Road Rage

Since I’ve been back in the office I leave about 5:00 pm. Before Covid, I usually left the office when the shop workers left at 5:15. While in the 15 month quarantine the work day never really ended.

Anyways, at the first stop light after leaving the Company’s parking lot I move up to the intersection. As I’m waiting in the right turn lane for a Fire Truck to pass through the intersection traffic backs up behind me and the cross traffic resumes its flow.

I hear a honk from the SUV behind me. I look in the rear view and see a man waving his arm out the window telling me to turn right on red.

Of course, I can’t see the traffic to the left because of the truck in the turning land to my left is blocking the view. If I pulled ahead a couple of feet to see past the truck to see the oncoming traffic I would be in the traffic flow. So, I stay put in episodes like this as it is too dangerous to creep up into traffic just to make a right on red.

But the guy behind me kept on the horn and waving his arms. Obviously he could see a break in oncoming traffic since his SUV sits higher than my low riding 2000 Honda Civic.

So I stayed put, even when the turn lanes for the cross traffic engaged and it was safe to make the right on red.

The guy kept honking. I giggled.

After (maybe) fifteen seconds the light turn green in my lane and I turned right. The SUV was behind me and moved to pass in the other lane. I expected some sort of road rage gesture but nothing occurred. At the next light, traffic in their lane was backed up but traffic in my lane was clear so I moved past the SUV expecting a road rage gesture middle finger or something similar but thankfully nothing happened.

I’ve been on the giving end of road rage and been on the receiving end. I’ve pulled stupid driving moves that deserved some sort of gesture or honk from the other driver. And, I’ve seen stupid driving moves where I should have given a honk or gesture.

The last time I gave road rage, it scared me. My anger scared me. I prolonged the episode to the point other drivers were telling me to stop. Thankfully nothing beyond the yelling, screaming, gesturing occurred. But, it could have evolved into something worse.

I did not believe I did anything wrong in yesterday’s instance. Right on Red is optional, not the law. Thankfully nothing other than honking, gesturing and giggling occurred.

Gravel road in Brown County State Park. No road rage here.
Nikon W300 photo taken by Dave O on July 24, 2020.

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