Earning My Keep Over a Weekend

I tried to earn my keep over the April 17-18 weekend.

I started the weekend by attending my first ballet. The Indianapolis Ballet gave a performance of Grace to Grandeur at the Toby at Newfields. The Toby is a small auditorium and Newfields is the local art museum.

Being my first ballet performance, I did not know what to expect. I didn’t know what to wear as I did not believe jeans and a hoodie was appropriate. Due to the Covid, I sat in a row all along. The auditorium had taped off seats to keep social distance in force.

The show itself was captivating. Watching these dancers leap and twirl and dance on their toes in the grace and fluid they did was astonishing. How can people do such things? And, they were wearing masks while performing so that probably didn’t help their breathing.

Holy cow, these people are super heroes, strong, limber with lean and cut bodies. They certainly have the strongest ankles and toes in the world. I was ashamed of myself for being so out of shape that I can hardly walk up the stairs.

I don’t know if attending a ballet qualifies as “earning my keep”. Probably not, but attending a ballet performance is (was) on my bucket list and so I’ve done it.

Saturday, I spent time on the Wall project, sanding drywall and then spending hours cleaning up afterwards. Later in the afternoon, I cut the yard and trimmed the edges. I was totally wiped out after cutting the yard so I laid down and dozed off. The day was over at that time. I spent the rest of the day overeating and watching the 2002 supernatural hour film, “The Ring“.

I suppose cutting the yard and sanding drywall qualifies are ‘earning my keep’. Watching the movie probably doesn’t qualify.

Sunday was a relationship day but I was able to get a few small chores done to earn my keep. We drove out to Knightstown, Indiana and had a late lunch at the Sugar Creek Brickhouse. It was a good day.

Roy Lichtenstein's Five Brushstrokes at night. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O at Newfields on the evening of April 16, 2021.
Roy Lichtenstein’s Five Brushstrokes at night. I did not realize this installation was electrified and light up at night. How Cool. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O at Newfields on the evening of April 16, 2021. Heres a time lapse Tube Video of the installation.

1 thought on “Earning My Keep Over a Weekend

  1. Hello there!
    Thank you so much for coming to our performance; we’re so happy your first experience was a wonderful one! We hope you’ll come back to see us again!

    Jenn Kriscunas
    Director of Marketing and Communications
    Indianapolis Ballet

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