And thus begins another Monday. This Monday begins my forth week in the Office.

Saturday was spent driving to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. Traffic was what one would expect in Chicago but add in a thunderstorm with heavy rain on the incoming and outgoing drives. Thankfully, while at the Arboretum, the rain stopped. The outdoor Human + Nature exhibit have 5 massive sculptures by Daniel Popper. On the drive home there was a stop in Merrillville for dinner. We drove through Morocco and Kentland on the way home.

Sunday was lunch at Raising Canes close to the Purdue campus. The only sour note to the weekend was a walk through the fabled Von’s Books. A sign on the door said that a face mask must be “properly worn coving nose and mouth” to enter the store. Since I am fully vaccinated I thought the signs were not meant for me. However, a few minutes into the visit a sassy tall college student standing behind a Plexiglas barrier instructed me to wear a mask. I replied and said I was fully vaccinated. He said he didn’t care. Store policy required potential customers to properly wear face masks while in the store even if said customer was vaccinated. I didn’t have a face mask so he gave me one to wear and said that I’ll be charged $0.25 at checkout for the mask. I wore the mask. Of course I was put out as I guess being vaccinated as the government says I need to be for the good of the nation doesn’t mean anything to the management at Von’s Books.

I didn’t buy anything but went to the checkout to pay for the mask. On the counter was a hand written sign saying store policy is a $5 minimum if purchasing by a credit or debit card. I told the bearded short man behind the counter, a different man than the one who instructed me to properly wear a face mask, that I not buying anything but need to pay for the properly worn face mask and since I didn’t have any cash I need to pay for the mask with my credit card but the store requires a $5 minimum purchase if paying with a credit card, which I intended to use my Visa card to pay for the face mask they require me to where.

He waved me off. Probably tired of vaccinated people complaining about the store policy. I found it humorous. Maybe since the store is one block from the Purdue campus store management is still fearful of Covid, they could be fearful because Purdue imports many, many students from China. I got the gist Store management just want to dictate what customers need to wear as they can since Von’s Books is an “independent business”. There was no sign saying “No shoes, no shirts, no service”. So, I suppose I could have walked in without shoes or a shirt but with a face mask and store management would be ok with it.

Below are the signs I ignored on the entrance to Von’s. I feel for their employees and the deaths that have occurred but there is no evidence face masks stop the spread of Covid and the emerging variants. Maybe they should just close until the Covid scare is finally over, but we know that won’t happen as they probably make too much money on the local student population.

Signs on the entrance to Von’s Books. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O on June 27, 2021.

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