Drew Skillman a Failure?

According to Office Narcissist #2, he is.

I am not a fan of drag racing nor of motor sports in general. There was some interest in my youth when I tried to become a gear head. But after living life and trying to be successful in two failed marriages and raising four kids, I have no interest.

This morning, the office is abuzz about this drag racer guy, Drew Skillman, who won big in the NHRA US Nationals at the local Lucas Oil Raceway. Here is a link to his website.

Good for Drew. I wish him and his team more success. I can believe that his big win at the 2017 NHRA US Nationals is a combination of luck, hard work, persistence, continued effort and skill.

However, Office Narcissist #2 proclaims Skillman’s success is only because of the deep pockets of his father, or grandfather, of the Ray Skillman Auto Group fame.

I know nothing about the Ray Skillman Auto Group other than it is a local collection of car dealerships in central Indiana and Drew’s father and/or grandfather are owners. I  probably looked a new car at their dealerships over the years I’ve lived in central Indiana. The last new car I bought was a Honda Civic EX from a dealership not connected to the Skillmans. That was in the year 2000.

However, I do know that success the Skillmans enjoy, either at the dealership level or the drag racing level or at the personal level, is a result of the previously mentioned hard work, skill, luck, effort, persistence and a host of other attributes. They played their cards right and with a lot of hard dedicated effort and some luck won (or is winning) the game.

Yet, Office Narcissist #2 implies that Drew Skillman was given his success at the NHRA US Nationals because that is what wealthy fathers or grandfathers do …  hand their kids fame and success. He asserts Drew Skillman had nothing to offer other than an ass to sit in a driver’s seat and fingers to press a button at the right time.

That grinds my psyche.

My father is wealthy and built a successful business. But I was never handed that kind of simple success. In fact, I’ve failed at much, if not all, of my effort.

In fact, during the years I work at the ‘family business’ I was ‘held to a higher standard’ as the owner’s son. And therefore endure more hardship, lack of support and verbal floggings from the owner that others did not.

Not that my father never come through in my despair and desperate moments. He did. However,  my father didn’t give me a portion of the company he built. Yet, he gave to others, my younger brother included.

I’m sure that Drew Skillman work hard long hours over a long time to be a success. I can’t image a person who rises to the top of his field, drag racing in this case, was just handed the NHRA US Nationals because of the wealth of his father and/or grandfather.

So, when Office Narcissist #2 makes those sweeping statements about the fame and success of kids of rich and wealthy parents, I sort of get grinded.

It takes a lot to suppress my emotions like this. I ask where is my fame and success? Why wasn’t it handed to me, as the Narcissist says it is handed to all the children of the wealthy.

Thankfully, for my own mental health, I found a pair of blue tooth headphones and a white noise website to stream out the narcissistic rants of that man.

It is odd, however, the Narcissist’s parents were extremely wealthy with high level corporate jobs in broadcasting and manufacturing, home and acreage in an exclusive Indianapolis suburb. Wealthy enough for the Narcissist to brag about their wealth and upon their death, his inheritance.

Unless that was all a lie. Which, knowing the man, could be the case.

Yet, with the uber wealth of his parents, he isn’t successful by any means. He is just a laborer who, like me, who grinds out a daily living.


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