Two Observations About My 2018 July Fourth

Two observed elements of 2018’s Fourth of July.

First, it was probably the most productive Fourth of July in recent memory. After an impromptu breakfast of donuts with Nikki and Joi, I was able to :

Install a new light switch to the new halogen lights in the basement. I cut the original circuit I wired in a few months ago. I didn’t like the way that project turned out and so decided to wire a dedicated switch to those lights instead of piggy backing on the primary basement light. I was able to cut holes in the ceiling to fish the new wire, connected the switch and then cover up the holes and apply the first (of many) layers of drywall mud. Usually, a task as such would take days but I was able to cut it done in a couple of hours.

Build four painting frames. I bought the 1×2 furring strips the days leading up to the Fourth in anticipation of actually cutting, glueing and screwing the frames. I worked in the super heated porch (ambient air of 88°F). I listened to a few sermons and worked until I built the four frames, three 48″ x 36″ frames and one 32″ x 30″ frame. Now, I have six frames ready to stretch canvas over and prime for my next painting project. I calculated the cost of these frames at approximately $8 each.

Painted. I bought fresh paint in the days prior to the Fourth. One gallon was a custom color from Lowes and the other gallons and quarts were from the Island of Mis Tints. I painted on the current project for about an hours, listening to sermons.

Walked to Walmart. Not actually the most exciting thing to do but I wanted to buy a new tripod for the Nikon W300. It is a twelve minute walk to the Walmart from the house. I bought a cheap ($13) tripod and two dvd’s to add to the collection, some cheese and sausage for a low carb dinner. Back at home, I made the dinner and watched a movie. Later, there was a major intestinal episode that I reasoned was from the breakfast donuts and not the dinner of sausage and cheese. Chapped my ass, in case you wanted to know.

The second observation is that I now hate neighborhood fireworks. I don’t understand why neighbors believe it is within their ‘right’ to light off fireworks which sound like a war is starting. Especially near midnight and after. It is so annoying and keeps one up when sleep is necessary due to a scheduled work shift in the morning.

On a side note, since the conversation is about fireworks, I have noticed that one person in particular always has a long, detailed, drawn out story to tell.  In this example a statement regarding fireworks is spoken prompting this person to tell an extruded and elongated story (probably highly exaggerated) starting the moment, sometimes even before the originating statement is even finished. This person most likely doesn’t even listen to what was said but hears a keyword and his own memory wheels spring into action and out comes an expanding story that can take many sub arcs. Really annoying.

I would like finish this post with a time lapse movie taken with the Nikon W300 on the Fourth. However, since the free WordPress plan doesn’t allow for embedded videos, I concluded with a simple W300 photo.

Nikon W300 photo of leaves. Taken in Portrait mode to blur the foreground.

Nikon W300 photo of leaves. Taken in Portrait mode to blur the foreground. Taken on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at South East Way park in Indianapolis.I pro

I probably should upgrade?

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