Start Walking

Take a look at Brett Bramble Walks.

One of my pipe dreams is to walk, run, cycle across America. From coast to coast. Probably walk across the country but I’m leaving open the possibility of running and cycling.

It’s an epic challenge to do that. That is, walk across America. Sometimes I have difficulty walking across the room so I can’t really imagine walking across the country. The walking part is the easy part. The real challenge is keeping the motivation.

But on my walk across America, I envision myself leisurely walking, taking in the landscape, reading, writing, camping, losing weight and getting fit.

I stumbled onto Brett Bramble walks in 2016 when his was walking across America to raise awareness for overdose prevention, as his sister had overdosed on heroin. I followed his walk for a while until I lost sight and his blog seemed to stall.

Brett had walked through Indiana along Highway 50. Although I read his blog too late to meet up with him while he was in Indiana, I thought that I would keep the radar on for other walkers and maybe I could meet up with them.

Last year (2017) I met up with Abby and Daniel as they were walking across America. I came across their blog while they were in West Virginia. Their route was to bring them through Indianapolis. A few weeks later when they passed through we met up for a few beers and burgers.

Abby and Daniel with me at the Big Woods Brewery in Speedway Indiana.

Abby and Daniel with me at the Big Woods Brewery in Speedway Indiana.

So today I get the radar fired up and discovered that Brett is walking across America for a second time.

I’ve read a few books of people who walked across America. The classic is Peter Jenkins’ book, which I read while a teenager and through which I was introduced to the Appalachian Trail. Another book was by Ben Davis, ‘Ever Eastward. Another was by Nate Damm.

The advice from a Life Coach would be to ‘make it happen’ and ‘start walking’. And I would like to think it is as simple as that.

Yet, so many obstacles stand in the way, so many responsibilities, pressures, obligations.

Maybe one day I’ll take a walk.


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