Hung Over ?

Shit. I believe I am seriously hung over.

Shit. This is not good.

Yesterday (July 5, 2021) was a relationship day. I got several chores done around the house, but the afternoon was spent at a cookout and the evening was spent drinking beer at the local Hooters with my daughter.

We left the Hooters place after it closed. We went home and talked for another few hours. It was after midnight when she left.

I don’t remember driving home from Hooters. Ugh. That is not good. Shit. I don’t even have a glimpse of a memory driving home. Thankfully, all must have gone ok since there are no dents in the Honda and my daughter and I are ok. But still, the lack of memory frightens me, very much frightens me.

I do remember my daughter getting hit on by a guy who bought us a round of beer. I remember the bartender’s eyes and smile. It was a great time.

I just wish I could remember walking out of the place, walking to the car and driving the mile or two home. Geez. That is not good to not remember it.

Sunday night (July 4, 20201) was spent working on the MCS (mulch containment system). Over Saturday and Sunday (July 3-4, 2021) I moved most of the top soil that was delivered on Friday (July 2, 2021). By Sunday evening I had finished moving all the dirt I needed at the time and was screwing in the 1x4x8 boards to finished that section of the MCS. Of course, I was drinking my favorite beer and had already spent a few hours at the local Hooters drinking beer. I remember stumbling as I was screwing down the boards. I don’t remember anything afterwards. Ugh.

Overall, the 3 Day Fourth of July weekend as a great balance of relationship and productive work. Probably should reduce the amount of beer drinking I do. Probably should.

Three cubic yards of top soil, on my drive way. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O on July 3, 2021.

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