Hung Over Again

Coming into work hung over is starting to become an issue, or a habit. I’m not sure what it is.


Yesterday, on my way home after work I stopped at the liquor store to buy beer. At home, I immediately open one beer and then quickly drink two more. As I’m working on the MCS (mulch containment system) it begins to rain. My daughter comes over. We go to Hooters. I drink more beer and fall in love with Laura. We come home and discover the power is out.

This morning, I over sleep. I’m an hour late to work. I don’t believe anyone noticed. The power came back on this morning just as I woke up, an hour later than normal. In the past I would have scurried in haste to be at work as soon as possible. But, this morning, I go through my morning routine as normal, just an hour later than normal.

Hopefully by 11:00 pm or shortly after lunch I will start to feel better. At this moment, I am dizzy and hung over, having trouble concentrating.



Yesterday, Wednesday, May 19, 2021, was almost a good day. I was productive at work, after work I read a few pages in the Amy Downs book, practiced on the graphics tablet and worked outside in the yard and drank beer. The day ended laying in bed wondering though the You Tube wasteland.


I drank two cans of Daredevil Liftoff. I would have drank more but I didn’t have more to drink. I thought about driving up to the closest liquor store but I didn’t want to drive.

For the work-in-the-yard task, I trimmed seven burning bush shrubs. While racking up the clippings, I broke the plastic rake rendering if useless. Ugh. Now I need to go out and buy a new one.

Why me?

I’ve had that rack for over ten years. It was a cheap plastic rake to begin with. I didn’t think it would last after a year of use but it did. I actually bought two. Gave one away.

At least I have clean water to drink, some people don’t.

Poem found on a sidewalk on Mass Ave in Indianapolis. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on May 16, 2020.
Poem found on a sidewalk on Mass Ave in Indianapolis. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on May 16, 2020.

A Good Day

Thankfully I had a good day, yesterday, May 18, 2021. Here’s why it was a good day:

  • I was productive at work. There was a series of price revision for the Company. In the past, price revisions were a yearly event and somewhat convoluted as the same price must be in three different lists (web, app, paper). It’s not a hard task to complete but somewhat tedious to get the price on all three lists and be correct on all three lists. Over time, we’ve developed a method that is working and more efficient. There are hundred of prices.
  • Read the current book, Hope is a Verb by Amy Downs. Actually, there were two episodes of reading, one immediately after I clocked out and the other later. The second episode was pleasant as I sat outside on the back yard deck enjoying the ambience of the evening.
  • Practice drawing on the graphics tablet and listened to the new Udemy course.
  • Kroger shopping where I bought only that which I needed and nothing else. Spent $60. That should get me through the next week or so. Other than the few days I ate on the leftover birthday cake from the grand kids party, I’ve been faithful to the new eating effort.
  • Beer. I drank a bottle of Peanut Butter Busted Knuckle from Quaff On and opened a Liftoff from Daredevil. Ah, so very good.
  • Quick dinner of canned chicken mixed with a little bit of Campbells Cream of Chicken soup. It was good enough for me. Also, I opened a can of Krogers ready-to-eat Hearty Chicken Noodle soup.

Certainly the “productive at work” item was the major player in making the day good. Work takes up at least 10 hours of the day and if I don’t feel productive during that time then the day is considered ‘unproductive”. Thankfully, that did not happen yesterday.

Timelapse video from the backyard, looking southwest on May 14, 2021.
Nikon W300 video taken by Dave O.

Walking Around Mass Ave

I wanted to do something different on Sunday afternoon, May 16.

I spent the late morning and early afternoon working in the yard, doing normal yard stuff, like cutting the grass, trimming the edges in the yard and trimming some of the burning bush shrubs.

Usually, I would be drinking beer while working in the yard as it helps to get me through the chore and makes the world better. However, I decided against drinking beer while working in the yard in favor of drinking beer ‘somewhere’ after I was finished with the yard.

At 4:00 pm, I left these house in search of a beer. I intended to drop in at a local craft brewery. But, I couldn’t decide on one. I kept driving until I was near Mass Ave in Indianapolis. So, I thought I would park and walk around. Certainly I could get a beer somewhere on Mass Ave.

My second ex wife knows the right places to go to on Mass Ave. So, I texted her asking what is the best place for beer on Mass Ave. She replied and suggested the Garage. She then says that she and Joi and Levi are at the Pins and that I should walk over to join them.

So I did.

I don’t frequent Mass Ave much so I don’t know what is happening on the Avenue. The only place I know of on Mass Ave is Bru Burger. But this Pins place is a pretty cool place. It has duck pin bowling and other stuff, but the best things about the place is they had beer.

While there, I met a young girl, my type, cute, had a sparkle in her eye. We talked. Of course, I feel ‘in love’ instantly and wondered what life would be like with a girl like her, someone I could love on and take care of, say that she is beautiful, lovely, cute. I thought about contacting her to see if a ‘thing’ develop between us. But, I am thinking against it. I’m old. Old enough to be her father. She’s young, has her entire life ahead of her. She doesn’t need to be tangled with an old man, sacrificing the youthful years of her life for a relationship with an old man with a foot in the grave when she could find someone her own age to love her and take care of her for a lot more years than I could. I could be dead a few years into a relationship and then what will happen to her. Ugh. I should leave her well enough alone.

Rusty post somewhere along Mass Ave in Indianapolis. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on May 16, 2021.
Rusty post somewhere along Mass Ave in Indianapolis
Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on May 16, 2021.

Lego People at the Broad Ripple Brew Fest

A few years ago, I scored tickets to the 2018 Broad Ripple Brew Fest. At that time I was a heavy craft beer consumer and a free trip to the trendy hamlet of Broad Ripple excited me. Broad Ripple being in Indianapolis. It was a sunny, pre Halloween, fall day.

The Fest was a collection of tents where local and regional Breweries could share their creations. Of course, I sample most every creation.

Since the Fest was staged close to Halloween, most of the attendees wore costumes of some sort. I dressed as a older middle aged central Indiana man. Even the breweries got in on the act.

Function Brewing, I thought, had the best costumes. They were dressed as Lego Men. I saw the connection that Legos are mostly a functional toy, square, bricks, all the pieces go together. Maybe the creators of Function Brewing have experience in Javascript functions? Function Brewing is located in Bloomington Indiana.

Lego People from Function Brewing at the Brood Ripple Brew Fest in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 12, 2018. Nikon D600 photo taken by Dave O.
Lego People from Function Brewing at the Brood Ripple Brew Fest in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 12, 2018. Nikon D600 photo taken by Dave O.

I haven’t been a heavy consumer of craft beers in the recent months. When I get back into the swing of drinking craft beers I should travel south to Bloomington, Indiana and sample more beer.