Younger Girls

The other night, I went out to dinner with my daughter. She is 32 years younger. We sat in a small booth. The restaurant was busy with people passing by our table. From my seat I could see the foyer of the restaurant where people were standing waiting for a table. One girl in particular attracted my attention as she stood there. She was a bit cubby, had golden hair and a round face. I thought she was, maybe, a teenager. She stood there for fifteen minutes and I occasionally glanced at her. I tried not to stare but she did catch me looking at her.

Later, the hostess lead her and her girl friend into the bar area. Since only people older than 21 could be seated in the bar area I immediately concluded she was over 21. They were seated at a table close to my daughter and myself. I had a clear line of sight to her and she caught me a few times looking at her. She order a mixed drink. She seriously looked like she was 17 or maybe 18 years old but she was obviously over 21.

I wondered what she thought of me, if she had any thoughts of me as I sat there with my 26 year old daughter. My daughter and I have a great relationship and we laugh together, share stories and dreams. It could appear that we were on a ‘date’, which we actually were but not in the ‘dating’ sense. We were just having dinner as father and daughter.

I wondered if she thought my daughter was a sugar baby, or that I was one of those types of men that only dated younger girls. She eventually left. I watched her leave. She was my type and being over 21 was a benefit and maybe she could be a dating possibility. My daughter says that I am not allowed to date anyone who is younger than she. I wanted to slip the girl a note asking for her number but I didn’t muster up the courage. I just watched her leave.

Bubblegum slot machine at the Indiana Grand Casio. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O on July 10, 2021.

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