Maxwell’s Demon

Recently, I came across the concept of “Maxwell’s Demon“.

Immediately, I thought of the Beatles’ dark, somewhat demonic song, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” from the Abbey Road album. Yet, as I began to come to know the complexity of Maxwell’s demon, I concluded the Beatles’ Maxwell and James Clerk Maxwell were not similar in any respect, other than the demon.

There further I study the Demon of Maxwell, the more curious I become about information, information technology, language, the computer code I write, the electricity that carries that code to other people, abstraction. There is an entire plane of knowledge I know nothing about.

I can’t help but wonder how some people in particular who react to the concept of Maxwell’s Demon. The knee jerk would be against the word, ‘demon’ and some who refuse to discuss the topic believing it to be satanic or demonic. Other’s would simply refuse to consider it because the demon is too deep and abstract, not concrete. If this was their first introduction to it they would blow it off, dismissing it as nonsense since they immediately could not comprehend or wrap their heads around the idea. Of course, they would label the one who says such stuff, or believe such stuff, as beneath them since they are unable to conceive of such an idea, similar to if you believed the earth was flat.

The abstract idea of disorder in mixed hot and cold and the order the demon can achieve by observing ‘the information’ of the hot and cold appeals to me. Maybe it is the abstract part of the abstraction.

Bad iPhone 5 photo of one of the first abstract paintings I did in 2014. I call this “Losing Niki”.

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