Pikes Peak

With 8″ of snow on the driveway and air temperature of 14°F, I am reminded of my August 2018 journey to Colorado.

I drove the Honda (yes, the same Honda that is now stuck in the 8″ of snow in the driveway) to Colorado to explore the Great Sand Dunes National Park and the UFO Watchtower. I camped at the KOA in Alamosa, Colorado. I walked around Buena Vista and the Garden of the Gods and the Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs. Stood at the Three Corners of Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico in the Black Mesa Nature Preserve and stood at the Eight Mile Corner.

I was not able to drive, ride or walk up to the summit of Pikes Peak due to time restrictions as I only had a week’s worth of vacation time. But, I did manage to snap a bad photo of the mountain (shown below).

Bad Photo of Pikes Peak
Bad Photo of Pikes Peak taken by Dave O from somewhere in Colorado Springs on August 3, 2018

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