Comic Book Day 2/10/2021

The comic book release day of Wednesday February 10, 2021 netted only three new issues:

  • Vampirella #17
  • Darth Vader #10
  • Dark Detective #3
New issues from February 10, 2021

I intend to collect all the Vampirella issues in the series. I bought Issue #1 from eBay a few weeks ago. I came into the series with Issue #12. According to the League of Comic Geeks there are (so far) twenty issues in this Vampirella series. It’s a Good vs Evil story. Although I don’t know if my Christian brothers and sisters would approve of the evil and occult symbolism in the story arc. I focus more on the ‘overcoming evil’ aspect of the story. Maybe I just like the scantily clad female vampires?

The Dark Detective is a good story about how the future could be under a totalitarian regime. Awfully similar to what could be happening in our society in 2021.

I read Darth Vader #9 last month and wanted to continue with the story.

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