Hung Over Again

Coming into work hung over is starting to become an issue, or a habit. I’m not sure what it is.


Yesterday, on my way home after work I stopped at the liquor store to buy beer. At home, I immediately open one beer and then quickly drink two more. As I’m working on the MCS (mulch containment system) it begins to rain. My daughter comes over. We go to Hooters. I drink more beer and fall in love with Laura. We come home and discover the power is out.

This morning, I over sleep. I’m an hour late to work. I don’t believe anyone noticed. The power came back on this morning just as I woke up, an hour later than normal. In the past I would have scurried in haste to be at work as soon as possible. But, this morning, I go through my morning routine as normal, just an hour later than normal.

Hopefully by 11:00 pm or shortly after lunch I will start to feel better. At this moment, I am dizzy and hung over, having trouble concentrating.


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