Return to the Weekend

The feel like the first weekend of the year has past into history, that is the weekend of June 12-13, 2021. It was the first weekend of my return to the Office after fifteen months of Quarantine. During Quarantine weekends became an extension of the work week, where there was a mixture of work and play (more play than work of course). Now that the Office contains all the equipment and tools I use to craft effective web sites and there are no tool at home to work with, the weekend has become all play. 

I returned to the Emporium on Friday night, the first Friday night Emporium walk through I’ve done in fifteen months. Before Covid, I went to the Emporium after work on Friday to spend a few minutes walking through the booths. It’s a huge indoor flea market and there must be over a 100 hundred booths where people sell ‘anything’ from shampoo to paint to furniture to appliances. I found a comic book and a pint glass to buy for $4 total. 

Afterward, I stopped at Harbor Freight to buy a new chop saw. The brand is Chicago Electric. I paid $129 plus tax for the 10″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw. I hope it lasts longer than the $169 Craftsman compound miter saw that burnt up ten cuts into its work life.

Saturday was spent working in the yard, continuing effort on the MCS (mulch containment system). Sunday was a relationship day.

On Saturday, I went for an afternoon beer at That Place. Sunday lunch was at Between The Bun.

Emporium goodies I bought on June 11, 2021. iPhone 7 photo by Dave O.
Emporium goodies I bought on June 11, 2021. iPhone 7 photo by Dave O.

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