The Postcard

Published in 2018 by Stephanie Verni, the Postcard is a collection of 22 short stories and poetry. My favorite story was the first in the lineup, “The Message in the Bottle”. I would have like to have known what happens to Lizzie and Nick. Contelli’s Mimosa is a close second. Verni developed this story into her first novel, “Beneath the Mimosa Tree”. The third story in my line up of favorites is Smashing Pumpkins, a teen angst story, which is the kind of stories I like, the angst. I wanted many of the stories in this collect to continue when they concluded as I was engrossed in the narrative.

Years ago, I read read Verni’s “Inn Significant”. Her style is inviting and I always root for the protagonist. The other books she has written are listed here.

Stephanie Verni is a Professor of Business Communication at Stevenson University. Her blog is at

Believe it or not, Verni’s poetry in this book is my first exploration into that medium. I am not much of a poetry reader, although I have an Eager Allen Poe poetry book and an Emily Dickinson poetry book on my shelf. Hopefully I will explore poetry as there is so much that can be said in so few words.

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