The Summit of Indiana

In my past life I craved the experience of standing at the summit of Mount Everest. As such, I read all that I could about trekking to the top of the world, what I would need to sacrifice to train my mind and body to achieve such a feat, the monetary price that I would need to pay. This was in the mid 1990’s. Even though I was in awful shape and knew that I would probably never ever make that kind of trip, the lure of the highest point on the planet still held its grip on my psyche.

But as with most of those kinds of intense passions, it faded over the years. Obligations of family and job took priority. Although I still have an interest in the lore of Mount Everest, my trekking is done from an arm chair in front of a large screen plasma television.

Maybe not as glorious of summiting Mount Everest, I have summited the top of Indiana. On July 4, 2019 I dragged my ass out of the arm chair, programmed the GPS and drove north of Richmond Indiana to find the Indiana High Point. Located off a rural back road, I parked in a gravel lot next to a corn field and walked the twenty feet into a wooded area and stood at the top of Indiana.

During my Everest mania I read Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air”. In that book, he related that he stood at the top of the world for maybe ten minutes, maybe fifteen at the longest (if I remember correctly). In order words, he didn’t break out the grill and cook the brats while he was on top of the world. He didn’t buy a post card at the gift shop either. If fact, there was no register book he needed to sign to prove he was there. He simply climbed up, looked around, and walked back down.

My experience was similar while I stood at the top of Indiana. Although I did sign the register to prove I was there, essentially I walked to the submit, looked around, took a few photos, walked back to the car and drove away.

The Indiana high point is called ‘Hoosier Hill’ and commands its own wiki page for everyone’s informational enjoyment.

Hoosier Hill on July 4, 2019. At 1,257 feet above sea level, it is the highest point in Indiana. Awful photo by Dave O.

Since my dream of standing on Everest is probably never going to happed (unless I want to be the oldest twice divorced overweight high BMI high blood pressure high cholesterol father of four to not make it to the summit) I could make an effort to stand on top of all 50 high points in the United States. The Highpointers Club exists to encourage and help people like me to do just that.

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