Peacock in the Office

Oh my … it will be a long day.

I work in an open office where there are no cubicles or walls. The only windows look down onto the shop floor. So, I hear everyone’s chatter, whether they are talking to customers or to each other. Usually, the chatter is background noise and I can concentrate on my work.

However, there are two people in this office that don’t fade into background noise. They are the Owner Narcissist and the Service Narcissist. It must be something about their voice frequency that moves through my ear drums and I can’t get their voices out of my head. It becomes very difficult to concentrate on the work.

One of the few ways I cope is to plug in the ear buds and turn on the iTunes. Lately I’ve been fascinated with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Stadium Arcadium. It sort of reminds me of the Beatles’ White Album for some reason.

There is a new service person in the office. So, the Service Narcissist is on stage to dazzle the rookie service technician with his intelligence and knowledge. He is like a peacock, fanning his tail features to attract a mate and intimidate others. He raged when the first service call of the day rang up saying he was too busy ‘catching up’ since he was out of the office for two days this week. He then talked for 15 minutes about airlines and car rentals.

I put in the ear buds to drown him out. I have to keep the volume high to do so as his voice invades the ear buds too. Maybe there is a scientist who can do a study on this man’s voice. Certainly there is something unusual about it.

Yet, I seem to be the only one in this office who finds it difficult to drown out his voice. I don’t know why. Maybe the same scientist should do a study on me.

Time Lapse of the overhead sky. Taken by Dave 0 on July 8. 2021 with the Nikon W300.

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