Comic Book Day : February 3, 2021

Did you know that Wednesday is Comic Book Day?

I wonder what people think of a 58 year old man who buys and reads comic books. They could say that I’m juvenile and immature. Maybe childish, silly, stupid.

While in middle school (in the mid 1970’s) I bought comic books with the money I earned from a paper route and collecting bottles and can for the deposit and part time jobs. I was proud of the small collection I had accumulated in the years through high school. I gave away the collection when I was in college thinking it wasn’t appropriate to be a Christian and read or collect evil comic books.

In my youth I dreamt of being a comic book artist and writer. But, life, school, family, kids, work altered that dream. I didn’t buy another comic book until the early 2000s. And when I did buy a comic book it was only one issue at a time and haphazardly without purpose or intent.

Now, in my late 50s, I do have intent and purpose to buy, read and collect comics books.

In the comic book world a ‘pull’ are those comics that you want to buy for that week. Some stores will ‘pull’ those issues off the shelf and hide them behind the counter as not to sell your issues to other people. While I don’t take advantage of that helpful feature, my ‘pull’ for the week of February 3, 2021 is shown below.

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