One Can Hope

And thus begins the final day of the forth week back in the Office. It’s inventory day so I was expecting a quiet office and shop. Most of the office people are on the floor and the shop stops working to count the little pieces of stuff they work with. It is also the day before a three day weekend.

But …

The ON (owner narcissist) is all excited about his trip to California. At 7:00 am he began relating his vast wine experience and knowledge to the IT guy. I’ve heard it all before. I’ve heard about the wine cellar he had custom built in his basement. I’ve heard of his cycling trip through the Napa Valley where he ‘had’ to become the on site cycling mechanic because the tour outfit was incompetent. I’ve heard about his trips to his condo in Wyoming and then quick stops in Yellowstone on his way to the Valley. How he smokes cigars and sips expensive wine that people like you and me will never taste.

I didn’t care to listen to it again so I put in the ear buds. I had to turn up the volume to drown out his voice. Ugh.

When I thought he had blown all his smoke I take out the ear buds. Then, he calls the employees at the local Dunkin Donuts (where my second ex wife and daughter and son had worked) complete imbeciles and should be fired because they packaged his donut order incorrectly. He brings donuts in for the employees that are assigned to work the inventory count in hopes they can actually count correctly this time.

According to the Company calendar the SN (service narcissi) was to be out of the office on a service call. Yet, he shows up at 7:30 am and begins a conversation with another service tech about the $399 Rural King gas grill that was recently ordered. I put back in the ear buds to drown out that conversation.

So begins the day. Thankfully the ON leaves at noon to catch a flight to Wyoming. Maybe the SN will leave at the same time. One can hope.

Sculpture inside The Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the Notre Dame campus.
Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on October 26, 2018.

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