My 2021 Indiana State Park Pass

I bought a 2021 Indiana State Park Pass. It cost $50. In my pedantic thinking, I will need to visit an Indiana state part at least 8 times in 2021 to recover the $50 cost. Assuming, of course, the average entrance fee is $7 for In-State Residents. Out of State people are given a $2 penalty.

An iPhone 7 photo of the 2021 Indiana Annual Entrance Permit. Photo taken by Dave O
An iPhone 7 photo of the 2021 Indiana Annual Entrance Permit. Photo taken by Dave O.

If I gather enough energy and motivation and exceed the required 8 visit quota, then the average cost of each visit declines. So, I am therefore motivated to exceed the required 8 visit quota.

At one time in my recent life, I vowed to hike every marked trail in every Indiana state park. I bought an Indiana State Park Pass at that time. In my excitement, I drove two hours south to Spring Mill State Park. Due to my perpetual out-of-shape condition I could not hike every marked trail in that park. I realized I would need to visit the same park several times to hike every trail. And, in my pedantic thinking, expenses, costs, time requirements increased exponentially and I gave up on that quest.

Maybe I will pick up that quest again. Maybe this time I will understand that fulfilling such an epic quest might not be achieved in a single year under the purchase of a single Indiana State Park pass.

If you are interested, this page lists all the entrance fees for Indiana Department of Natural Resources properties.

The Summit of Indiana

In my past life I craved the experience of standing at the summit of Mount Everest. As such, I read all that I could about trekking to the top of the world, what I would need to sacrifice to train my mind and body to achieve such a feat, the monetary price that I would need to pay. This was in the mid 1990’s. Even though I was in awful shape and knew that I would probably never ever make that kind of trip, the lure of the highest point on the planet still held its grip on my psyche.

But as with most of those kinds of intense passions, it faded over the years. Obligations of family and job took priority. Although I still have an interest in the lore of Mount Everest, my trekking is done from an arm chair in front of a large screen plasma television.

Maybe not as glorious of summiting Mount Everest, I have summited the top of Indiana. On July 4, 2019 I dragged my ass out of the arm chair, programmed the GPS and drove north of Richmond Indiana to find the Indiana High Point. Located off a rural back road, I parked in a gravel lot next to a corn field and walked the twenty feet into a wooded area and stood at the top of Indiana.

During my Everest mania I read Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air”. In that book, he related that he stood at the top of the world for maybe ten minutes, maybe fifteen at the longest (if I remember correctly). In order words, he didn’t break out the grill and cook the brats while he was on top of the world. He didn’t buy a post card at the gift shop either. If fact, there was no register book he needed to sign to prove he was there. He simply climbed up, looked around, and walked back down.

My experience was similar while I stood at the top of Indiana. Although I did sign the register to prove I was there, essentially I walked to the submit, looked around, took a few photos, walked back to the car and drove away.

The Indiana high point is called ‘Hoosier Hill’ and commands its own wiki page for everyone’s informational enjoyment.

Hoosier Hill on July 4, 2019. At 1,257 feet above sea level, it is the highest point in Indiana. Awful photo by Dave O.

Since my dream of standing on Everest is probably never going to happed (unless I want to be the oldest twice divorced overweight high BMI high blood pressure high cholesterol father of four to not make it to the summit) I could make an effort to stand on top of all 50 high points in the United States. The Highpointers Club exists to encourage and help people like me to do just that.

Early Morning

This morning, I was up at 4:35 am. The alarm goes off at 4:30 am each work day. This alarm setting is a hold-over from the time (feels like so long ago) when I routinely was up at 4:30 am to prepare to get to Planet Fitness to workout. In those days, I ran on the treadmill and pushed around some weight.

These days, I still wake up when the alarm goes off at 4:30 am. Usually, I wake up to turn off the alarm and then immediately fall back asleep. I sleep until the next alarm goes off at 6:05 am. The 6:05 alarm is the time I need to get up and get ready for work.

However, this morning was different. The 4:30 alarm went off and I woke up to turn it off. Yet, I stayed up. And, I decided to take a walk.

So, I did. I walked around the neighborhood for 60 minutes. That equates to about 3 miles. I started the walk at 5:05 am and ended at 6:05 am, just in time to turn off the alarm.

Hopefully, maybe, this will jump start a new exercise time, where I exercise in the morning instead of after work. This would be advantageous since I could use the time in the evening for yard and outside work when the weather brings warmer temperatures.

Honestly, I prefer the morning workouts. However, I just haven’t disciplined myself to get up at the 4:30 alarm. Maybe things will change. I want to start the C25K program soon and it will be a good time to get back in the habit of morning workouts.

March 6, 2017 Eating Calories

I ended the day at 1,221 calories. That is 389 calories below the target of 1,610. Maybe that number is too low? I don’t know. My dinner salad was lower in calories than usual at about 700. I had the usual Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch. There was a yogurt for a snack.

March 6, 2017 Exercise Calories

I was able to get in the five walking miles for the day: two miles at lunch and three miles after work. The walking effort burned 435 calories.

Blood Pressure

This morning, my blood pressure was 110/72 with a resting heart rate of 58. And, this was after the 3 mile walk. I would have expected the heart rate to be higher. But, 58 is the lowest heart rate I’ve seen it for almost two years.

Random Photo

This photo is from my June 2015 trip to Colorado. I was on the Whitney Lake trail and entering a groove of aspen trees. This hike was wonderful. However, I was totally out of shape at the time and due to the elevation, the incline, my lack of fitness and the snow pack, I was unable to make it to Whitney Lake, which was about 2.4 miles from the trail head. One day I will return and complete the hike.

Entering an Aspen Grove along the Whitney Lake Trail, Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado.

Entering an Aspen Grove along the Whitney Lake Trail, White River National Forest – Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado. June 16, 2015.

Wishing everyone a great day !

Sixth Week Review

181.1  There was a 1.2 pound weight loss this week. I feel blessed and lucky to have any kind of weight loss this week as it wasn’t my best eating week since I started this weight loss effort.

I’ve lost 18.7 pounds since January 1, 2017. Even with the low loss this week, my weekly average is 3.11 pounds. I guess that isn’t too bad. To double-check: I started on January 1 at 199.8 pounds. Now I weight 181.1 pounds. That is a loss of 18.7 pounds, 199.8 – 181.1. I’ve been at this for six weeks, 18.7 / 6 = 3.11.

My original intent was to lose only 1 pound per week on average. The current average is 3.11 pounds. I’m encouraged by that. And, far ahead of my original plan.

Calories for the Week of February 6 – 12, 2017.

  • Monday 2/6 : 1,536
  • Tuesday 2/7 : 1,195
  • Wednesday 2/8 : 1,412
  • Thursday 2/9 : 1,535
  • Friday 2/10 : 2,557
  • Saturday 2/11 : 1,654
  • Sunday 2/12 : 1,005

Total Calories : 10,804. The daily averages was 1,543.

The was two days (Friday & Saturday) I went over the target of 1,610. Friday was a mega overload with 947 calories beyond the target. On that night, there was a dinner of a fried crispy chicken sandwich and tater tots and two slices of sausage pizza. Plus a lunch of a cashew chicken salad. It was a heavy eating day. I had some stomach issues after the pizza. After all that eating I felt a binge coming on late Friday night. Thankfully, I feel asleep before I could wreck even further the calorie count.

Saturday was a little better. However, there was a giant cupcake waiting for me at the end of the day, which I could not resist. The cupcake, which was so good threw me over the target.

Most of the week was spent near the target. Monday and Thursday eating was close enough. There was birthday cake and ice cream on Thursday.

Sunday was the lowest day with only 1,005 calories. But I intentionally limited the eating as to not unduly influence the weigh in number this morning.

Exercise for the Week of February 6 – 12, 2017.

I exercised six days of the week. Friday was the only day I wasn’t able to exercise. I walked 23 miles over the week. I guess that is not too bad. However, I only climbed onto the Max Trainer once. And, I did not run at all. I did not even attempt to run at all this week.

The highlight of the week in regards to exercise came on Saturday, 2/11. It was such a warm day for mid February in central Indiana with temperatures in the low 70’s. I took advantage of this unseasonable warmth and drove to the Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis.

Other people had the same idea as the park was crowded with hikers, walkers, runners and cyclists. There was even a long line at the gate to get into the park. And there was even a longer line at the gate when I left. I hiked the Lawrence Creek trail for about 3.7 miles. It was a muddy trail. But, otherwise, it was a good time to be outside.

Walnut Trailhead of the Lawrence Creek Trail.

Walnut Trailhead of the Lawrence Creek Trail. Photo taken on February 11, 2017.

Non Scale Victories

There were two NSVs this week.

The first was when I was able to comfortably move to a tighter notch on the belt. That means there has been some loss of circumference around the mid section.

The second was when I tried on a pair of hiking pants. I bought this pair almost two years ago. I bought them for my June 2015 trip to Colorado. The pants were too tight when I bought them. I could squeeze into them. It was uncomfortable but bearable. The pair was a large size but the extra large was too big. Even though the pair was too tight, I bought them anyways. I only wore the pant once during the trip. They have been in the closet ever since.

When I decided to drive to the park on Saturday afternoon to hike I tried on the hiking pants to see if I could fit into them. And, I could. And, I could comfortably. Wow. What a rush of satisfaction.

Other Things

This morning, my blood pressure was 113/75 with a resting heart rate of 60. Wow. That is a great number for me.

I had only two beers last week. One on Monday 2/6 and one on Friday 2/11. That brings my total to 3 beers for the month.

On Sunday afternoon, I worked on stretching my final painting. Now, all the paintings I’ve done since August 2016 are now stretched and ready to hang or give away. I also built two frames for future paintings. During the time I spent in the workshop I really wanted to drink some beer. In the past, a Sunday afternoon would have been spent working in the workshop and drinking beer. However, since I am trying to lose weight, drinking beer in the same quantities as before is just not conducive. It was hard to say no, especially when I had already believed I’ve wrecked the weight loss effort for the week with all the overeating on Friday and Saturday. Thankfully, I stayed the course and did not have any beer.

Wishing everyone a great day and a great week.

Over The Weekend and a Weigh-In

184.6 pounds. Yay … weight loss. The month of January was good to me in regards to weight loss. 15.3 pounds in total.

Friday Night

I was worried about this morning’s weigh-in due to the Friday evening dinner where I slipped into a slight binge. For some reason, I ordered a plate of onion rings as an appetizer. Oh my, were they so good! For the meal, I ordered a small salad and a turkey wrap. Both were good. But, I regretted eating all that food.

Afterwards, I felt extremely stuffed. Uncomfortably stuffed, bloated, overweight. I have not felt that way since I started this weight loss effort.

We went to Chedders, a local chain restaurant. I would have believed a large dinner salad would have been on the menu and would have limited my selection to that. But I couldn’t find one. So I choose the small side salad and turkey wrap combo as it seemed the only reasonable thing to order if I wanted to stay under my calorie target.

It seems a mystery why I ordered the plate of onion rings?

In hind sight, I should have suggested that we have dinner at the local Steak N Shake, where I know they have a dinner salad.

My calories for Friday was 2,172. Well above my target of 1,610.


There was sunshine mid morning on Saturday 1/28. Most of January has been dull, dark, gray, overcast. Hardly any sunshine. I thought that sunshine would make a hike at the Fort Harrison State Park a joy, so that is what I did. I hiked about 4 miles. It was a great time, in spite of the cold and the dark gray overcast which had hidden the sunshine that excited me to hike in the park in the first place.

A Week of Calories

  • Monday, 1/23 : 1,625
  • Tuesday, 1/24 : 1,040
  • Wednesday, 1/25 : 1,100
  • Thursday, 1/26 : 1,190
  • Friday, 1/27 : 2,172
  • Saturday, 1/28 : 1,508
  • Sunday, 1/29 : 1,225

My average daily calories was 1,408. That is about 200 calories under my target of 1,610. I was under the target on 5 days, with the lowest being Wednesday. The high was on Friday.

On Saturday evening, I felt a binge coming on. To counter the approaching binge, I carefully track a few snacks (popcorn and a protein drink) and just willed myself to stop eating when I hit the 1,508 mark, as I wanted to stay below the 1,610 target. The tracking helped to convince myself that I need to just stop eating that night.


I exercised every day. Walked 21 miles over the week. Wow! I walked 4 miles on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Double wow. What a number.

Saturday I ‘hiked’ through the Fort Harrison State Park. On Sunday, I actually made it to Planet Fitness and walked 3 miles on the treadmill. I ended the workout with a blister on my right ankle. Very odd.

In addition to the walking, I had two workouts on the Max Trainer, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I would like to introduce some running into the exercise program. Hopefully I can do that this week.



In an effort to stay busy over the weekend so I would not overeat from boredom or inactivity, I built a 7.5′ x 4′ stretcher frame, stretched a painted canvas and hung it.

I had a painting that I completed in August 2016. I had rolled it up and almost forgot about it. So when I was looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon, I thought I would build a frame and stretch the painting.

Thankfully, there was enough canvas to hang on one of the walls in the dinning room, above the buffet. It was an empty wall and needed something on it.

After a quick trip to Lowes to buy the supplies, I had the frame built. It took a while to stretch the canvas as I am still new to this process and still learning from trial and error. I eventually got the painting stretch and was happy with it. I then hung it on the wall in the dinning room.

I was happy with the result.

There is some canvas left over from the original painting, enough for several smaller frames. I will work on those this week.

Untitled Painting

Untitled Painting … built the frame, stretched the canvas and hung it in dining room on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Blood Pressure

This morning my blood pressure was 114/76 with a resting heart rate of 65. Could that be normal?

Happy week to everyone.

Return to Colorado

I work as a graphic designer, web programmer slash front end designer, photographer and general illustrative person for a small midwest manufacturer. I’ve been in this position since 1998 but been with the company since 1992.

Not very often are there ‘kudos’ for a good job. You might hear about a bad job. Kudos, good and bad, do come at times, thankfully. But since there are no quarterly or yearly evaluations I never know if I’m doing as expected or if I’m doing great or if I need to improve in some area or if they are planning to show me the door. And with the new ownership change, not knowing can play havoc inside my head.

However, two recent comments made by the some of the new owners kind of took me by surprise.

The first comment, made directly to me and about me and made by Owner #1, concerned my lack of use of ‘vacation time’. Just a comment, no “you did bad by not taking all of it” nor “you did good by not taking all of it and being at work”.

The second comment, spoken in an expressive tone loud enough for all to hear expressed Owner #5’s point of view as to “WHY anyone in their right mind WOULDN’T take ALL of their VACATION TIME”.

I thought there are several reasons why someone wouldn’t take all their vacation time. In this company, vacation time is earned, not given. Therefore, it’s pay. Some people, like me, can use the nice ‘bonus’ at the end of the year to pay bills, debt, kid’s tuition, etc. Other people, also like me, just don’t know where to go on vacation nor have the cash to go. Other people, like me, use vacation time to work around the house or wait for the cable guy between the hours of 8 – 4.

I’ve used 7 days of my 15 days of total 2015 ‘vacation’. Five days were taken to drive to Colorado and hike and explore. Two days were spent hiking around some state parks and going to a doctor’s appointment. I did have other vacation scheduled but those days were delayed and then rescinded due to work and other conflicts.

There are five new owners at the company. Maybe they want people to take vacation time for good employee morale or accounting or other reasons. Probably for accounting reasons since vacation time is not accrued from year to year. They cut a check for unused vacation time at the end of the year. So, if you don’t take two weeks of vacation then you get a ‘bonus’ (not really a bonus but you understand my drift) of two extra weeks of pay.

So they are encouraging people to take their vacation. At least that is what I’m hearing. I wouldn’t want the new owners, particular Owner #5, to think I’m somewhat deficient in person or spirit because I didn’t take all of my earned vacation time.

Took this photo in 2015 during my Colorado 2015 vacation.

Took this photo in 2015 during my Colorado 2015 vacation.

So, I’m now planning some vacation time for late July, 2016. And, I’m going to Leadville Colorado and going to run on the Mineral Belt National Historic Trail. It is an 11.6 mile paved fitness trail that winds through and around Leadville.

How cool. It is cool!

I should be in shape to run the total distance by late July. I have two mini marathons scheduled for May and June 2016. So, I should be trained up for 11.6 miles. However, the elevation may offer a challenge, as Leadville is at 10,152 feet in the Colorado Rockies and is the second highest incorporated municipality in the United States.

Most, if not all, of my running and training is in the low lands of the midwest. So it may be a challenge to run at that altitude but it’s a challenge that I’m now looking forward to!

I plan to stay at a campground in Leadville or close by. I also plan to complete the Whitney Lake hike during this trip. In June 2015, on my first attempt at Whitney Lake, I turned back about a half mile from the lake because of deep snow and not really being prepared physically, as I was overweight and out of shape at that time. That hike, and that trip to Colorado in general, gave me the motive and impetuous to get back in shape.

I drove through Leadville on my 2015 Colorado trip. For the 2016 trip, I plan to linger in Leadville, take in some of the local craft brew and color and hike around the San Isabel National Forest.

Leadville is kind of a mecca for running. It hosts an entire series of races, from a 10K to the famous Leadville 100 ultra trail marathon. Here’s a link to their web site.

At least I have something on the 2016 vacation schedule. Hopefully that will make some people happy. However, I’m sure the plans will change and morph along the way before July 2016. Until then, I have something to look forward to and train for.

Still Caught in the Flu

So, it’s been a week since this flu/cold took ahold of me. It was hard at the start with the delirium and fever and crushing body aches. It then transitioned into a head cold with the stuffy nose and chest congestion.

Thankfully, I have a few days off from work this week. Although I would rather spend my vacation days doing something else besides dragging along this flu/cold.

Even though I haven’t been able to run, I did get away to some slow hiking at McCormick’s Creek State park yesterday. It was only a few miles but does count toward my Epic Quest to hike all Indiana state park trails. This flu/cold limited my ability and motivation to go further than a few miles. It was a great weather day, bright sun with mild temperatures. Even with a flu/cold it was great to be outside.

The two trails I walked on would be great for trail running. I really need to look into that. Combine two things I really enjoy … hiking and running.

I’m a slow hiker. At least now I’m a slow hiker. In my youth I was only interested in the distance and time. Now, in my mid to old age, I’m more interested in the trail itself, what it offers, what to look at. So, with camera in hand, I tend to stop every so often to take photos. So, I’m not a very fast hiker.

Interesting note … about 25 years ago I came to this park with a friend. We both were (still are … by the way) overweight and sluggish in our fitness. While walking a trail in the park a trail runner passed us by. We marveled at the guy’s fitness and ability to run the trail. That was my first introduction to trail running. I thought at that time what fun it would be to run on the trails.


Another … It’s Been A While

Note …. It appears that I wrote this post on March 30, 2015 but never published it (?). I’ve lost connection with the WordPress Admin as of late and just discovered it. This post goes deeper into some of the topics I touched on yesterday. So, I thought I would post it.


So … What have I been doing lately. Anything new? Anything exciting?

Nope. Nadda. Nothing. Nothing of significance. Nothing of consequence. Nothing to be remembered for. Nothing.

Well …

I have worked on the house. I’ve fixed drywall issues in the kitchen. I added new outlets in the family room. Instead of taking out a sliding glass door I just covered it with drywall. On that task, I actually framed in a ‘mini’ wall to screw up the drywall over the door. The sliding glass door led out to the three season porch. In the porch, I just framed in a new wall. So, that sliding glass door is forever hidden, sandwiched between wooden studs and drywall. That sliding glass door wasn’t needed anyways. Another sliding glass door in the kitchen leads out to the porch. No need for two doors into a small porch.

Believe it or not, I’m the type that enjoys drywall work. Hanging drywall, finishing drywall, sanding drywall, painting drywall. So, in the momentum created by that project, I busted out the old windows in the porch and framed in new windows and a new door. Rewired some outlets and lights. Tore out the old baseboard and casing and putting in new.

Shortly after Nikki moved out I cleaned the attic and basement. I threw out trash and donated other stuff that she didn’t want and I didn’t want. I pretty much live in an empty house now.

I also painted the upstairs dormer. I scraped old paint, caulked, replaced a down spout, primed and top coated.

Last week, I had a doctor’s appointment. She scolded me for my weight gain. I’m over 200 lbs again. She told me to lose about 40 lbs. She told me to watch my salt intake because she didn’t like my blood pressure. She told me to exercise and lay off the beer. She explained that four beers a night (my usual) adds about 800 calories to my diet. Which  probably accounts for my weight gain.

I haven’t run a mile in a long time. I tried to restart the C25K program last month to get back in the swing … but it didn’t take.

My life … post Nikki … isn’t much to write about. I feel kind of lost. Don’t really have any direction right now. Alone and wondering. Haven’t amounted to much of anything. Unless you consider weight gain as an achievement.

However … I do have a dream.

I am dreaming about this Epic Quest. I was inspired by the story of Jonathan and Jennifer Riehl. They have driven to every county in the contiguous United States. They gave over nine years of effort to complete this epic quest. Here’s their story.

For my Epic Quest … I would like to hike every established trail in every Indiana State Park.

Not that this is a major Epic Quest that will exceed other challenges other people have done. It is simple hiking trails in Indiana State Parks. I’ve had other Epic Quests in my dreams.

  • Climb all of Colorado Fourteeners
  • Stand at every high point in the United States
  • Thru hike the Appalachian Trail

But,  it’s hard to do these epic quests when you need to maintain full-time employment to pay bills and debt.

However, something like hiking every trail in the Indiana State Parks is within reach. It would require weekend days and maybe some vacation days. The longest drive would be about 3 hours. I could even camp out at the parks if I wanted to stay overnight.

Too Cold

Right now … it’s -12F in Indianapolis with a -36F wind chill. Right now … it’s -6F in Barrow Alaska. So, Indianapolis and parts of the midwest are colder than places north of the arctic circle.

Just to contrast these temperatures … right now it is 30F in Anchorage. The weather man says this is the coldest it’s been in Indianapolis since 1994.

It is extremely too cold (for me) to run outside. And Planet Fitness is closed today because of the weather. In fact, most everything in central Indiana is closed due to the weather! Even the factory I work at is closed … and that is only the second time in 35 years it has closed due to weather.

hikeTheRockiesGraphicSo, I’m sitting at home thinking about what to do … and my thoughts drift to my adventurous ideal to hike up Longs Peak. It’s been on my bucket list for a while now but circumstances have never allowed it to transpire. Maybe this is the year!

Long’s Peak is a 14,259′ mountain peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is not a casual hike but an intense climb that takes over 12 hours to reach the summit and return. It is a 16 mile round trip hike that is not for the faint of heart as there are boulder fields to climb over and sheer cliffs to look down from and narrow ledges to navigate. Yet, many people do make it to the summit and maybe I’ll be one of those lucky ones.

I wouldn’t be able to make this trip until August, if at all. With about 7 months available to train and lose weight and get back in shape, maybe it can be an adventure for 2014.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article about Long’s Peak.

Tecumseh Trail Marathon

tecumseh-250About this time of the year (early December) I lament that I am not trained up, prepared for and ready to run in the Tecumseh Trail Marathon.

And this year is no exception.

Earlier this year, in January 2013, I ran a Quarter Trail Marathon. Although this race was only 6.55 miles, it gave me a great introduction to trail running. Trail running is similar to road running in some regards. But, it is really a different beast. Running on a trail you have to jump and hop over tree roots, rocks and fallen trees and whatever else there is on the trail. You need to skip across creeks and most likely your shoes and your clothes will be soaked. Depending on the weather, you can get muddy, wet or sun burned. And the hills can be short and steep and long and steep.

After running the Quarter Marathon, I thought that I could train for the Tecumseh Marathon. I intended to spend the next few months running on trails to build endurance and stamina. I thought that this year, 2013 will be my year for the Tecumseh.

Other than the Quarter Marathon, I only ran on a trail system one other time during the year. On that occasion, I planed a 6 mile route. But I bailed out after a few miles when I crossed a road and then walked and ran on the road back to the car. Those few miles on the trail was enough for me on that day.

Although there are many trail marathons to choose from, the Tecumseh Trail Marathon holds my affection. I’ve never entered the marathon but I have hiked several sections of the trail. The northern terminus of trail is in Morgan Monroe State Forest. In my younger days, I’ve backpacked through the forest. The trail winds through Yellowwood State Forest and ends near Morgan Monroe Reservoir. The Trail is over 40 miles in length but the Marathon only uses 26.2 miles of it.

A section of the Trail that runs through Yellowwood is close by some property my family owns. I’ve hiked from the property through Yellowwood to the Tecumseh bridge many times. And every time I’ve done that hike I’ve always thought how cool it would be to run the marathon on the trail. I say to myself that “this year is the year I run the Tecumseh”

However, even if I had trained for the marathon, winter storm Cleon had different intentions. This year the winter storm dumped over 10 inches of snow and ice in Morgan, Brown and Monroe counties the day before forcing the promoters to cancel the event.

On Saturday, December 7, on the same day that the marathon was scheduled to stage, I drove my little 2000 Honda Civic through Brown County to check on the camper we park at Cordry Lake. The 10″ of heavy wet snow collapsed one side of the camper and the little Honda “almost” got stuck in a snow drift. Thankfully I was able to coax the car out of the drift and up the snow and ice-covered dirt road. I’ve been stuck at the lake several times in the snow and it’s not much fun to dig yourself out. I was lucky this time. Occasionally Morgan, Monroe and Brown Counties get a blanket a snow like what Cleon left. But, this on is a significant event and I understand why the promoters canceled the Marathon.

Still, it’s a bummer.

According to the web site the event may be staged at a later date. I didn’t register for this year’s marathon so I can’t participate even if the event is rescheduled. But, as I say every year, “There is always next year!” to run the Tecumseh.