Recent Comics

These are the comics I bought on March 4, 2021 :

  • Rogue Planet #1(Onipress)
  • Sonjaversal #2 (Dynamite)
  • Nocterra #1 (Image)
  • Sacred Six #2 (Dynamite)
  • Scared Six #3 (Dynamite)
  • Casual Fling #1 (AWA Upshot)
  • Casual Fling #2 (AWA Upshot)
  • Batman #106 (DC)
  • Nightwing #77 (DC)

Nightwing is a new title for my reading enjoyment. In the grab bag of 30 comics I bought from Lone Star Comics last week, the Nightwing Annual #1 (circa 1997) was included. I read the story and like the character and thought I would see what Nightwing is up to in 2021.

Nocterra seems to be an interesting story. As a spoiler (at least in the first few pages) all natural light is extinguished. I haven’t read read further (yet) but that sounds eerily similar to what some Christians believe about the Pre Wrath Rapture. Marvin J. Rosenthal published a book on this topic where he writes all natural light in the universe (sun, moon, stars) is shut off by the Lord as a sign of His Second Coming. When I read his book in 1990 I was really wrapped up in it. Thirty years later, I’m not too certain the Pre Trip, Pre Wrath, Mid Trib or Post Trib rapture is really what will take place.

Sacred Six issues #2 & #3 are back issues to add to the collection. I need issue #1 to complete the collection.

Sonjaveral #2 continues the story of Sonjaversal #1 (duh). I will probably collect this entire series as I like scantily clad female vampires with T&A.

Not really certain what Casual Fling #1 and #2 are about but interested in sordid sex and relationship stories. I am unfamiliar with AWA Studios as DC, Image and Dynamite are the usual publishers I buy from. But, I’m always interested in other comic publishers.

Batman is the staple of my collection.

Uncertain of the story of Rogue Planet but wanted to jump in on issue #1 incase the story takes off and this issue becomes a collectible as Action Comics #1 is. This title is published by Oni Press, another published I am unfamiliar with.

Stack of Comic Book purchased on March 4, 2021. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O.
Stack of Comic Book purchased on March 4, 2021. iPhone 7 photo taken by Dave O.

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