New Start … Again

It’s been a while since I posted. About six months. My last post outlined a short term plan to combat the slide into that depressive black hole. In that post I wrote the following …

  • Enrolled in a credited web development class at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) which starts today (1/8/2018).
  • Continued with a painting project and hung some finished paintings in the house
  • Bought a treadmill to restart a long defunct walking/running program
  • Started a ‘learn to draw” self-education program in spite of my religious sensibilities and what others say is bad and sinful.

I can say that I have followed through with the credited web development class, continued with my painting project and finished a series of paintings.

I can’t say that I restarted the long defunct walking/running program and I can’t say that I continued the learn-to-draw program.

Maybe two out of four isn’t bad.

Although, I have walked on the treadmill in the past two days, walking a mile each day. And, I did try to draw over the last six months. I just have yet to find a groove.

Hopefully, things are starting to look brighter these days.

Depression is such a black hole to be trapped in. I’ve encountered a few people who say “just get over it”. Those are honest words and seem to be the solution at a quick glance, but it’s not easy to climb out of that black hole.

Anyways, I have decided to restart the weight loss effort and get back in shape by walking and running on the treadmill. That has given me some enthusiasm,. Hopefully the drawing thing will kick in. I have several frames waiting to be stretched with canvas for my next painting project. And, I am trying to get into a data management class for the fall semester.

In an effort to get a running start on this weight loss effort, I have decided to cut back on the beer, cut down my emotional eating and increase the exercise before I ‘officially’ start.

I haven’t had a beer in six days and I drank a Slim Fast shake for lunch today. Woo-hoo. One hundred and eighty calories of chocolate bliss.


It’s a start.

My last official weigh in was April 3, 2017 at 169.8 pounds. At my last doctor’s visit (March 2018) I weighed about 215. It no surprise I’ve gained a few pounds.

2 thoughts on “New Start … Again

  1. Slow and steady. Depression is indeed a blackhole. Congrats on your accomplishments! I am a doodler and use an app on my phone to doodle when I need to calm down or work through a particularly bad moment or hey, just to quell that feeling that I am doing zilch (and should be). I also am keeping a bullet journal this year which has helped me stay focused and moving forward, which also helps with anxiety/depression. Good luck and strength to you!

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