A New Camera?

It may be time for a new camera.

The Man of Gold gave the Nikon D600 to me in 2014. It is a fantastic camera, takes good photos, has a time lapse feature, a little on the heavy side. I’ve taken a lot of photos with it. Before the D600 came into my life I had a Nikon D70. The D70 was a great camera too, not as featured as the D600.

My first camera was a Kodak Pocket Instamatic 110 mm film camera. This was in the early 1970s. There was a local Hooks Drug store where I left the film to be processed. It took weeks to return the prints. I remember using a Brownie camera at one point in my elementary youth. It exposed 120 mm film

The Man of Gold helped me buy a Minolta X-370 in 1984. It was a 35 mm film camera. Unlike cameras in today’s world, the Minolta was fully manual.

The D600 is a great camera. I have no issues with it other than its weight. Add a heavy lens to it and it weighs even more! One of my fears in the use of the D600 is the mechanical shutter. Not that the shutter is faulty but with the time lapse videos I enjoy creating, it reduces the life span of the shutter. This is most likely a misplaced fear and maybe I should start using the D600 as a time lapse camera again.

Time lapse of the Mountain peaks in the Sangre de Cristo Range overlooking Crestone, Colorado.
Nikon D600 time lapse taken on August 2, 2018 by Dave O.

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