Little Black Lies

Finished reading Sandra Block’s Little Black Lies. Published in 2015, the story is a slow psychological burner that kept my interest and rewarded me with a climatical twist I did not expect.

The Protagonist is a psychiatric resident at a hospital and is assigned a patient who killed her mother many years ago. Once she started to treat the new patient, she begins having nightmares about a house fire with killed her own mother.

From the cover of the book I expected a deep woods slasher/horror story where the girl on the cover lies and leads unsuspecting men into the woods to kill them. But, that was not the story.

I wish not to spoil the story for anyone who is looking for a great read. But, I believe the cover (at least on the copy I purchased) is misleading. Instead of placing the sinister girl in a forest, she should be placed in a mental ward of a hospital.

Here is Sandra Block’s web page for Little Black Lies. There are two other books in this series, The Girl Without a Name and The Secret Room.

Little Black Lies by Sandra Block
Little Black Lies by Sandra Block

I took an Intro to Psychology class in college. I took the class at Indiana Central College before it became the University of Indianapolis and before I enrolled at Ball State University. This was in 1982. After taking the class, I briefly considered a career in the psychological arts. Currently, I wish I would have pursued that career so I could explain to myself the mystery of the narcissism and arrogance of some people I know.

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