Week 7 Complete

The C25K is a wonderful program. Week 7 Day 3 called for a 22 minute run followed by a 1 minute walk and then conclude the session with a 1 minute run. A total of a 23 minute run.

My first thought when I started the 22 minute run was that there is no way I could complete 22 minutes. However, the 22 minutes just flew by and I decided to run through the 1 minute walking interval and complete the 24 minute session without stopping to walk. Yay. A 24 minute run.

Seven weeks ago, when I restarted the C25K after my topple from the ladder resulting in the rib injury, I didn’t believe I could do it again.

Now, I believe almost anything is possible.

So, last night, my total distance for the workout was 2.89 miles and my pace was 11:48. Not too bad for an overweight middle age runner wannabe.

I ran through Week 7 Day 2 on Wednesday night (11/4). That workout was slow but I was able to make it through the 20 minutes ok. Although, at the end of the workout, I found some extra energy and thought I would do some ‘speed work’. I usually avoid that. Speed work sounds hard and not much fun. But, I thought I would give it a try just to see what happens. I estimated the distance between stop signs to be about 100 yards and ran as fast as I could. I did this twice and timed myself on the second try. I covered the distance in about 59 seconds. I don’t know if that is good or bad but it took a lot of effort and determination to keep up the pace for that distance. I should do this at least once a week. I read somewhere that speed work helps you run faster. Running faster is a goal so I should do this “speed work”.

Yay … Losing Weight


Yes !!  A loss of 2.2 pounds for the week. Not too bad. So far, a total of 8.6 pounds lost. My BMI is 31.0, which is still in the obese range, albeit on the lower end. I still have 37.1 pounds to lose, so I still have a long ways to go.

But I’m feeling great with lots of motivation. So, hopefully, I will continue on this path for a very long time.

I found this Weight Diary app on my phone. I must have downloaded it a while ago. It’s just a tracking app.  So, when I looked at it I discovered that my last weight loss effort was from December 2012 to March 2013. In that time I lost 25.4 pounds, from a high of 179.3 to 153.9. So, from March 2013 to June 2015, I packed on 46.8 pounds. Geez.

I never want to do that again.

I finished Week 3 of the C25K on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I started Week 4. I usually wait a day or two between workouts but I thought I would see if I could do two workouts in a row. Week 4 Day 1 calls for 5 minute walking warmup, 3 minute run, 3 minute walk, 4 minute run, 3 minute walk, 5 minute run to finish up with a 5 minute cool down for a total of 28 minute workout. In that workout, I ran a total of 12 minutes. The total mileage was 2.13 at a 13:10 pace. Not too bad for an overweight old man.

C25K Week 1 Complete

Yay !!! I have completed the first week of the C25K program. Yay !!

I feel good. I’m happy that I stuck with the first week. Although I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about completing the entire program and wondering if I can do it. At times, those 45 second jogs are a bit taxing. But, I know that I can do it because I’ve done it before. It just takes time and effort to work through all the exercise sessions.

I’m not sure I like the new Brooks Addiction 11 shoes. There’s not a lot of cushioning. Each stride is a bit uncomfortable. But, I know the 45 extra pounds that I’m carrying is adding to the pounding effect. Once I lose that extra weight I’m certain the pounding effect will lessen. Also, I’m just starting out and haven’t found my running legs.

So, at the same time I’m a bit apprehensive of finishing the entire program I’m also looking forward to running a 5K for the first time in a very long time.


Here’s a photo from my recent hike on the Cross Creek trail in the Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado.

Resting on a vista looking down at the Cross Creek in the Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado.

Resting on a vista looking down at the Cross Creek in the Holy Cross Wilderness, Colorado.

C25K … Day 2

Ah so … I finished the second day of the first week of the C25K program. The 29 minute session called for a 5 minute warm up followed by 5 sets of running for 45 second, walking for 90 seconds, running for 60 seconds and then walking for 60 seconds followed by a 5 minute cool down. My total mileage was 1.88 at 15.33 per mile.

It was good to get outside on this Sunday morning and exercise. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this. Starting slow, starting simple. Hopefully in 8 weeks I will be strong and fit enough to run a 5K.

In other news … the kids and their girlfriends and boyfriends went to the lake yesterday (June 27, 2015) for a day of boating and tubing. Usually, on a lake day, I would drink beer to my heart’s content. But yesterday, I drank no beer, only water. The is a break in my usual MO. It took some self-discipline to go the day without a beer. I survived and hopefully I lost an ounce or so.

I was rewarded with a lovely sunset.

Sunset view from the Lake Cabin on June 27, 2015.

Sunset view from the Lake Cabin on June 27, 2015.

First Run of the New Effort

Brooks Addiction 11

Blurry photo of my new Brooks Addiction 11, size 9.5 running shoes on my overweight fat ankles and feet.

Yay !! My new running shoes arrived. Brooks Addiction 11, size 9.5. I vowed that when the new running shoes are delivered I will immediately hit the road.

And that is what I did.

Since this was my first fun in a very long time, I thought I would take it slow and easy. I didn’t realize how hard slow and easy would be. I followed the first workout of the first week of the C25K program. It was harder than I envisioned.

The 45 extra pounds that I’m carrying doesn’t help. I really need to lose those pounds. I don’t know how much of those 45 pounds are beer calories but I’m certain it’s a large percentage. I could feel those calories slosh around in my fat cells.

It will take some time. Two months at least as I follow the C25K program. So, hopefully, by the end of August I will be trained for a 5k. And that is good. Since I would like to run in the Greenwood Indiana Trail Trek 5K on September 12, 2015.

I bought the new running shoes from RunningShoes.com. I was too lazy to go to the near by running store. I wasn’t too thrilled with the way the package arrived. It was just the crushed shoe box loosely shrink wrapped. It did not include a note of thanks for buying from RunningShoes.com. I would have heard a “thank you” from the local running store. And the shoes felt used. I checked the soles and they looked and felt new but the uppers felt soft and used. At least they gave me free shipping.

After the 29 minute work out where I ran for a total of 7.5 minutes (alternating between a 45 second run, then a 90 second walk, then a 45 second run and then a 60 second walk repeating 5 times with a 5 minute warm up walk and a 5 minute cool down walk), I ran out (actually drove the car) to pick up a new pair of head phones. The old pair wouldn’t stay in my ears.

Hopefully I’m on the right track. A fresh start. A new effort.


First 5K In A Very Long Time

running_08182014The last time I ran any distance greater than a 5K was March 21, 2014.

I remember that run. It was the most painful run I’ve ever endured. But I ran through the pain and completed the run. And, the very next day when I attempted to run again, the pain in my lower left leg was excruciating. So agonizing was the pain, I could hardly walk. I self diagnosed the pain as a severe stress fracture. At least, everything I read on the internet said that is what it was. I couldn’t run for the next 12 weeks, although I did try a few times but the moment I took the first stride the pain came back in force.

The pain totally faded by the first of June and I was ready to hit the road again. However, in the 12 weeks during my layoff, I gained weight and lost most, if not all of my fitness since I didn’t attempt any kind of exercise. I could hardly walk around the block. So, I decided to work through the C25K program. I stuck with the program for the next 12 weeks and worked through every exercise session and sometimes repeated weeks and sessions.

Last week, I was finally able to complete the final session, Week 8 Day 3, which requires a 30 minute non stop run. Yay! To see if I really had completed the program, I repeated that session three more times. And finally, last night, I switched back to the Nike + App and set the distance for 3.1 miles and ran non stop for 33 minutes for a distance of 3.17 miles.

Yay!!! A 5K.

My average pace was 10:27 per mile. It was a rather humid day and warm day too.

So, I guess that I’ve completed the C25K program. Yay!

A few things that I did learn about myself while working through the C25K program. The first is that I need to lay aside the ego and just run for the pleasure and benefit of running instead of the bragging rights. And two, interval training and running is something that I’m going to explore in the future. In the latter weeks of the program, where it required a 15 minute run and then a two-minute walk, that two-minute walk was really refreshing and in the next 10 minute run I was more energized than the first 15 minute run. My thoughts were  confirmed by a co-worker who followed a different interval program similar to the C25K and he said that running for five minutes and walking for 1 minute and repeating for the duration of the run allowed him to go further each week. He said the 1 minute of walking sandwiched between 5 minutes of running was better for him than non stop running.

But, the bottom line is that I was able to reach my goal of running a 5K non stop! Yay. Now, my next step is to register for a 5K event and confirm my C25K success on a measured course.

Have I Finished the C25K?

photoI don’t know if I’ve completed the program. I have worked through all the running sessions, from Week 1 to Week 8, in order.  I ran through the last session of Week 8 where you run for 30 minutes straight without stopping. I was able to do that but it was an awful experience. It was hot and humid and I was tired. It was not a very comfortable run. Plus, my neighbor chained up his pet pit bull outside and so that scary dog rushed me and barked at me the three times I ran past that house. So it wasn’t one of my better runs.

The screenshot says that I ran 3.43 miles at a 11:39 pace. But, that distance includes 10 minutes of walking. So don’t believe I ran 3.1 miles. I believe I was close. Running for 30 minutes at a pace of 11:39 doesn’t cover a 5K.

But, at least I ran for 30 minutes without walking. Yay! When I started the program back in early June, I could hardly run the 90 second intervals and wondered if I would ever have the capacity to run a 5K at the end of the 8 week program. I had to repeat several weeks because I wasn’t able to keep up. So, what should have taken 8 weeks has taken me over 10 weeks.

That is … if I really completed the program.

How will I finally know if I have completed the program? I’ll know when I run in a sponsored 5K event. When I can run the 5K course and not stop, and it be an enjoyable run for me, then I will believe for myself that I actually completed the program.

Until then, I will continue to run and repeat Week 8 until I register for a local 5K event. I really need more ‘practice’ and really need to increase my fitness until then anyways. And, cutting back on the beer could help too.


Happy Monday

c25k_week4_day1I started Week 4 of the C25k program. The intervals started with a 5 minute walking warm up and then a 3 minute run and a 3 minute walk and then a 4 minute run and then a 3 minute walk and then a 5 minute walk and finished with a 5 minute walking cool down.

I was somewhat apprehensive to start Week 4 as I didn’t think I had the stamina to complete the 5 minute run. But much to my surprise, I was able to and it really wasn’t the worst of struggles, although it did take some effort. I can feel my fitness starting to come back, which is a great thing.

In the 28 minute work out, I was able to run about 2 miles at a pace of 13:49. Yay!



Week 3 Day 2

c25k_week3_day1This morning, in 96% humidity, I worked through Week 3 Day 2 of the C25K program where there were two sets of running for 2 minutes and then walking 2 minutes then running for 3 more minutes and walk 2 minutes. The two sets were enough for me this morning.

I only covered 1.84 miles at a 14:09 pace. I wish I could do more … one day I will do more.


I really need to stop drinking for much beer because I know it is really interfering with me getting back on track. I believe that I will repeat Week 3 before moving onto Week 4. I’m just not feeling the strength and fitness coming back (maybe it’s the beer).

Wishing everyone the best today !!!!!

Starting Week 3

c25k_week3_day1.pngI started Week 3 of the C25K program. The program called for 2 minutes of running and then walking for 2 minutes and then running for 3 minutes and then walking for 2 minutes. And, repeat twice. So, in this session, I ran for a total of 10 minutes (2 sets of 5 minutes each). I ran 1.82 miles at a 14:17 pace.

During the 26 minute session (yes … the App tells you how long you will exercise for the session – kind of cool) I never felt like it was “too” difficult, thankfully. Although I was happy to finish. I know that this is just one more step toward recovering my fitness. At one point, I would have thought that 10 minutes of running isn’t worth the effort. Now, I know better than to think like that. 10 minutes of running is worth every ounce of effort.

I may repeat this session tomorrow. When I had my fitness and when I was running a lot, Saturday mornings were reserved for the ‘long run’, where I would run 8 – 12 miles. Now, I will be satisfied and grateful with a 10 minute ‘long’ run and look forward to the day when I can again do 8 – 12 on a Saturday morning.