Practice Makes Progress Not Perfection

I was listening to Sara Tepes’ current video. At this moment, it is listed on her Patreon. It will be listed on her You Tube soon. In the video she paints a water color picture and talks about life.

I like her art work. I bought one of her prints. I enjoy listening to her voice. She is honest, cute, young. In August of 2020, I bought a Huion tablet and a new iMac so I could try to create digital paintings like she does.

I tried to draw and paint with the pen and nib, trying to coordinate my hand movements to the lines and marks on the screen. At first it was awkward. I bought several Udemy videos to help in climbing the curve. My goal was to spend at least 30 minutes to one hour a day working on the Huion. I figured the more time I spent in pursuit of digital painting the better I would become.

Of course, I quit. Sometime in September 2020. I just gave up. I believed I was not making any kind of progress as I seemed to be stuck in the same method of doing things and could not make a reasonable face or a body. The pen was still awkward and the surface of the tablet rough. It was frustrating.

In the Sara Tepes video, she said concerning her art and effort, “Practice makes Progress”.

That struck a chord in my psyche. I’ve always believed that ‘practice makes perfect’ and so, after many hours of ‘practice’ if I wasn’t ‘perfect’ then way bother? The practice wasn’t making anything perfect, at least in my experience.

But, if I reframe ‘practice’, which is really just effort dedicated to a particular task, like digital painting, not as an effort to be ‘perfect’ but to ‘progress’, maybe I will not be too hard on myself when my result is not ‘perfect’.

Probably doesn’t make sense. But, I believe I may try the Huion again, try the digital painting effort again. Instead of working toward perfection I will try to work toward progress. Maybe things will be better for me.

iMac (2020 series) with Huion tablet. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O on May 11, 2021.
iMac (2020 series) with Huion tablet. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O on May 11, 2021.

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