Sylvan Lake is Burning

When the news that the area around Sylvan Lake is burning my fantasy of returning to the highlands of Colorado was reignited.

I’ve been to the Vail area many times. A few times with the Company and a few times with family. My last visit was in June of 2015. On that trip, even though family was there at the same time, I built into the itinerary time to explore on my own. That is the day I tried to hike to Whitney Lake, drove the back roads for a few miles and drank beer in Leadville. In all the trips I’ve made to that area, I’ve hardly explored the back country via road or trail. Usually, the exploration is catered by tourist companies or hired guides. Usually, most of the ‘adventure’ is a few miles from I-70.

So, I’ve never been to Sylvan Lake State Park. Actually, I never heard of it until the news that it was on fire came across the headline ticker. On Google maps it seems like the perfect area to camp in a van dwelling camper, practice my photography skills, hike a trail, enjoy the mountain air and maybe draw a face or a body.

But now it burns.

I should make an effort to drive to Colorado again. Maybe car dwell at the Sylvan State Park. Hopefully it will stop burning by the time I get out there. But, as is my method of operation, I usually plan a detailed trip yet not take the time off work to take the trip. Ugh.

Screen shot of the Sylvan Lake State Park area.

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