Camping Tent

I would like to go camping in 2021.

My last camping experience was a single night in 2018 at the South Shore campground in Trinidad State Park in Trinidad, Colorado.

If I go camping one or two nights in 2021, I believe I will be happy. I probably will camp at an Indiana State Park. That is, unless I gather up the courage venture out of state. I usually try to take a week’s vacation for a long drive somewhere out of state. However, I did not take a vacation in 2019 or 2020. Maybe I will in 2021. I had two vacations planned in 2020. However, Covid and unexpected surgeries took priority over vacationing that year.

I would camp in a tent. The same tent shown in the photo below. This tent is a backpacking tent I bought in the mid 1990’s when I was an active backpacker. I probably slept in this tent a dozen times (more or less) in the back country of Indiana in the twenty five years I’ve owned this tent.

Camping with Nikki.
Camping the Brown County KOA with Nikki. Photo taken in 2000 by Dave O with a Nikon N6006. Negative scanned by Kodak Photo CD technology at the time.

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