Property Taxes

I received my 2020 property tax invoice. In the state of Indiana, could be true for other states, we pay property taxes a year late. So, I am paying 2020 taxes in 2021.

I pay the property taxes separate from the mortgage. I had an instance with the mortgage company many years ago where they did not pay the property taxes for several years. Of course, they still escrowed funds from the payment. Or course, it was an oversight on their part. I did not become aware of this oversight until my house was listed on the Sheriff’s tax sale.

Since that time, many many years ago, I kept the mortgage company out of the loop on paying property taxes.

I don’t mind paying property taxes. Although I believe these taxes are too high and each year I pay more tax than the previous year. Dividing my total property tax bill for 2020 into manageable chucks, I paid $55.82 a week in property taxes. Thankfully, I had an ‘essential’ job where I could save some dollars over the last year to pay for this expense. Prior to last year, I would fret and worry about how to pay this tax bill when it came due until I realized I could just save some dollars each week and not fret or worry when the time comes to pay up.

Still, $55.82 a week in property taxes means that I can buy other stuff, like beer and tots at Hooters or more comic books. I wonder what the tax expense is for this year, 2021 and what I can’t buy in 2022?

Thankfully, I see the tax payment going to vital public services like police and fire protection. Usually that is all I think about when I think about property taxes. But there are other areas of public service that are just as vital that I usually don’t associate with property taxes. Here’s a list of the Taxing Authorities listed on my 2020 property tax statement:

  • County
  • Health & Hospital
  • Library
  • Public Transportation
  • Township
  • School
  • Local City/Town
  • Consolidated City

I found that Library and Public Transportation are interesting Tax Authorities. I don’t use these services enough. The last time I was on a city bus was in 2018. And, I haven’t been to the library since Covid locked the doors. I should start using these service more in 2021 since I will still pay my share so these services can exist and even pay for using the service when I want or need to.

Girls in a Hammock at Ball State University. Nikon D600 photo taken by Dave O on February 28, 2016.
Girls in a Hammock at Ball State University. I wonder if they are worried about property taxes.
Nikon D600 photo taken by Dave O on February 28, 2016.

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