weight loss waiting for me. I should double my effort at work to make up for the slacking I did this afternoon.