Grilling Man?

I am not a person who grills. I don’t like grills. I do enjoy the food that comes off the grill but I do not enjoy grilling.

I must be in the minority. There are eleven males in this office. I believe they all enjoy grilling. They enjoy talking about grilling.

Two of the eleven guys are totally obsessed with grilling. I mean beyond totally obsessed. One is the Service Narcissist. He had not even sat at his desk before he was bragging about making ‘home made’ grits on the grill this morning.

How does one make ‘home made’ grits?

The other man obsessed with grilling had recently bought a ‘blind box’ grill. Apparently, he gave over $400 for this blind box. He didn’t know what he was buying only that it was a grill. Apparently, the blind box contained some sort of mega awesome grill.

Of course, I don’t know really what ‘blind box’ means in reality. I just over hear their conversations because you can’t help but over hear their conversations.

The SN asked about the ‘burn in’. Apparently that means you run up the temperature to over 350°F to burn off manufacturing oils, grease and paint and other toxic stuff that ships inside the grill from the manufacture before you cook food in the grill. Apparently that is extremely important that it calls for detailed conversation.

I don’t know why I hate grilling so much. I heard the SN brag about his grilling prowess for the past 20 years while working in this Office. I’m just tired of it. I probably extrude that to grilling in general.

Indiana Cardinal at an Indiana bird feeder. Nikon D600 photo taken by Dave O on July 16, 2020.

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