Yesterday evening, June 22, 2021, I finished Phase 1 of the MCS (Mulch Control System). At least the current segment of the MCS. Eventually, I want to add the MCS to the entire yard, front and back yards. I am currently working on the south side of the back yard.

Anyways, I have completed (what I call) the “fence” which is a series of upright 2x4s set in concrete, spaced by more 2x4s in which are screwed ‘upright’ 2x6s cut to height. In reality, it is ‘lawn edging’.

State of the MCS (Mulch Control System) on Saturday, June 19, 2021. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O.

Last night, I trimmed all the upright 2x4s to the same level as the height of the uprights. This completes Phase 1.

The next steps are :

  • Create some sort of ‘cap’ to cover the edges of the uprights. I have something in mind but it will take cutting down dozens of 1x4x8s to width.
  • Buy top soil to fill in and level the space between the shrubs and in front of the chainlink fence.
  • Buy mulch and finally see if this Mulch Containment System actually works.
  • Plant grass seed to fill in the corner area that is dirt and weeds.
  • Create the ‘southern planting box’ by creating an edge between the first shrub and the empty space.
  • Fill in the planting box with top soil.
  • Plant something.
  • Cover with mulch.
State of the Southern Planting Area of the Mulch Control System on June 19, 2021.
iPhone photo taken by Dave O.

I did not expect to be this far on this project at this time. I’ve put a lot of hours and money into this project so far. My usual method of operation is to work a little on the ‘current’ project and then work on something else and then return to the ‘current project’. But, since the time to spend on projects like this is limited due to other obligations I’ve put almost every spare moment into this project. I imagined that I would be at this stage in the project sometime in late August. Maybe I will be done with the entire project by late August.

One can hope.

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