Bad Attitude

Ah … the Owner Narcissist returns to the Office after a ten (work day) vacay to his condo in Wyoming and to the Skywalker Ranch somewhere in California. I believe this is his fifth two week vacay this year. Of course, I’m probably wrong about that but most employees in this Company get only ten days a year. But, of course, I’m not an Owner. Why he is an owner in (what used to be) a ‘family’ business is beyond my comprehension other than realizing he was in the right spot at the right time.

Please bless him.

But, certainly if you analyze things in detail I wasn’t worth of the family business since the day of my birth. I don’t believe he is worthy of the business either. But, I didn’t make those decisions. There were certainly different standards for different people when its said the same standard applies to everyone.

I just have a bad attitude this morning. It came on when the ON (owner narcissist) enters the Office bragging about his ten day vacay and his experience at the Skywalker Ranch. Then, the SN (service narcissist) enters the Office bragging how his grilling prowess is legendary. It was too overwhelming.

For some reason I remind myself that I have a chip on my shoulder. I must have several chips sitting on my shoulder if silly conversations by silly little narcissists can give me attitude. And again, I remind myself that I am just an employee, that I have been just an employee since I started working here in 1992.

I looked up Skywalker Ranch on Google. The only information I could find was this article. It references most of what the ON said. Maybe he just read this article and really didn’t go to the Skywalker ranch.

The Patio at Chilly Waters. Nikon D600 photo taken by Dave O on August 9, 2020.

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