Yard Job

Yesterday afternoon, July 21, 2021, I was cutting the front yard. It was a bright, sunny, cloudless afternoon with a slight breeze to cool the 85°F ambient.

A utility truck pulling a small trailer enters the intersection in front of the house. I have a corner lot in the neighborhood. The driver doesn’t stop at the stop sign but swings to the right and begins to U turn in the intersection.

Of course, the utility truck doesn’t have the turning radius to make a clean U turn inside the intersection. So, he drives into my yard to attempt the turn.

Of course, I am witnessing this in real time. That corner of my yard seems to be the hot spot for trucks, buses and cars to make a U turn inside the intersection and need to drive over the curb and into my yard to complete the turn because whatever they are driving doesn’t have the turning radius to make a U turn in the intersection. There is always a rut in that corner of the yard from drivers who can’t put forth the effort or take the time to make a three point turn. Or better yet, just go around the block.

I ran over to the truck and asked the driver why he was driving through my yard. He replied and said that the corner of my yard is an easement and he can drive where ever he wants and I can’t do anything about it.

I called him a few choice words for his attitude and disdain for other people’s property. He could have cared less. I asked who he worked for. He said ‘the state’. Then he drove off.

He came from the crew that was working one block from the yard. So I walked down to the crew and asked for the ‘supervisor’. He was a young man. I told him what just transpired. He wanted to see the damage to the yard. So we walked together to my yard.

The driver of the utility truck happens to pass by, he slows and tells the supervisor what an ass I am for calling him a MF for driving through my yard. We exchange further words and then he drives off. He gets to the same intersection and makes a left turn. Now, had he done that the first time, when I was watching, there would not have been an issue. I said to the supervisor, ‘he can make a left turn now but had to make a U turn before?’.

The supervisor took photos of the rut in the yard. Admittedly, the rut wasn’t deep and would eventually smooth out in a few months. But, as I told the supervisor, a deep rut or not, the driver shouldn’t be driving onto other people’s property for his convenience, to save a few moments instead of driving around the block.

A neighbor, who lives on the same corner, put in large boulders and shrubs to keep cars, trucks and buses from cutting the turn too tight or attempting a U turn and running into his yard. Maybe I should do the same?

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