Driveway Snow

In my past life I was very anal about shoveling the driveway.

The primary reason is I had to make it into work to punch the clock to earn a paycheck to take care of my family. Getting stuck in the driveway and losing a day’s wage due to unshoveled snow achieved none of these objectives.

And, a secondary reason was that I was proud of a cleared and snow free driveway.

Now, I don’t care if the driveway is shoveled at all. Even with the 7-8 inches of snow that fell on my driveway last night, I would rather allow Mother Nature to do the task over the days to follow or pay the grandson to shovel it.

The primary reason is that I don’t need to go anywhere as I work from home thanks to covid. And second, I’ve lost much of that pride in keeping a snow free driveway.

But this morning, I helped a friend get to work. But, we were stuck in the driveway because I didn’t shovel the snow before we attempted to leave. The low clearance of the Honda couldn’t plow through the eight inches of snow. So, I trekked to the backyard shed to dug out the snow shovel. I then cleared a path, just enough to get the Honda into the neighborhood street (which was not plowed) and onto the city street (which was plowed). After dropping her off at her job, I made it home but only halfway up the driveway where I become stuck again. I left the Honda and went inside to wait for Mother Nature or the grandson to clear the driveway of snow.

The Honda stuck in the Driveway Snow. Photo taken on February 16, 2021 by Dave O.
The Honda stuck in the Driveway Snow. Photo taken on February 16, 2021 by Dave O.

It would appear in the above photo that I could drive into the garage despite the 8″ of snow. But the photo is deceptive. The poor Honda is stuck in the snow.

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