Right Bird Left

One of my favorite paintings is “Right Bird Left” by Lee Krasner. It hangs in the David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana).

Lee Krasner's Right Bird Left
Lee Krasner’s Right Bird Left as photographed in the David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University, Muncie Indiana. Photo taken by Dave O on February 28, 2016.

A religious Jewish woman, Krasner painted right to left, which is the direction of Hebrew script, as a way to connect to her subconscious. Because of this, Right Bird Left appears heavier on the right side.


This painting does appear ‘heavier’ on the left than then right with the darker brown tone on the right side of the painting. I never picked up on that until I read the this article.

I enjoy the painting because it was painted by the wife of Jackson Pollock. Also, because the painting is huge at 70 x 136 inches (HxW). And, it looks like the Angry Birds or fish moving in an aquarium. It’s the movement that captures my imagination.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Ball State Campus. I graduated from BSU in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and an Associates in Multi Media Technology, which were mid 1980’s buzz words for Radio and TV Broadcasting and film and video in Library Science. While a student at Ball Statue I walked through the ‘museum’ (it wasn’t call the David Owsley Museum of Art at the time) only once or twice and didn’t think much about it. I’m happy that my love for the art world has changed in the decades following my graduation.

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