Mixing Signals

It is hard to reconcile when on of the owners says “if it’s not coming out your nose it doesn’t count” regarding employees who call in sick. Other owners say “if you don’t feel good and especially if you have a fever don’t come in”.

When I first started at this Company in the early 1990s the unwritten policy was you came in regardless if you were sick or not. One employee said that once he got to the office he always felt better so he would ridicule and humiliate those who called in saying they were pussies. Sickness was seen as a ploy to escape work.

Of course, some employees called in with only a slight headache and then are spotted at the grocery store.

I could never figure out when to call in or when not to call in. During the reign of the first owner I called in a few times and was laid on the carpet for it. Even while the new crop of 20 percenters are in command, I’ve always erred on the side of coming in sick.

Before Covid, I could not decide if it was the flu, a cold or allergies. While in Quarantine, I was hardly sick, except for the appendix, abscess and retina surgeries. Now, back in the Office, certainly the indecisiveness will kick in again.

But when one of the owners jokes about puking through your nose I can’t help but wonder if that unwritten policy is still in effect.

Figure drawing effort on June 17, 2021.
Figure drawing effort on June 17, 2021.

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