What to do on a July 4 Three Day Weekend?

With the upcoming July 4 three day weekend almost upon me, I wonder what I will do with those days as (at this moment) I have no personal or relationship obligations. I have a potential list?

  • Take a bus ride to downtown Indianapolis to watch fire works.
  • Drive to Spring Mill State Park, or Veevay, Indiana or Versailles State Park.
  • Work on the Mulch Containment System.
  • Draw.
  • Read.
  • Clean house.
  • Visit Newfields.
  • Drive to Lexington to visit the art museum on the campus of the University of Kentucky.
  • Drive to the Bad Dad Brewpub in Fairmount, Indiana.

I don’t know about hanging around downtown Indianapolis after dark waiting for a bus to take me home. Indianapolis has become like Chicago in the gun violence department.

Driving to Spring Mill or Veevay or Versailles State Park would be a bonafide day trip.

Probably will spend a lot of time on the Mulch Containment System as I bought three cubit yards of top soil ($130) plus $60 worth of shipping to fill in and level the ground contained by the MCS. I will need to buy a wheel barrow now. Probably will need to rent a truck to get the wheel barrow home as it probably will not fit in the Honda.

Of course I want to practice drawing. I hope I make time to do so.

Of course I want to read. I haven’t read much lately as I been working on the MCS with most of my free time.

I need to clean the house. And the bathroom. And the fish tank. And my desk. And the kitchen.

I could go to Newfields. They’ve open the Beer Garden. I can get a good buzz and walk around the gardens taking photos.

Driving to Lexington to walk through the UK art museum would be another bonafide day trip.

After browsing the Brewers Association member directory to find a brewery to drive to I found the Bad Dad Brewpud. It fits, as I’m a bad dad too.

Plastic Snail at Newfields. Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on July 8, 2019.

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