The Next Day

By mid afternoon on Tuesday, I recovered from Monday’s hangover and started to feel better. By the time the 5:00 pm bell rang, I was back to my old self. On the way home I stopped at Korgers to pick up groceries. I bought canned beer at Krogers. I had two cans at home chilling in the fridge. I wondered to myself if I could survive the evening on only two cans of beer? I decided to give it a try.

The two cans were quickly consumed. The fresh cans were sitting in the fridge but were not cooling down as quickly as I wanted. I held one can in my hand to judge its internal temperature. It was still warm. I decided that it wouldn’t be satisfying to drink warm beer. So, I only had two cans of cold beer last night. My doctor would be proud as she says that two cans of beer is the absolute limit per day.

Last night, I started work on Phase Two of the MCS (mulch containment system). This phase of the total MCS project will not take as long to work on as the length of this segment is roughly a third of the total length of Phase One. Plus, I will try to avoid digging post holes for this Phase.

I saw a rabbit sniffing around the area where the work on Phase Two will be done. I hope I don’t destroy his habitat. I’ve seen two chipmunks sniffing around as well. I believe the rabit and chipmunks live under the deck.

Taxman Brewing Company. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O on July 3, 2021.

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